Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Sorry Froggie!!!

Argh...I've used up 4 packets of tissues in school just now.
The flu just can't stop flowing out from my nose and my nose is in terrible pain now,in and out!
It's suffering and disgusting!!!
And now my nose is pain and reddish like a clown.==
Fine,I will recover soon,one day.
Today,I have done an exiting activity in the school.
Although it was exiting,but it was sad and awful too.
The big thing is -- we killed toads.
Many of us were in groups and we were doing an experiment on the toad.
First,we have to use the chloroform to cover on the toad's head and make sure that it is fainted.
Then,we have to pin up all the legs and hands to make sure that it will not jump when it awakes.
Oh my God,it was so awful...TT
We have spent a lot of time to tear the skin with a knife and a 'thingy'.
Finally,the teacher helped us to open the skin on the stomach.
Ouch,it bleeds,it must be very painful.
I prayed for it,I hope it will die peacefully soon.
*Sorry Mr.Toad!*
Wow,we saw many organs like large intestine,lungs,heart,stomach,small intestine,liver and even gall bladder!
That was totally cool!
Its small intestine was really small and cute!
The cutest part of a frog I had ever seen!
The stomach was also very nice,the shape is the same like what is drawn in the reference book.
After we get used of the frog,we started to become crazy and insane especially Jingying.
She used the scissors to cut out the organs!
The first organ she cut off was the liver,I touched and feel it,it was soft.
Afterthat,we all became more aggresive again...
Pity frog,all its organs were being cut out by Jingying's 'super' hands.
It must be very very very painful!
The frog is still alive! We still can feel its heartbeat!
Oh my God! I wonder if it dies,then he will not become so suffering anymore.
I prayed for it again,I hope that it will die as fast as it could rather than suffering in pain!
I wanted to cry,but I didn't.
Finally,the experiment overs.
We washed off all the blood and organs and threw the dead frog into a plastic bag.
I wanted to bury it by teacher not allowed,I feel so sorry towards to frog.
After this bisection of frog,I had learned many things and experianced many new and strange things.
It was so unforgettable...
At last,I wanna apolpgize to the frog again..
I am sorry Mr.frog.

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