Thursday, June 23, 2011

Foodie me!

I seemed to eat a lot these few weeks. Err,okay,I ate a lot,I admit it. OMG,I have no guts to stand onto the weighing machine T.T Well,2 of my classmates and I went for lunch in New York New York @One Utama,new wing on Tuesday. It was my first time eating there,hmm,the atmosphere isn't bad though :) 

The 'little' black menu book.

Maybe not so 'little' after all,lol.

Guess what is this.
You might say that this is a cup of coffee or mocha or something,but NOPE!
It's mushroom soup! XD 
Why is it foamy? 
Haha,here comes the special part,they actually added a layer of coffee on top!
The soup is very nice,very mushroom,very nice.

My friend,Yok Yee who loves to open her eyes big XD
The price of the mushroom soup is RM8.90,a 'must try' soup.

Sharen's clam spaghetti.
The price is RM18.90.

Here comes her 'chicken magherita',look at her happy face,lol :P
The wedges are crispy outside and soft in the inside,very nice.
The chicken tasted a bit like Chinese style,but it was still yummy! 赞!

My caesar chicken pizza cost RM16.90.
The base was crispy and not very thick,and the toppings were fine.
I added a lot of cheese and chilli powder,they're my fav,lol.
I love cheese powder! And chilli powder! XD

Sharen and I showing off our food,muahaha :D
Our food wasn't bad,the service was good too.
So when you go shopping in OU next time,go and have a try in NYNY,you'll not regret ;)

Ehem,and today,we had something different in Jaya One which is located in SS2. Finally,we have decided to have lunch in 'Nando's'. I bet many of you have tried Nando's,all of us are familiar with it ^^ Anyway,it was my first time,paiseh,lol :P

Their signature chilli sauce and garlic sauce.

Here comes my hot peri-peri chicken.
Btw,all of us ordered the same thing except for the flavour and our side dishes.
Li Jun and I ordered the same flavour for our chicken.
How unite we are! XD

Sharen and Yok Yee ordered the same flavour which was 'lemon and herb' whereas Corlin's was super hot peri-peri. She just love spicy food :P Each set cost RM15.90.

Candid shot,shhh ><

Sharen's dessert -- chocolate cake. 
Not bad :)

Gonna stay back in college tomorrow,which means I am going to eat something again... URGH,when can I stop eating??! I mean,when can I stop gaining weight?! Going to PD this weekend,gonna relax over there,I need sunshine fresh air! >o<

Alright folks,take care. Tata.



  1. the chocolate cake looks so moist! :)

  2. hey I nearly wanted to try this place the other day. Soon I will XD

  3. waa! nice food nice food! i want =P

  4. I want to try the mushroom soup! So special with the foamy coffee :)

  5. mushroom soup with coffee? i really wonder how does it taste like. oh btw yr college near jaya one ah?