Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lola's aquarium

Lola is my pet in pet society,it's a she,hahah^^
Let me introduce her to everyone of you first.^^
She is purple in colour,she has 'furs' beside her faces and she has a pair of meow meow ears.
Sometimes she smiles,sometimes she don't.
Her eyes will change colour and it depends on her mistress's mood.
Hahah,and that mistress is meey! ^^
And now,playfish had created a new fun activity for our pets -- FiShinG!
There's a pond right outside Lola's house ans we can get many kinds of 'things' in there.
That means...tehre are not only fishes but also 'rubbishes'...
For example,soda cans...old boots...old tyres...broken pot...
Anyway,there are also many special kinds of 'fishes'.
Some of them have a dogface,and some have watermelon head,doughnut shape fish,coconut body fish and also love root fish.
Oh my,they are so cute!
I wanted to get a doughnut fish,it is so adorable and with pink cream on it! Hah!
Feels like real doughnut only!
I've caught a puppyfish,it sounds so odd isn't it?
A dog fish?? Haha,that's really...cute.^^
Lola's aquarium is going to be full soon.
Perhaps I will buy her a brand new aquqrium to place more cute little fishes. ^^
Goodluck to you Lola. Au revior.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Best wishes for my violin exam violin exam is over...
Finally...I have waited for this day for so long,my neck has been straighten until very long already,hahah^^
Wanted to celebrate,but it is not a big day,hah,fine,I will celebrate for myself.
I was so scared when it was my turn,my hands were sweating.
I went to the washroom for 3 times before I enter the exam room.
Although I know that it will be over in a short time,but I was still feeling nervous.
Anyway,I didn't showed my worried face in front of anybody included mummy and Sherlyn -- my violin teacher + my accompanyment.
Oh my God,when it was my turn,my brain went blank.
Luckily the exmainor is a good man.
Sherlyn said he was the first ' so young' examinor she had ever seen.
I was shock,he is 30++ or 40,is that counted as young?
Haha,yes it does.^^
I think I played quite well at the first part,the part which is played with Sherlyn.
After the 3 songs,she left the room,the room just left the examinor and me.
Oh my,what's going on...?
It's time for my scales and appregios,I think I did quite well,hahah^^
The next part is killing me.
It's the 'sight reading'.
Sherlyn did not told me about this before,I doesn't know that I will have to face the section if I didn't called Zi Ying.
Thanks to her,thanks for telling me that I will have this section in my exam...
Sherlyn! You didn't tell me everything!
Huh! Luckily I called my friend,otherwise I will shocked and faint!
HUH! You are so evil!
Anyway,I did that part badly.==
May God bless me and let me pass the test,thank you.
The last part is the aural test.
I think I did quite well too.^^ perhaps...hopefully.
The exam only took 10 minutes,so fast!
Good for me,hahah^^
I feel so relief now,may God bless me.

MAD + ANGRY + SAD + !!! = Heart Broken

Duh...TT stupid computer...
What happened to you huh? Why can't I upload my photos huh?
Gimme a reason why,tell me why,HUH?!
I am very boring now and you tell me that 'failed upload'?
What do you mean? You are so mean!!!
You are killing me! Do you know that??!
I am going to kill you!!! AHHHHH!!!!!
I am going to burst in the air...mummy...TT
Sad + mad = heart broken.
I wanted to upload my photos long ago but still...
I love to upload photos,I just love it with no reason.
I love taking photos too.
I wanted and I would like to share my happy things happened around me with all my friends.
I am doing a charity! To help to produce a thingy called 'happiness'!
But you this stupid baka...
Okay okay...calm down...stop screaming.
Being too emotional is not a good sign,please do not be like me...
Help me God...I really need to upload those photos...
I had never upload new photos in facebook already...
I am too addicted,perhaps.
Poisoned by the uploader...[ heart break ]
Duh...hungry again...let's take my second lunch now...
I will eat you you stupid uploader!

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Day Before My Violin Exam

The day before my violin exam...
I am scared,I am nervous,I am worried.
This is my first violin exam,I had never experience it before.
I am lack of confidence,although I think that I am kinda well prepared.
Anyway,it will be alright,just a few minutes only,it will be over very soon...
I am not going to school tommorow,I wonder whether my friends will miss me and wish me or not.
Hopefully they does.^^
Hmmm...what am I going to wear tommorow?
Yeah...that green top and the brownie pants plus my cutie white flats.
Simple and nice,perhaps.
Haven't done my homework yet...
I am beimg lazy these days...
Who can help and rescue me...I don't wanna die...
I need to lose weights...I have to control myself and my appetite...
Or else...I cannot wear my uniforms anymore!
They are getting tighter,oh my God.
Control...control...control your mind...

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Harry Potter & The Half Prince

Whooo...half blood prince is much more better than the Phoenix...
I went to Midvalley on last Sunday and watched with one of my friend.
I will keep the ticket nicely!>w<
I have tried my first Starbuck Coffee in my life on that very same day.
The Classic of it's -- Signature Hot Chocolate.
Hahah,it was really hot enough.-^^-
Hmmm...the wa sokay,will have one more another time.
Next time,I would like to try Rapsberry blender.
One of my friend said that it's nice.

These days,I feel like...I am being very lazy.
My first violin exam i coming very soon...
I feel very scared,I am worried.
I scared that I cannot do well,I mean cannot play well oral...
I wasn't very good in my oral...
I did mistakes everytime I practise oral with Sherlyn -- my violin teacher.
I am scared!!!
Sherlyn told me that I will problably pass the exam but I am still worried!
I scared I cannot get into sleep the night before the exam...
God,please help me...I need your help...

These days,I realised that life could be so easy but can be very hard.
I really feel it.
And I mean it so.
I don't know how to explain it really happens.
Got to go,bye.
P.S.:happy birthday to Leong.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Merentas Desa + Jualan PPS

Woke up early in the morning today,tired~ @.@
My eyes were pain and hard to open.
Anyway,I have to,I wanna cook the spaghetti!
Kakak not allowed me to cook them cuz' she wants me to get myself prepared.
What she had promised me yesterday huh??!
Fine,I was well prepared and was waiting for her but she was late!
Duh...== again.
They key of bilik masakan is with me!
All of them can't enter it without me!
Finally,she cooked all of them successfully and it's time to fetch Lingsze~
After arrived to our beloved school,we started to do things.
After 1 hour,I went down to the field and joining then run.
Actually,it was a no need for me to join the run.
It was all Mr. Tham's fault.
He do not allowed us to leave too many people to help the preparation of the food so I've been kicked out from the cooking team.
Anyway,I did enjoyed the run and I fainted.^^
What a great experience that I ever had.
Besides,I was so happy that all the food we've prepared had been sold out successfully,I mean all!
Looking for Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pizza Hut + Unforgetful Day

It was so fun today!
Eelyn,Sharon,Yew Joe and me had been to Pizza Hut at Metro Prima just now.
Yew Joe was so generous!
He treated 3 of us Pizza!! whohooo~!!! ^^
Happy happy~ Lalalalala~
After taking our lunch,we straight away went back to school with taxi.
We took a lot of pictures inthe taxi,fun,hahah!!^^
After that,I straight away rushed to the APD for the sketch practice for Bulan PPS.
Hahah,my role is so fun,hahah!!
Wait for the perform day bah,sure very funny and will make people laugh de.^^
After practising,I took a lot of pictures with all my friends,that was an unforgettable memory.
Wanna upload those photos in facebook already!
Lazy to write already,bye bye guys~

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Andrew's birthday party

Today is Andrew's birthday party although his real birthday is on tomorrow.
He only invited 20++ friends to the party,I was much better than him!
I woke up quite late in the morning today,I was really tired!
After brushing my teeth,I went down for my breakfast and I saw mummy and popo.
They was so busy and even now,there are still busy preparing food for tonight's party and busy cooking.
Andrew,Andrew,you must be thankful bcuz' you have a family that love you so much!
Okay,time for me to play pet society,I wonder there's any maintainence today or not...
I miss my pet LOLA!
I bet she's very hungry and dirty now.
Poor pet...TT
Grrr....I knew it!
The stupid fuller is playing the computer again!
It's suppose to be my turn like what we had discussed yesterday night!
That was so so unfair! BAKA!!!
He's so not a man,what a brainless sissy.
So,I decided to spend my time wisely -- make bookmarks!!!
2 hour passed by,I had made 10 bookmarks,but some I am not so satisfy...
Anyway,I had did my best...Haiz...==
My turn to play now,can't wait to see my Lola...
Again,he's playing that stupid Dota. ==
We argued again. I had no choice,he was so rude even his friend is here.
I wanted to bit him but I didn't.
I hope that he will wake up and clear his mind up one day by knowing that he has a wonderful family and a good sis but not being immature like this,I hate it.
My turn finally...
What??! Maintainence again??!
Going to mt second art class later,hopefully I can do well this time.
Before that,I wish that the party tonight will be doing great and everything's fine.
Let's have fun tonight guys~!

Friday, July 10, 2009

*My name$*

English name : Stephanie
Fairy name : Shaylee
Japanese name : Chika
Hippy name : Sunflower Choo
Barbarian name : Stephanie Tree-foot
Ghetto Fabulous name : Boomshika
Royal Nickname : The Holiest Harlot
Chinese name : Guan-yin:the godness of mercy
Pirate name : Queen Annes Revenge
Dinasour name : Stephanie-onyx
Flower name : Faten
Korean name : Young Mi:prosperity,eternal
Dragon name : Smaug
Hungarian name : Zsofia
Hawaiian name : Iwalani:heavenly seabird
Teddy bear name : Bell
Stripper name : Brandy Fire
American Gladiator name : Jazz

Thursday, July 9, 2009

A Day Full Of Suprises

Nice performance today!
My class had performed 'heal the world' by MJ very well and we were praised by Miss Tang.
Today was suppose to be no electricity from 10.30am to 7.30pm.
We were lucky enough bcuz' there was electricity all the time,in school and at home.
Me and Yeow Xin skipped 3 periods at school for our laporanS.
Finally,we had done what we have to do.
After that,me and LooLoo skipped 2 periods (Physics) to 'deliver' some formal letters for the teachers to approve something about Bulan Pusat Sumber.
Grrr...we had spent more than 1 period in order to wait for Pn.Joginder to sign the formal letter.
She was talking to Pn.Zahara for so long!
Something good and terrible happened when I was having my duty.
The good thing is...I had KFC for free for lunch!
This is bcuz' 4C was having a farewell party for a teacher and I get them for free when I went to canteen to search for my friends.
Haha,this is called 'fate'.^^
Anyway,something bad happened later.
My purse and stationaries had been stolen!
Who's the brainless person?
He or she had nothing to do,I bet.
My purse~~~
We (me and friends) were searching all around the school compound included 'boys toilet'.
That was my first time entering the boys toilet,that was very not fair.
The boys' toilet is bigger than our girls' toilet!!!
How can this be done??!
Someone had informed to the disipline teacher,Mr.Thanga and he had took an action by calling some prefects to have a sport check at some specific and suspicious classes.
I searched and searched but I get nothing.
My purse~~~~~ TT
I love that elephant purse so much!
And my am I going to tell daddy and mummy that I had lost all of them..?
Especially mummy.== Grrrr.....
Got to walk back home alone again.
Hate it.
I've practised 'happy birthdy song' for Andrew's birthday!
What about Anthony?
May God bless him,Amen.
Goodnight and before that,congratz to Mr.Leong who had passed his car driving test and hurray for my free food.^^
Au revoir.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Heal The World + Malurian Idol

Tomorrow is the day we are performing on the 'English Speaking Day'.
All 4A students are singing 'Heal the world' by MJ.
We was practising for 4 periods in the APD and in the classroom.
It was doing great but the thing is the song we sang was not loud and was too soft.
I think all of us should sing louder with our spirit to pay the last respect to MJ.
Anyway,hopefully we can perform well tomorrow.
I went to the 'Malurian Idol' in school just now.
Actually,I decided to sing at the last minute.
I wanted to join this competition long time ago but my flu is affecting my voice and I was worried that I will sing badly so I decided not to join it.
Anyway,my heart was still attracted and I have many friends who are joining the competition.
And then,I joined it and being the last contestant.
I was so nervous,can't breath!
I choosed the song 'You Belong With Me' by Taylor Swift and I keep on practising it just now.
Scared!!! I tried to calm down and wanted to do my best in the competition.
'Let's welcome our last contestant Choo Min Hua.'
Oh my,it was my turn.
I stand up and walk the to front,my brain was blank.
God please help me...Amen...
I took the mike and looked at all of them who was sitting right in front of me.
I told them that I am still sick and is having a flu but I will still do my best.
Haha,and they sheered for me.^^
I started to sing.
It was okay at the beginning.
But when the chorus part was near,my voice started to shake and...
I laughed.
After I sang that song,I feel like...,y whole body feel warm and my face was reddish!
I was shy bcuz' I don't think that I did the ending part well.
Anyway,I am still happy bcuz' I won my courage.
Besides,Kalye and Siv and Kok Kuan are going to the next round!
Congratz to them.^^
I will not give up and I am going to do it again next year!
I know I can do it!
Goodluck Steph.^^

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Sorry Froggie!!!

Argh...I've used up 4 packets of tissues in school just now.
The flu just can't stop flowing out from my nose and my nose is in terrible pain now,in and out!
It's suffering and disgusting!!!
And now my nose is pain and reddish like a clown.==
Fine,I will recover soon,one day.
Today,I have done an exiting activity in the school.
Although it was exiting,but it was sad and awful too.
The big thing is -- we killed toads.
Many of us were in groups and we were doing an experiment on the toad.
First,we have to use the chloroform to cover on the toad's head and make sure that it is fainted.
Then,we have to pin up all the legs and hands to make sure that it will not jump when it awakes.
Oh my God,it was so awful...TT
We have spent a lot of time to tear the skin with a knife and a 'thingy'.
Finally,the teacher helped us to open the skin on the stomach.
Ouch,it bleeds,it must be very painful.
I prayed for it,I hope it will die peacefully soon.
*Sorry Mr.Toad!*
Wow,we saw many organs like large intestine,lungs,heart,stomach,small intestine,liver and even gall bladder!
That was totally cool!
Its small intestine was really small and cute!
The cutest part of a frog I had ever seen!
The stomach was also very nice,the shape is the same like what is drawn in the reference book.
After we get used of the frog,we started to become crazy and insane especially Jingying.
She used the scissors to cut out the organs!
The first organ she cut off was the liver,I touched and feel it,it was soft.
Afterthat,we all became more aggresive again...
Pity frog,all its organs were being cut out by Jingying's 'super' hands.
It must be very very very painful!
The frog is still alive! We still can feel its heartbeat!
Oh my God! I wonder if it dies,then he will not become so suffering anymore.
I prayed for it again,I hope that it will die as fast as it could rather than suffering in pain!
I wanted to cry,but I didn't.
Finally,the experiment overs.
We washed off all the blood and organs and threw the dead frog into a plastic bag.
I wanted to bury it by teacher not allowed,I feel so sorry towards to frog.
After this bisection of frog,I had learned many things and experianced many new and strange things.
It was so unforgettable...
At last,I wanna apolpgize to the frog again..
I am sorry Mr.frog.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sick + My First Art Class

I am sick.TT
When I woke up in the morning,I feel like...I have to sleep for hours again.
I am so tired! So I slept for 1 more hour again.
I forced myself to wake up bcuz' I am hungry,I wanna take my breakfast! breakfast is a plate of fried spicy bihun??!
Oh my..I was having a terrible sorethroat yesterday and they still want me to eat them??
Fine,it's okay,I like fried spicy bihun..TT
After mummy came back from some functions,she touches my forehead and told me a bad news -- I am Sick??!
Grrr,she forced me to eat those stupid medicine,don;t they know that they are harmful to our body??!
Fine,it's for my own good,again.==
After taking the medicine,I finished my bookmark skethes and took a nap.
I don't know whether I really slept or not,or I was dreaming.
Then,I attened the first art class in my life and I met Mr.Chin -- my art class teacher.
He told me that I can skip grades and now I am at the highest grade bcuz' I am bigger and I am going to face SPM next year since I am taking art for SPM.
He showed me a picture and wanted me to draw exactly like what he drew!
Oh heart was sinking,helpless...
He asked me to draw the picture first,then he showed me how to paint with water colour.
Whoo..luckily he tought me..
I am happy to get my new poster colour and all my drawing stuffs!
2 hours later,I went back and took my lunch,it's late already.
Grrr...fried spicy bihun again.==
No choice,I ate them again.
Going put at night later,for Andrew's birthday cake.
He is throwing a party next saturday,a birthday party.
So we are going to choose a cake for him.
Besides,I have to get those ingredients for my bookmarks.*exited~*
Owh yea,today is my maid's birthday,wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and happy forever!
Hopefully I will recover soon,so I can eat whatever I want again!

Friday, July 3, 2009

*news* 3 July 2009

Many things happened today,they really suprised me.
Firstly,I am having a terrible sorethroat,painful!!!
The first thing I do in the morning after I open my eyes is touching my neck and was wondering why is it so painful?
Maybe I talked too much already,but I do not think that that is the reason.
I did drank a lot of water,maybe the weather these days caused my throat to become like this.
That pain was terrible!!!
It was even worse in school,my throat was like bleeding and I can feel the blood and the taste of blood inside my throat.
Oh my God...I was really worried.
Anyway,I feel better right now,luckily...

During Bio class,oh my God...
Pn.Joginder saw my glasses again and I was caught for the second time again.
My God!!! My heart was like...sinking...
She warned me before on the second day I wore the white 'fashionable' specs.
I apologized and told her that I will change my specs and she let me go,she trusted me.
But now...she told me that she was really dissapointed and mad.
I was lead to bilik disiplin,that was just like hell.
I was scared,many people was looking and staring at me wondering why I was walking with Pn.Joginder the headmistress.
Don't look at me! Please!!!
[ In bilik disiplin -- the hell ]
She handed me to Mr.Kumar,lucliky that was him!
She said she cannot last anymore so she went away,whoo...
Mr.Kumar told me not to blame her bcuz' she was really mad with some students who wear white fashionable specs already,I understand...
Mr.Kumar asked me to change my specs and I promised that I will settle all my problems in 2 weeks time.
Good,I can go back to my class again.

Besides,the new PPS board has been announced today.
I am the brand new penolong setiausaha,haha.
I am glad that Yeow Xin is my partner again,love her so much~!!!
Anyway,I was kinda shocked too...[ nth ]
Being a vice secretary is not easy,'the end begins'...
Hahah! Anyway,I will do my best and will not dissapoint everyone.
Suddenly,I feel like I have become older and more mature.
Hah,stop thinking nonsense,bad for health.
Haven't finish my tuition homework yet!
Anyway,all my friends said that they don't wanna do already,so I don't have to worry.^^
Hahah,I am such a lazy pig.
Finally,I hope that my throat will recover soon and I can enjoy my life everyday!