Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Emily's 18th birthday

Happy Merdeka folks! Wishing everyone a happy holiday! :) What's the topic for today? I am going to blog about my 'sister' Emily's 18th birthday! 

It was held on last Saturday,or to say 'thrown'. It was a surprise party actually and she was really surprised,the same goes to her mum...*OMAIGOSH!!* Thanks to Joel and Joey for the plan,they gathered high school friends and college friends together for the surprise party. I am gonna skip the part before the surprise because it was too...surprising *you know what I mean*. So everything went on well,and when she opened her room door,everyone sang birthday song together for her. Great cooperation,luckily they're smart enough to hide their everything like shoes and bags to...don't know where. 

*currently listening to Coldplay's every teardrop is a waterfall,love that song*

The best thing about the surprise is,she was really surprised. Joel and the gang have thrown the same surprise for her last year,thank God that she's still kena shocked this time,LOL. She kept banging herself onto the wall *poor wall* and screamed like barbarian XD Aww,that was so...touching. HAHAHAHAHA!!! XD Great job we've done,Eelyn! :D

Shall let the pics to do the talkie talkie meow :3

Meet the birthday girl MISS EMILY! :D

Group pic.
Yaiks,sorry for the blur image! ><

High school friends.

College friends and her lecturer Ms Pua.

'Siao lang' XD

Eelyn,LS,Carcar,Xueren and I!

Shan Hoe looked so horny,hahaha! XD

Toothpaste endorsement? Pretty perfect! ;D

Emily with her new pet hamster -- Starbuck!
The hammyster has lotza names like fatty,nosey,bacon etc.
Btw,do you call him Starbuck after that? 
I love that name :D :D

My bff -- Brandy the vege!

Emily and Xueren :P

Ting and Brandy ^^

Meet the forever lame queens!
Stay lame forever! 

I wonder if Emily knew about this. We met before when we were 10,lol. It was at Kalye's birthday party! Refer to Kalye's photo,the proof is over there XD

That's all for now. I find blogging a great way to release stress,and it's fun. 'Sharing is caring',what a good phrase to describe bloggers ^^

Yours truly,

Sunday, August 28, 2011

2nd year anniversary celebration

My boyfriend and I have been together for 2 years! :D It was on Friday,we went to celebrate right after his exam in the morning. He was so tired because he only slept for 4 hours in order to study for his exam. Pity him :'( He cam and picked me up at 12.45 afternoon,then,we went to 1U for lunch. Since we were going to eat steamboat buffet on that night,so we only had a simple lunch in Carls Jr. I still think that it is not worth it eating in Carls Jr,yes,the food is not bad,but the price is too expensive just for a slightly bigger size burger and a cup of drink. Jeeez,don't likey :o  

We went hanging around in the mall after lunch. I wanted to seek for more rings but didn't found any,which is a great thing as I can have more savings,muahaha. We bought movie tickets for 'The zoo keeper'. I wanted to watch this movie because I wanted to see how the animals are going to talk,I find them talking in a funny way especially the bears,lol! My boyfriend likes them XD The movie was okay,not bad,but there're parts which are quite boring. I like the dinner part,it was funny :P

After movie,we straight away went for dinner nearby our housing area in Menjalara. I think he was craving for steamboat,that's why he treated me steamboat buffet,lol. This was the restaurant we went -- Momo Paradise. RM25 per person,I think it's worth it because you can eat anything you want as much as you can. It's like sushi style,the ingredients are put on the 'moving tracks' and you can take whatever you want,just like how you take sushi,hahaha :P 

I find the 'cheesy seafood tauhu' (direct translate from Cantonese) nice,it's super nice and cheesy,it's nice! XD Guess what he ate the most? MEAT =.= He is such a carnival la,I think he ate almost 15 dishes of meat =.=" Unlike me,I ate everything (err,not really hahaha!),I ate vege,I ate mushrooms,I ate fishballs,I ate pork balls... Anyway,the food isn't bad,and the atmosphere is okay. They serve desserts like ice-cream and pudding too! It's only RM25 per person,so worth it right? :D

This is the so called -- sushi style :P

My cute boyfriend :D

He ate almost 15 plates,I think so =.=

Meet my lucky star! XD
The soup is hot and spicy! ><

He didn't eat the star because he claimed that it is very childish.
You mean me la? :O

We love this!

Nom nom nom~

After dinner,we went to I-city. It was my first time there,but it was his second time there. I was looking forward to go there although the place is not big (very small only!). It took us 30 minutes to reach I-city,it is quite far because it's in Shah Alam. Pity my dear,he had to drive altnough he was so tired. I wish I have my own car and I can drive :( 

Well,I-city is really not as big as I thought. Anyway,those trees with lights are really beautiful! XD The colours are so colourful and shiny,pretty! We wanted to take a ride at the thing below but it's 5 bucks per person,and the ride was very short only,not worth it. So,we didn't take the ride :( I don't understand why it is so expensive still :O

5 bucks per person? Duuuuuh >:O

Mary go round.

The trees are so beautiful!

Love the white light on my face :P

Beautiful isn't it?

My chubby bunny dear! <3sss

Rows of colourful trees :D

My handsome charming dear :P


Golden reindeer ^^

The peacock is so beautiful :D


Love this shot.

Jingle bell~
Christmas huh? ^^

Hohoho~ Merry Christmas~ *too early la =.=*

I though of you miss TAN XUE REN! XD

There's a mini game park over there,don't spend any,because it's a waste of money.

Us :P

Yaiks,can't see his face pulak.
'lian hei hei' XD

Spot the colourful zebra :D
So nice!

Later the tiger bites your hand then you know :P


Meet his pet Dino,LOL!!!

Too short for the ride,hahaha! XD

Love this shot the most!
Look nice and sweet together ^^

Got back home at almost 12 midnight. We were so tired,pity him still,had to go back home so late! >< 2 years already,my feelings towards him never changed,we are getting bonded even closer now. I am happy and grateful to have him as my boyfriend. No matter what,I am glad to have you here :)

Lots of love,

Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy Anniversary my dear!

Guess what day is today? Today is a very special day for me... Today is our 2 years anniversary! XD I have been waiting for this day long ago,and I feel so happy today. Luckily I need not to attend tutorial classes,otherwise,I can't hang out with him today already. So...we will be going out BUT he doesn't wanna tell me where he is bringing me. So mysterious huh? :P

Our relationship started quite awkwardly...hahaha. He was a kind of...shy and quiet boy when he started to 'tackle' me,LOL XD I knew that he wasn't a shy one in front of his friends,he talked a lot with them. But when it is with me,he would have nothing to talk,OR he has so many things to talk but he felt awkward and shy. Aww,my cute boy :P 

He waved and smiled at me when we met in school. His friends were so 'kepochi',always play around with me and stuff. Ehem,I was smart and I knew that he's into me,but he was always too shy to say a word. And then,he started to chat with me in MSN and texted me almost everyday. He even walked me back home from school everyday. Pity him,had to stand under the scorching hot sun :( He even asked me out for a date,we watched Harry Potter on that day ^^

Candid shot by my friend,lol :P

There's always ups and downs in every relationship. We faced them together,we solved them together,and nothing has changed our relationship until now. I am getting to know him deeper. Yes,he is lazy,not so romantic,but who cares? He is my best-est boyfriend,best-est! I thought he wouldn't notice small details about me,but he actually did. He cares a lot of me and he is not hiding his true self in front if me. This is what I love him the most,he is very original :P 

We had lotsa fun together,I hope our relationship will last long and forever,no one will change our love,no one :) 

'I wish I could find a way to say "I love you". I'm afraid if I say those words to much,they will begin to lose part of their meaning... But I don't know any other way to tell you how very much I care about you. So,until I find a new way to say it,you'll just have to remember that when I say "I love you",I mean so many things,so much more then three little words could ever say. 


Happy 2 years anniversary my dear 


 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Chicky Pop!

Went for chic pop event @Jaya One with my 'sisters' last Saturday! That was my first time attending chic pop,was quite exited,lol. Eelyn fetched me at 12 noon,then we went to KDU to fetch Xueren. We had lunch together with Emily as well! It's been a long time we never meet each other,I meet Xueren the most,hahaha :P

In order to save money for more clothes,I sacrifice my pity tummy and only ordered chicken ham and cheese sandwich *not nice one!* whereas the 3 of them ate something nice. Jealous! Guess what,Xueren ordered kids' lunch set,LOL! I couldn't wait to shop for clothes when I was eating,brain kept thinking of new clothes,wakaka :P 

It was not as many people as I thought. Err,I find it as a good thing. After walking around,finally I bought 2 tops and a pants. The most most most exciting thing was -- everything I bought was just 10 bucks! Yes,you are not blind or whatever,they are just 10 bucks each! Shoo cheap right? XD I purposely went to those 2 for 20bucks stalls because I wanna save money for some important date,muahaha :P 

I am so happy for what I've bought,they are nice but really cheap. Although the quality is not really good,but what can you expect from something which costs only 10 bucks? So what about my friends? Emily bought 3 tops (expensive weyy :P ),Xueren bought a high waisted pants and Eelyn bought only a top. 

Me eating that not nice sandwich =.=

Gosh,I looked so damn fat.

Clothes hunting.

*ignore my funny face*
Showing off my new clothes,muahaha! XD

Can't wait for the next chic pop event! Will get myself a jacket + dress next time. That's all for now,take care peeps,bye!