Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cousin's 21st Pre-Birthday Bash

Sorry for not updating my bloggie for a long time! My pc was sent to be repaired and format because it was laggy. Those days without my pc was miserable...I am a typical KL moi who can't survive without technology...Hahaha! XP

Today,I am going to post about my eldest cousin sister,Hui Yin's 21st birthday party which was held on last Saturday. It was a 'pre' celebration because her real birthday falls on 23rd which is tomorrow. Wishing you an advance happy birthday Yin! You're soon illegal to enter casinos! *wink* ;D 

Uncle David,um,her dad threw her a birthday party in 'Atrium Cafe' in Sunway Hotel. Atrium Cafe seems to be our favorite already,especially their wantan noodles... You know what I mean *cough* Not many friends were invited,but family members yeshhh. It's a hi-tea party which started at 12pm. All of us ate only a little for breakfast because of the hi-tea,so 'passionate' huh? XD We were all starving already before 12... It was such a torture to see food but not able to touch em...T.T When the clock stoke 12,OMG,all of us had no image already because we hunted for food like crazy. Wookie dookie,shall let the pictures to do the talkie talkie.

Dessert,my fav corner 



I named it 'The pyramid of tarts',lol XD

Dessert again! Happiness! XD


Salad and stuff.

I named it 'The mountain of fruits',LOL again! XD

Main course.


Ice-cream,kids' fav!
Err,my fav also lah heh :P

Soup corner.

Tables decorated with rose petals and balloons.
Aww so romantic! 

'The Super 3'
Meet my younger brothers!

Meet my beautiful gorgeous hottie mum! 

Eh,where is your funny face?
Why is your face expression so boring one? >;O

College mate guys gang.

Secondary school friends gang.

Mother and daughter 'gang' XD

Eunice and I! 
We are sisters :P

Meet the super skinny + tall birthday girl!

My lovely parents.

My fat dad and I.

Family pic.

Cousin's family pic.

Me 'playing' with rose petals.

Spot the super extremely huge strawberry? Saliva coming out leh?
Sorry,they're all mine! Muahaha!
So bad eh? :P

He is a grape maniac =.=
All he took was grape tart -.-

Mum's my huge flower clip!

Group photo,snap snap.

Here comes the time.

Singing birthday song ^^

Happy birthday my dear cousin! 
Gain more weight!!! ><

The day before the party was my cousin brother's 19th birthday,so they cut the cake together :P

Took the candles out with her mouth,that's the modern way? O.O


And family.

She and her parents.
She looks exactly like her mum :O

Look what she got for her present.

I am still 17.

Angry birds! So damn cute! XD 
Aww I wish to have all of them,then I can play real angry bird ad :(
I like how they sounded 'weeee~~~' when they're attacking,so funny and cute!

Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY again,have a blast and a great future! You're soon a fully adult,you have to start preparing yourself to decide things on your own because this is what we call growing up process. Stay healthy and happy,always love and to be loved. Love you always Yin! 

Steph giggles

❥ ♥ ✿ ★ ☮ ❁ ☠ ♡ ♧ ◊ ♕ ❧ ♠ ♦ ♣ ❦ ▶ ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬


  1. Wow, Steph's mum looks hot!! Hahaha... see you enjoyed the party. ^^

  2. huahhh... buffet again? haha... looking good there girl! oh happy bday to the bday girl! :)

  3. Owh the tarts pyramid looks so awesome!!