Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PD/food trip

Hello peeps.


Well,my family and I went to Port Dickson last weekend,it was quite boring overall,lol. I miss the Pangkor trip so much! I miss the beach,I miss the canoes,I miss the sea,I miss the jelly fishes,I miss the food,I miss everything there! Pangkor is much better than PD,trust me. The beach is much cleaner,unlike PD's,even the sea water in PD is dirty,yuck :O Pictures shall do the talk,I'm lazy to write so much,hehehe :P Btw,it's mainly about food. Food again,lol!

Shhh,the babies are sleeping...

After checking in to our hotel,we went to have our lunch in 鸿记肉骨茶.
I ordered a coconut because the weather was too hot! ><
Aaah,so refreshing after drinking the coconut :P

Here comes the fish.
Sorry for the low quality of my phone camera ><

Bak kut teh! 

Bak kut teh cannot leave without fritters! :D

Have been there for twice.

This is something special to share.
It's bak kut teh + 面粉kuih!
The taste,hmm...not bad :)

This vegetable can be rarely seen.
Forgotten it's name ( because I was eating non-stop :P ) but I can assure one thing.
It is delicious and crispy and yummy! XD

Hokkien mee.


Look at the coconut flesh,hohoho~~~ 
So smooth and thick and juicy!

Had nothing to do in the hotel,so camwhored :X

Spot my cousin's big butt :P

For dinner,we had it in 珍珠 seafood restaurant,somewhere nearby our hotel.
That was bean curd!

Up next,our favorite -- 咕卤鸡!
The outer layer were so crispy and crunchy! Thumbs up!


OMG,here comes our most most fav of all --- chilli crab! XD
The crabs were so fresh and tasty! XO
OMG I just love crabs.

Sweet and sour crab,also a common one.
Besides eating the sauce with bread,you can try with prawn crackers,not bad though! :P


These were our supper.
We had fruit juice,cakes,cookies,'guachi' and Rocky :P
Now you know why I need to start dieting.

The next morning...
Wakey wakey :)

Err,I really had nothing to do,all I can do was to camwhore =.=

Sleepy look?

Before we leave,we had our breakfast/lunch in a Chinese stall.
I ordered curry noodle because I didn't eat curry for a long time.
Yesh,I had a pimple on my chin on the next day,pitiful =.=

Alright,that's all for now. Um,overall,we went to PD for food instead of fun,I think so lol. I am blogging more about food now,I ate so much until I didn't realise! Steph,go jog later.
Okay,tata loves.


Thursday, June 23, 2011

Foodie me!

I seemed to eat a lot these few weeks. Err,okay,I ate a lot,I admit it. OMG,I have no guts to stand onto the weighing machine T.T Well,2 of my classmates and I went for lunch in New York New York @One Utama,new wing on Tuesday. It was my first time eating there,hmm,the atmosphere isn't bad though :) 

The 'little' black menu book.

Maybe not so 'little' after all,lol.

Guess what is this.
You might say that this is a cup of coffee or mocha or something,but NOPE!
It's mushroom soup! XD 
Why is it foamy? 
Haha,here comes the special part,they actually added a layer of coffee on top!
The soup is very nice,very mushroom,very nice.

My friend,Yok Yee who loves to open her eyes big XD
The price of the mushroom soup is RM8.90,a 'must try' soup.

Sharen's clam spaghetti.
The price is RM18.90.

Here comes her 'chicken magherita',look at her happy face,lol :P
The wedges are crispy outside and soft in the inside,very nice.
The chicken tasted a bit like Chinese style,but it was still yummy! 赞!

My caesar chicken pizza cost RM16.90.
The base was crispy and not very thick,and the toppings were fine.
I added a lot of cheese and chilli powder,they're my fav,lol.
I love cheese powder! And chilli powder! XD

Sharen and I showing off our food,muahaha :D
Our food wasn't bad,the service was good too.
So when you go shopping in OU next time,go and have a try in NYNY,you'll not regret ;)

Ehem,and today,we had something different in Jaya One which is located in SS2. Finally,we have decided to have lunch in 'Nando's'. I bet many of you have tried Nando's,all of us are familiar with it ^^ Anyway,it was my first time,paiseh,lol :P

Their signature chilli sauce and garlic sauce.

Here comes my hot peri-peri chicken.
Btw,all of us ordered the same thing except for the flavour and our side dishes.
Li Jun and I ordered the same flavour for our chicken.
How unite we are! XD

Sharen and Yok Yee ordered the same flavour which was 'lemon and herb' whereas Corlin's was super hot peri-peri. She just love spicy food :P Each set cost RM15.90.

Candid shot,shhh ><

Sharen's dessert -- chocolate cake. 
Not bad :)

Gonna stay back in college tomorrow,which means I am going to eat something again... URGH,when can I stop eating??! I mean,when can I stop gaining weight?! Going to PD this weekend,gonna relax over there,I need sunshine fresh air! >o<

Alright folks,take care. Tata.


Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cousin's 21st Pre-Birthday Bash

Sorry for not updating my bloggie for a long time! My pc was sent to be repaired and format because it was laggy. Those days without my pc was miserable...I am a typical KL moi who can't survive without technology...Hahaha! XP

Today,I am going to post about my eldest cousin sister,Hui Yin's 21st birthday party which was held on last Saturday. It was a 'pre' celebration because her real birthday falls on 23rd which is tomorrow. Wishing you an advance happy birthday Yin! You're soon illegal to enter casinos! *wink* ;D 

Uncle David,um,her dad threw her a birthday party in 'Atrium Cafe' in Sunway Hotel. Atrium Cafe seems to be our favorite already,especially their wantan noodles... You know what I mean *cough* Not many friends were invited,but family members yeshhh. It's a hi-tea party which started at 12pm. All of us ate only a little for breakfast because of the hi-tea,so 'passionate' huh? XD We were all starving already before 12... It was such a torture to see food but not able to touch em...T.T When the clock stoke 12,OMG,all of us had no image already because we hunted for food like crazy. Wookie dookie,shall let the pictures to do the talkie talkie.

Dessert,my fav corner 



I named it 'The pyramid of tarts',lol XD

Dessert again! Happiness! XD


Salad and stuff.

I named it 'The mountain of fruits',LOL again! XD

Main course.


Ice-cream,kids' fav!
Err,my fav also lah heh :P

Soup corner.

Tables decorated with rose petals and balloons.
Aww so romantic! 

'The Super 3'
Meet my younger brothers!

Meet my beautiful gorgeous hottie mum! 

Eh,where is your funny face?
Why is your face expression so boring one? >;O

College mate guys gang.

Secondary school friends gang.

Mother and daughter 'gang' XD

Eunice and I! 
We are sisters :P

Meet the super skinny + tall birthday girl!

My lovely parents.

My fat dad and I.

Family pic.

Cousin's family pic.

Me 'playing' with rose petals.

Spot the super extremely huge strawberry? Saliva coming out leh?
Sorry,they're all mine! Muahaha!
So bad eh? :P

He is a grape maniac =.=
All he took was grape tart -.-

Mum's my huge flower clip!

Group photo,snap snap.

Here comes the time.

Singing birthday song ^^

Happy birthday my dear cousin! 
Gain more weight!!! ><

The day before the party was my cousin brother's 19th birthday,so they cut the cake together :P

Took the candles out with her mouth,that's the modern way? O.O


And family.

She and her parents.
She looks exactly like her mum :O

Look what she got for her present.

I am still 17.

Angry birds! So damn cute! XD 
Aww I wish to have all of them,then I can play real angry bird ad :(
I like how they sounded 'weeee~~~' when they're attacking,so funny and cute!

Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY again,have a blast and a great future! You're soon a fully adult,you have to start preparing yourself to decide things on your own because this is what we call growing up process. Stay healthy and happy,always love and to be loved. Love you always Yin! 

Steph giggles

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