Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Emily's 18th birthday

Happy Merdeka folks! Wishing everyone a happy holiday! :) What's the topic for today? I am going to blog about my 'sister' Emily's 18th birthday! 

It was held on last Saturday,or to say 'thrown'. It was a surprise party actually and she was really surprised,the same goes to her mum...*OMAIGOSH!!* Thanks to Joel and Joey for the plan,they gathered high school friends and college friends together for the surprise party. I am gonna skip the part before the surprise because it was too...surprising *you know what I mean*. So everything went on well,and when she opened her room door,everyone sang birthday song together for her. Great cooperation,luckily they're smart enough to hide their everything like shoes and bags to...don't know where. 

*currently listening to Coldplay's every teardrop is a waterfall,love that song*

The best thing about the surprise is,she was really surprised. Joel and the gang have thrown the same surprise for her last year,thank God that she's still kena shocked this time,LOL. She kept banging herself onto the wall *poor wall* and screamed like barbarian XD Aww,that was so...touching. HAHAHAHAHA!!! XD Great job we've done,Eelyn! :D

Shall let the pics to do the talkie talkie meow :3

Meet the birthday girl MISS EMILY! :D

Group pic.
Yaiks,sorry for the blur image! ><

High school friends.

College friends and her lecturer Ms Pua.

'Siao lang' XD

Eelyn,LS,Carcar,Xueren and I!

Shan Hoe looked so horny,hahaha! XD

Toothpaste endorsement? Pretty perfect! ;D

Emily with her new pet hamster -- Starbuck!
The hammyster has lotza names like fatty,nosey,bacon etc.
Btw,do you call him Starbuck after that? 
I love that name :D :D

My bff -- Brandy the vege!

Emily and Xueren :P

Ting and Brandy ^^

Meet the forever lame queens!
Stay lame forever! 

I wonder if Emily knew about this. We met before when we were 10,lol. It was at Kalye's birthday party! Refer to Kalye's photo,the proof is over there XD

That's all for now. I find blogging a great way to release stress,and it's fun. 'Sharing is caring',what a good phrase to describe bloggers ^^

Yours truly,


  1. Who's tht in the last pic? she's pretty gorgeous! =)

  2. whoopedo! Gonna blog about this soon! =P