Saturday, July 4, 2009

Sick + My First Art Class

I am sick.TT
When I woke up in the morning,I feel like...I have to sleep for hours again.
I am so tired! So I slept for 1 more hour again.
I forced myself to wake up bcuz' I am hungry,I wanna take my breakfast! breakfast is a plate of fried spicy bihun??!
Oh my..I was having a terrible sorethroat yesterday and they still want me to eat them??
Fine,it's okay,I like fried spicy bihun..TT
After mummy came back from some functions,she touches my forehead and told me a bad news -- I am Sick??!
Grrr,she forced me to eat those stupid medicine,don;t they know that they are harmful to our body??!
Fine,it's for my own good,again.==
After taking the medicine,I finished my bookmark skethes and took a nap.
I don't know whether I really slept or not,or I was dreaming.
Then,I attened the first art class in my life and I met Mr.Chin -- my art class teacher.
He told me that I can skip grades and now I am at the highest grade bcuz' I am bigger and I am going to face SPM next year since I am taking art for SPM.
He showed me a picture and wanted me to draw exactly like what he drew!
Oh heart was sinking,helpless...
He asked me to draw the picture first,then he showed me how to paint with water colour.
Whoo..luckily he tought me..
I am happy to get my new poster colour and all my drawing stuffs!
2 hours later,I went back and took my lunch,it's late already.
Grrr...fried spicy bihun again.==
No choice,I ate them again.
Going put at night later,for Andrew's birthday cake.
He is throwing a party next saturday,a birthday party.
So we are going to choose a cake for him.
Besides,I have to get those ingredients for my bookmarks.*exited~*
Owh yea,today is my maid's birthday,wish her HAPPY BIRTHDAY and happy forever!
Hopefully I will recover soon,so I can eat whatever I want again!

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