Friday, July 17, 2009

Pizza Hut + Unforgetful Day

It was so fun today!
Eelyn,Sharon,Yew Joe and me had been to Pizza Hut at Metro Prima just now.
Yew Joe was so generous!
He treated 3 of us Pizza!! whohooo~!!! ^^
Happy happy~ Lalalalala~
After taking our lunch,we straight away went back to school with taxi.
We took a lot of pictures inthe taxi,fun,hahah!!^^
After that,I straight away rushed to the APD for the sketch practice for Bulan PPS.
Hahah,my role is so fun,hahah!!
Wait for the perform day bah,sure very funny and will make people laugh de.^^
After practising,I took a lot of pictures with all my friends,that was an unforgettable memory.
Wanna upload those photos in facebook already!
Lazy to write already,bye bye guys~

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