Saturday, July 11, 2009

Andrew's birthday party

Today is Andrew's birthday party although his real birthday is on tomorrow.
He only invited 20++ friends to the party,I was much better than him!
I woke up quite late in the morning today,I was really tired!
After brushing my teeth,I went down for my breakfast and I saw mummy and popo.
They was so busy and even now,there are still busy preparing food for tonight's party and busy cooking.
Andrew,Andrew,you must be thankful bcuz' you have a family that love you so much!
Okay,time for me to play pet society,I wonder there's any maintainence today or not...
I miss my pet LOLA!
I bet she's very hungry and dirty now.
Poor pet...TT
Grrr....I knew it!
The stupid fuller is playing the computer again!
It's suppose to be my turn like what we had discussed yesterday night!
That was so so unfair! BAKA!!!
He's so not a man,what a brainless sissy.
So,I decided to spend my time wisely -- make bookmarks!!!
2 hour passed by,I had made 10 bookmarks,but some I am not so satisfy...
Anyway,I had did my best...Haiz...==
My turn to play now,can't wait to see my Lola...
Again,he's playing that stupid Dota. ==
We argued again. I had no choice,he was so rude even his friend is here.
I wanted to bit him but I didn't.
I hope that he will wake up and clear his mind up one day by knowing that he has a wonderful family and a good sis but not being immature like this,I hate it.
My turn finally...
What??! Maintainence again??!
Going to mt second art class later,hopefully I can do well this time.
Before that,I wish that the party tonight will be doing great and everything's fine.
Let's have fun tonight guys~!

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