Tuesday, June 7, 2011

REWIND @Neutral

Attended a fashion show organized by Raffles last Friday night. At first,Xue Ren,Xue wern and Jayren were going,but something had happened to Jayren's car and the Xue sisters had to go to somewhere important. At last,it was only Iris/Meowie/Labbi and I going. LOL she has TOO MANY names and I don't know what to address her! XD Iris larh! Hahaha!

Jayren couldn't fetch us,so Iris became my driver. The event was held in Neutral,somewhere near KLCC. We talked and talked and talked in her car. When we mentioned about the place we were heading to,I was so so so SHOCKED when she told me that it is actually a CLUB??!!! IT IS A CLUB! OMAIGOSH A CLUB!!! 

I didn't knew that 'Neutral' is a club,I thought it was a ballroom or hall or something! Iris was laughing at me 'cause she thought I was cute,but NOOOOOOOO! I was too shocked until I didn't know what to say! I started to feel nervous and scared because I A M U N D E R A G E Y E T I A M G O I N G T O E N T E R A C L U B ! I am still underage! I am just 17+++++++! Not 18 yet! OMOMOMG,I was praying that nothing was going to happen,to me. At last,I still have to enter no matter what,I couldn't be standing outside to watch the show T.T Fine,let's the pics to do the talkie talkie.

Outfit of the day night.
Dress code: black.

First time meeting Isaac and his wife!
Nice to meet you! ^^

Miss Iris and I.
It's better to call her her name,hahaha :D

First time meeting Sandra Azwan,a fashion designer and his brother,a stylist. 
From left: Iris,Sandra's brother *sry I can't remember your name! ><*,Sandra,me

The stage.

The entrance.

Darling you look drunk,lol.

My goody bag,and my beer? :X
ARGH still feeling guilty...
I was there for the show,not for anything else! HMPH!

The crowds,not full yet.

We're invited as bloggers I guess?
Meet Kelvin,Bernard,me,Iris,Isaac and his wife

EHEM,we saw this little creature 'running' on the table.
Bernard used the cup to cover it,pity the cockroach,it was going to be drunk =.=

This is Evelyn.
She invited us to attend the event in Facebook,she's one of the organizer of the show.
The organizers actually DIY or cut their Raffles's tee!

The show was kind of delayed and finally it started with an MC reading his script with shaky hands.
Aww,he was nervous!

I wish I could take away all the Sakae Sushi and Bimba&Lola's voucher! 
I want B&L's more! ><

It started with this garment which Bern and the rest called it 'banana outfit'.
LOL =.=

This is cool.

OMG the designer used wigs? CUTE O.O

One of my fav.

My fav collection.
They are so brilliantly + creatively done!

Because they actually shine in dark!
Awesome idea :D

Prize giving ceremony.

Sherry and I!
She is as cute as usual! XD

Desingers,models and the organizers on the stage.

2 ramdom shots,I find em epic and cool.

Before we go back home,all of us went to eat in a mamak nearby. We hadn't take our dinner and all of us are starved up! >< Chit chatted in mamak,lol. Reached home around 11.15pm,everybody's asleep except for dad who wanted to scare me =.=

Someday,I am going to have my own fashion show and present my garments and collections to the world. I wanna be the next top designer,and I am going to succeed my life,good luck Steph,wait and see ;)

the designer wannabe


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  2. Nice meeting up with you too Stephanie ! XD You're cool.

  3. You're looking all glam that night (: Pretty!