Friday, September 2, 2011


Had a photo shooting session with KT yesterday. We made it indoor,or to be more accurate,in the toilet and on the stairs. You may think in this way,'WHAT?! In the toilet?!' or 'Is that possible? Will it be nice?'. Let me tell you,the effect is HOLLYSOME *holly + awesome* ;)

So,we brought everything we might be needing into the toilet,set up the camera and started shooting. 

KT and me.
Love this pic and the name on the mirror.

Applied red lipstick,love the effect.
It doesn't look like the usual me,maybe it's my first time with the red lipstick on.
Anyway,it's a really nice picture ;)

KT likes this.

I looked so strict :P

Meet my lovely hot pink specs :)

Reading eye shadows? 

Love this shot,and the effect.

I seldom show my teeth and this is it,hahaha ^^

Woots,look at my hair :D

I love thisssss :O 

This is kinda epic,hahaha. 
Nice shot + effect :)

There're more pics,but they are with KT. Enjoyed the process of photo shooting. We spent half a day to finish it. There were problems with space,position and poses,but I am glad that the pictures taken are nice,all the sweats,the heat,hunger and thirst,they worth it! 

Photography is a fun hobby. My dad is my influence,he likes photography since young,hehehe. I am lucky to have a dad like him,he is way cooler than I thought :) Love you dad,love my everything.

Au revoir,



  1. Oooh, very nice pics! Love the effect, makes it look like those pics in Korean mags. :)

  2. Hot red lipstick and the hot pink shades woohoo

  3. Well, toilet can be a good place for good pictures! :)

  4. i like the retro shots! quite cool! :))

    Peace Out!
    The CleverMunkey