Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Got my SPM result today & I'm not really happy with it. Sigh,I wish I could be smarter :( I felt happy for my friends who got excellent results,they are great. Okay,I shall reveal my result now. 

I got 7 As' for SPM. I was aiming for 8 & I was like,expecting for it. But I was disappointed. I took 10 subjects. If,if the other 3 subjects aren't that bad,I will feel happy,but they are that bad. I did not get A for Physics ( which I thought I can get an A for it ),Chemistry ( I don't dare to see Mr.Tham & Mr.Kent anymore ),and Add Maths,which is my worse subject. I was so sad and I cried for a few times. I cried in Pn.Teh and Emily's arms. I cried when I was calling my parents. I cried when I was talking to Kalye's mum. 

After hanging out with my friends,I felt much better. Thanks to them. I am glad that my daddy and mummy are actually happy with my results,they told me that I've already done well,as long as I did my very best,it's more than enough,and I need not to feel sad for it. Yeah,they are right,what I have to do now id to look forward and think of my future. Isn't my future more important than this little thing? it little or? Whatever. 

I am satisfy with my result,at least I did my best. Maybe I shouldn't expect too high. SPM is not everything,yeap. I don't know how to imform my Chemistry tuition teacher Mr.Kent. I scared I'll disappoint him,I think he will be disappointed with my result :( Now I feel better after blogging. Yay,dump all the thrash away from my mind~

Olala,go play games now. Ciao.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Europe trip 2011 *4/3 - 9/3*

Hello love. 

Before I leave UK,I've joined a trip to a few Europe countries which were France,Belgium,Holland,Germany & Luxembourg. It sure was an unforgettable & memorable one. Aww I miss London already :( 

If you ever thought that Paris is a wonderful & romantic country,I would like to say...NO. At first,I thought of the same thing too! But when I got there,I was like 'are you sure this is Paris?' LOL hell yea,I am not joking. I don't like the train stations,not really. There're no escalators,all they have is staircase & staircase. They stinks & smell like urine all the time. My aunt told me that it's because people pee over there at night as they are lazy to search for toilets. How rude & yucky they are,eww! It spoiled the image of Paris in my heart. 

People,this is HORRIBLE. I was sitting in a train with my aunt & grandma. There was a black fella sitting in front of me. You know what he did?? He was digging his nose with his pinky all the time! OMG! I was praying for him to get off the train as fast as possible. When he was about to leave the train,he left his disgusting booger beside his seat! What in the world! I was fainting yet without knowing of  the existence of the 'nose shit',my aunt sat on the seat immediately when the guy went off. Terrible. I told my aunt about it & show her the 'thing' & she was like vomit already. For me,Paris? Naah,I love UK more.

Alright,as I've promised for the pretty pictures,here they are ;)

This is my cutiepie cousin,Louise & Cinderella is her fav.
Isn't she lovely? Oh,I miss her ;(

That's the famous triumphal arch,凯旋门.

I was in the middle of  Musee du Louvre,罗浮宫.
Remember Da vinci code? I bet you have realised something now :)
*the pyramid!*

Paintings all around me!

That's my grandma :)
She's afraid of cold,lol

Double decker train!
First time in my life! XD

It's so tall & beautiful,it wowed me :)

It looks more beautiful at night.


Behind me is the old fashioned train.
*sorry I don't know the name*
They've existed hundred years ago.

The next morning,it was taken while waiting for the tour bus.

Bought macaroons in McCafe.
They are so sweet.

We arrived Belgium now.
My aunt Ling,popo,me.

LOL,they love peace.

I love her!

Meet Mr.Pinecone.
I brought it home :D

A weapon museum in Belgium.

Peace again XD

Waffle is famous in Belgium.

We arrived at so called 'the most beautiful square' in Belgium.

On the street.

It was beer day,啤酒节.
As you can see,they were dressed in many colours with feathers.

Dancing along the street.

The next day,Holland.
Behind me was 国际法院和平宫.

The husband & wife beside us are rich people O.O


A beach in Holland.
I see cotton wool in the blue sky.

A heart for you :)

Tadah! Meet Mr.Clogg :D

Windmill behind me.
Whoa Holland is really windy.

They are just so cute! XD

Xian Fai gone mad when he saw this LOL XD

Row row row your boat...Boat trip around Amsterdam.

Smile :)

The next day,Germany.
That's the big old church in Koln.

It was 狂欢节,so the people were dressed in...anything they like.

Dear,let's lock ours there,lol :D

I like his ballet skirt & pink panty host! XD

They were giving out free chocolate & candies.

Koln University.
I look like I am promoting the university,lol.

Heheh,they are so friendly ^^

I gave him a lollipop! XD

Pikachu & Kungfu Panda! How cute!

We were about to take a pic & suddenly these 3 fellas came XD

Yes,it's -3 in Germany!

And now,here we were in Luxembourg.


Popo & I :)

That's the biggest organ in the world,right in Luxembourg.

Little miss sunshine :)

Me,popo,gugu,auntie,Zhao Jun

H&M -- my favorite shop in London.
It's everywhere in Europe countries.

My big butt ><

White light pole & me.
Luxembourg is a beautiful place,for me,it is more peaceful & clean than Paris.

The bread & lemon tart from Paul are fantastic! :D

She is 赵君.
Believe it or not,she is now 24!
Aww,it's so good to look young :(

My aunt with her new friend.

I gave him the lollipop! :D

Back to Paris!
It's the white church :)


Paris view behind me :)

He is amazing especially when he was playing Ave Maria! X3

Peace love smile :)

The 3 of us :D

Bye Paris.
*heading back to London by Euro Star*

Alright,coming up with pictures for my trip to London & Scotland. Stay tuned ;)

Pixie dust,