Monday, November 5, 2012

My first time acting

Hello. So my previous post was updated in September,I see,lol. There's a lot of assignments as usual,but I wanna be unusual today,which is to abandon my work. Whoolala. The mood to blog has come,heeee.

Have you seen Xue Ren 's latest blog post? If you did,then you will know about the video,'hope . faith . love'. It is a video about possibilities. I am happy to say that I am participated in the video as an 'actress'? NOT PROFESSIONAL ONE HAHAHA so yeah,it was fun but rather nerve wrecking cuz it was my first time doing it!

Things were going fine during the shooting. OOH that's for Xueren and her friends' assignment purpose. We had good times together and we laughed a lot especially during my boyf's part. He is kinda...unnatural? He made me laugh all the time,joker Ben! 

Do support this video 'Hope.Faith.Love' and molest the 'like' button! Enjoy it and do leave some comments. Hope you like the outcome of their hard work :)

Behind the scene.

Xueren, Meixuan, Jessica, Joanne, Steph

Chill,it's for the shooting. Some of my friends actually thought it's real. Seriously people? 

The day will come,one day :)

au revoir