Saturday, July 18, 2009

Merentas Desa + Jualan PPS

Woke up early in the morning today,tired~ @.@
My eyes were pain and hard to open.
Anyway,I have to,I wanna cook the spaghetti!
Kakak not allowed me to cook them cuz' she wants me to get myself prepared.
What she had promised me yesterday huh??!
Fine,I was well prepared and was waiting for her but she was late!
Duh...== again.
They key of bilik masakan is with me!
All of them can't enter it without me!
Finally,she cooked all of them successfully and it's time to fetch Lingsze~
After arrived to our beloved school,we started to do things.
After 1 hour,I went down to the field and joining then run.
Actually,it was a no need for me to join the run.
It was all Mr. Tham's fault.
He do not allowed us to leave too many people to help the preparation of the food so I've been kicked out from the cooking team.
Anyway,I did enjoyed the run and I fainted.^^
What a great experience that I ever had.
Besides,I was so happy that all the food we've prepared had been sold out successfully,I mean all!
Looking for Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince.


  1. u did cook the spaghetti???????such a nice food to be eaten after a tiring run.........

  2. thx my fren! hahah,u tasted it?