Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Got my SPM result today & I'm not really happy with it. Sigh,I wish I could be smarter :( I felt happy for my friends who got excellent results,they are great. Okay,I shall reveal my result now. 

I got 7 As' for SPM. I was aiming for 8 & I was like,expecting for it. But I was disappointed. I took 10 subjects. If,if the other 3 subjects aren't that bad,I will feel happy,but they are that bad. I did not get A for Physics ( which I thought I can get an A for it ),Chemistry ( I don't dare to see Mr.Tham & Mr.Kent anymore ),and Add Maths,which is my worse subject. I was so sad and I cried for a few times. I cried in Pn.Teh and Emily's arms. I cried when I was calling my parents. I cried when I was talking to Kalye's mum. 

After hanging out with my friends,I felt much better. Thanks to them. I am glad that my daddy and mummy are actually happy with my results,they told me that I've already done well,as long as I did my very best,it's more than enough,and I need not to feel sad for it. Yeah,they are right,what I have to do now id to look forward and think of my future. Isn't my future more important than this little thing? it little or? Whatever. 

I am satisfy with my result,at least I did my best. Maybe I shouldn't expect too high. SPM is not everything,yeap. I don't know how to imform my Chemistry tuition teacher Mr.Kent. I scared I'll disappoint him,I think he will be disappointed with my result :( Now I feel better after blogging. Yay,dump all the thrash away from my mind~

Olala,go play games now. Ciao.


  1. Be strong girl! SPM is not a big deal! There's another new beginning waiting for you!

  2. aww 7A is good and fantastic alright? There is more things and challenge in the future awaits you!

    You will never imagine what is that :) GOGOGO!

    Bless U!

  3. I agree with ur parents! What's more important is that you have tried your best! There is more to life than SPM. Be strong girl! :)

  4. *hugz* you already do your best.. Look forward, there are a lot of things waiting for you =)

  5. Dear, 7A's is good! Don't worry about it k? *hug*

  6. 7a's already so good...better than those who got nothing right ? =) anyways, it's still a good kick start for your future =D

  7. Congrats. 7A's can be considered good already. I scored lower than you but I'm satisfied because I played a lot :)