Sunday, September 4, 2011

Food day

So,my parents brought me to visit their friend aunty Sharon on Merdeka day *Merdeka day = food day :P* I know her daughter long ago and we get along with each other very well although she is 2 years elder than me. My dad's first plan was to bring us to Bangsar for seafood. Mum and I was like 'WHAT?! BANGSAR?!'. Luckily aunty Sharon and her daughter Josephine wanted to eat something else *or lazy to drive to bangsar XD*.

Finally,we've decided to have our lunch in 'DING TAI FUNG'. I believe that most of you have heard of this restaurant before,it is located in The Gardens,ground floor. It is famous for it's 小笼包,dumplings. I must say...MMM,YUMYUMYUMYUMYUM! XD 

Well,it's not my first time eating there. I went there a few months ago with my college friends,we had lunch there and we ordered dumplings too ^^ Alright,shall let the pics food to do the talkie talkie :3

The sifus are making the dumplings. Their skin is sure very soft and gentle because they steam their face everyday,for free tim XD

Tadah,辣... I forgot the name of the noodles =.=
This is really nice,the sauce is thick,sour and spicy enough,not too spicy but just nice.
值得吃! Just remember : 辣,then you'll know what to order ;)

Dumpling's best friend,ginger slice and vinegar!

Here comes 大名鼎鼎小笼包! XD
你的是不是叫? :D
Let me tell you,this is 'jin ho liao'! MUST TRY THIS! 

Aunty Sharon's order,pork something. 
Sigh,I only remember the look of the food but not their names...=.="
This pork slices isn't bad,the meat is not fatty at all,and it smells nice too ^^

For dessert,we have ordered 2 bowls of 糖水.
This is red bean + sesame filled dumplings.
The red bean skin was peeled off before cooked,that's why the red bean can be that smooth.
Not to forget that the sesame filled dumplings are very delicious and QQ too! ^^

This is soya + sesame filled dumplings.
The soya is very smooth,you will feel as if you skin is getting softer and gentler,huhuhu! XD

After lunch,we went to aunty Sharon's house to chit chat a while.
Josephine treated me Haagen Dazs ice-cream mooncake!
OMG,it is so expensive,RM36.90 for one,ONLY ONE :O

And the size if the ice cream mooncake is so small! ><
Anyway,it looks tempting right? :P

You have to cut it very carefully,otherwise... =.=

The fillings are chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
Spot the orange part in the middle? It's mango flavoured ice cream :)
Nomnomnom :P

The ingredients and etc.
If I were her,I wouldn't willing to buy this,it's too expensive! T.T

We went here -- Restoran Kong Sai with my cousins and family for dinner. 
*Omaigosh,my mouth hasn't stopped eating from morning until night! ><*

Headquarter and branches.
We went to the Subang Jaya one.

What do you see from the menu?
Yeshhh,they are famous for its 猪肚汤.
Sorry but I don't really fancy 猪肚汤,not my cup of 'soup' XD
For me,it tastes like pepper,pepper,pepper and pepper ONLY.

The elders said thet they are okay okay only,but I feel like they are very okay wor.
Is my taste butts having problems or theirs? Hahaha!

Opps,I should have removed the sauce before I take this pic.
This plate is chicken,'bak zham gai'.
The chicken is nice,not bad ^^
Not to forget to mention about the sauce,without them,the taste wouldn't be that nice.

肉,yumyumyum :P

This shouldn't be called 醋,咸!
啊! ><

Steamed fish,don't know what fish,but it has any tiny bones.

Love this egg! XD
Forgot the name,hahaha :P

Err,this bean curd is cold *although it's soft*...
Better not order this.

That's all for food day. It was a day non-stop with food,food and food. I just pray that I will not gain weight *I think it's quite impossible*...啊,我!

Hopefully Mr.Azren's work can be done by tomorrow,God please help me! ><

Au revoir,


  1. haha. pray that u wont gain weight?
    i think do some exercise more practical. =p

    btw the food looks nice, but must be expensive!

    Au revoir!

  2. oh my god! RM36.90 for 1 Haagen Dazs ice-cream mooncake!!?? That time I saw in mid valley and I thought 4 for RM36.90.I was wrong. But must be very tasty. Probably I won't buy too. So so so expensive