Friday, September 23, 2011

Jean's farewell party

One of our lovely classmate,Jean was leaving our college yesterday. Fashion might not be her dream,so she has decided to stop and think of what she really wants for her future. Viv,her close friend in class have planned a surprise farewell party for her yesterday @Secret Recipe. Secret Recipe is the best place for any celebrations,lol :P 

We went for figure drawing class in the morning as usual. Before the class ends,all of us already say goodbye to Mr.John,our lecturer XD We had to reach Secret Recipe earlier than Jean because it's a surprise. Pity Mr.John,lols. *Who ask you to call me sampat?! XD*

We took our orders and waited for her arrival. She arrived a quarter after that I guess. Her meal,our treat :P Guess what I have ordered? You will not believe it... I have ordered...KID'S FISH AND CHIPS. Hahahahahahaha!!! I am still a kid! XD Yok Yee aka kak Jo ordered kid's meal as well,we are kids...LMAO X'D

We chit chatted and took some pictures in Secret Recipe. It's my first time eating with Jean,and it might be the last time too :( I will miss you Jean,wishing you a happy life and bright future. Take care! :')

Meet the lovely Jean :P

From mango delight to hazel cheese,and from oreo cheese to chocolate fudge.
Nomnomnomnomnom~ :D

Karina and I! 
Love her :P

YY and I.
Love her too! :D

Since we have ordered kid's meal...Ngek ngek ngek!
Do we look like kids? XD


Nadia,Silvia,Amanda and Jean.

Group pic!
Spot some silly faces,hahaha...

Group pic again ^^

Jean and I.
Take care hunnie! Do visit us often!

This shot was taken by me. 
Farewell Jean,have a bright and extraordinary future! 
All of us will miss you lotsss <3

Feeling nervous + exited for tomorrow's fashion show! 
Although I am just the backstage helper,
but I am sure that I will become one of the best designer for fashion shows one day! 
Work hard for your dream Stephieee! >;D

Stephanie C.


  1. I can't recall the last time I had secret recipe, gosh!

    p/s: Have fun at the fashion show tomorrow and your dream will definitely come true one day! :D

  2. hmmm. must be sad to say good bye!

  3. Gambateh deary! You will achieve ur dream one day! Always support you, love! =)