Tuesday, June 28, 2011

PD/food trip

Hello peeps.


Well,my family and I went to Port Dickson last weekend,it was quite boring overall,lol. I miss the Pangkor trip so much! I miss the beach,I miss the canoes,I miss the sea,I miss the jelly fishes,I miss the food,I miss everything there! Pangkor is much better than PD,trust me. The beach is much cleaner,unlike PD's,even the sea water in PD is dirty,yuck :O Pictures shall do the talk,I'm lazy to write so much,hehehe :P Btw,it's mainly about food. Food again,lol!

Shhh,the babies are sleeping...

After checking in to our hotel,we went to have our lunch in 鸿记肉骨茶.
I ordered a coconut because the weather was too hot! ><
Aaah,so refreshing after drinking the coconut :P

Here comes the fish.
Sorry for the low quality of my phone camera ><

Bak kut teh! 

Bak kut teh cannot leave without fritters! :D

Have been there for twice.

This is something special to share.
It's bak kut teh + 面粉kuih!
The taste,hmm...not bad :)

This vegetable can be rarely seen.
Forgotten it's name ( because I was eating non-stop :P ) but I can assure one thing.
It is delicious and crispy and yummy! XD

Hokkien mee.


Look at the coconut flesh,hohoho~~~ 
So smooth and thick and juicy!

Had nothing to do in the hotel,so camwhored :X

Spot my cousin's big butt :P

For dinner,we had it in 珍珠 seafood restaurant,somewhere nearby our hotel.
That was bean curd!

Up next,our favorite -- 咕卤鸡!
The outer layer were so crispy and crunchy! Thumbs up!


OMG,here comes our most most fav of all --- chilli crab! XD
The crabs were so fresh and tasty! XO
OMG I just love crabs.

Sweet and sour crab,also a common one.
Besides eating the sauce with bread,you can try with prawn crackers,not bad though! :P


These were our supper.
We had fruit juice,cakes,cookies,'guachi' and Rocky :P
Now you know why I need to start dieting.

The next morning...
Wakey wakey :)

Err,I really had nothing to do,all I can do was to camwhore =.=

Sleepy look?

Before we leave,we had our breakfast/lunch in a Chinese stall.
I ordered curry noodle because I didn't eat curry for a long time.
Yesh,I had a pimple on my chin on the next day,pitiful =.=

Alright,that's all for now. Um,overall,we went to PD for food instead of fun,I think so lol. I am blogging more about food now,I ate so much until I didn't realise! Steph,go jog later.
Okay,tata loves.



  1. I know that vegetable. My favourite if it's cooked with sambal :P I call it 'paku choy' :D

  2. the vegetable that can rarely be seen is everywhere in sarawak :p one of out speciality, called midin/bidin (:

  3. i always sleep like that when i'm going back to my hometown, haah!!

  4. Woots! ur hair came back alrdy eh? so fast one =D

  5. Kelly: Yeah,it's paku choi! XD
    YHS: lol,too bad,I have to T.T
    Hilda: I see...midin or bidin...
    Joe: lol,funny pose of sleeping!
    Xueren: Really? it's a good news! :D

  6. where is this wooden shop situated?

  7. nice trip with nice food... eh it's been a long time i have not visited PD :)

  8. Thomas: what wooden shop?
    Henry: not much things can be done in PD,better stay in KL,lol :P