Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to School

Hello so I think that 'back to school' sounds better than 'back to college' so that's it haha. It's the start of my third year *kononnya* actually to be more specific, my course takes 2 years and 8 months to complete. So I am unsure if I am consider as a third year student or... I don't know.

So yeah. We had our first class in semester 6 today, fashion grading and something about fashion industry *forgot the subject name paiseh* and they went fine. As expected, we have homework and I am feeling lazy to do them so I am here. Lemme post some of my sewing work here, have not posted my sewing work onto my blog before.

Err... I am not pro in sewing yet. Sewing takes patience, hard work and love! We were requested to sew a coat and a pants for last semester's pattern making II. We got to choose our own design and we created our own style for the work. Thanks to my friend Cheryl for being my model!

Front view.
I wanted a vintage, student kind look. The coat has a mandarin collar and the lapel isn't folded outwards. That's according to my design. I thought that plain colour high waisted pants would be nice so I made one. I kept things simple. We needed to sew fake vents onto the sleeves, button/s on fake vents and welt pockets too.

Back view.
Shoulder pads were needed. And that's the vent, not so perfect vent.

Side View.
For me, a turtle neck inner top is nice to be matched with my coat and pants.

High waisted pants. My sewing.

Overall presentation look.

I am glad that I got an A for this subject. Now I am a semester 6 student. I used to imagine myself being a higher semester student when I was in sem 2 or 3. Was always thinking of how cool to get to know more about fashion, illustrations, sewing and stuff. Now I went through more sems and am still moving on, I know that every step is important for me. Hopefully things will get on smoothly and hope my dream of being a fashion designer will come true! It ain't easy task but I will do my best ;) Steph go go go.

Stephanie C.