Thursday, June 9, 2011

URGH assignments!

Finally,I have completed my McD cup collection! XD I did not manage to finish collecting the precious one but I am so glad that I did it this time. I think I'm influenced by my boyfriend,because he collects them as well,lol. Time to show off,wakaka :D

I like the purple one the most,but I think that blue and lime colour aren't bad. I think this design is nicer than the previous one,heheh :P

Well,there're quite a lot of things waiting for me to do this holiday. I have delayed many of my weekly assignments as I was kinda lazy...Okay,I admit that I am lazy :X So I have to struggle doing them this week because we have to hand them in next week. 'Rose stained glass' is one of my weekly assignment. I had to redo it because I did some mistakes,sigh :( 

So this is how my stained glass looks like. We have to use something called 'glass deco' to paint it.
Fun,but it's TIRING when you squeeze it :O 

View from top.

Tadah,these are glass deco paints.

This is my first one,realize something gone missing? Yeap,it has no outlines :(
That's why I have to redo it.

After completing the outlines,it's time to fill the colours in.
Half done.

Almost done :D

Finally done! Wakaka! XD
This thing took my 2 hours to complete it O.O

I drew the pattern on the paper below so that I can trace the outlines.

Steph,gambadeh in completing the rest of your assignments! 
Go go go with love! 

Hopefully everything will be fine tomorrow. God,pls stand by my side ><



  1. lmao! I heard that the cup will "lat sek" 1 wor. Better check it out ok?

    And add oil to your assignment hehehe!

  2. wow! the collection!!! i want!>.<

  3. wow *jeles* of ur collection!
    and the glass painting looks pweeety!