Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

Today is mooncake day,woots! XD Happy mid-autumn festival to everyone on earth~ I bet most of the Chinese families have had family dinners right? My family had it yesterday. As usual,there're a lots of meaty dishes... Yummy but FATTENING! >< 

My uncles and cousins reached at around 5pm yet I was still doing my sketching work =.= We have to draw a total of 48 human figures in a week! This is counted as kind hearted already,Mr.John hasn't show his 'trueself' yet :O Wookay,shall let the pics to do the talkie talkie :3

These were the dishes for the 'adults'. 
As the eldest grandchild,I sat together with my brothers and cousins at the other table.
'Kids' table' kononnya :o

As you can see,there're only 2 dishes of vegetables and one vegetarian fried ball,the rest were all meat.

After dinner,I went playing lantern and candles with my cousins. Err,I didn't play because I was lazy :P Miss the old times when I was still playing with candles on the floor and lighting up my beautiful lanterns... 

Cousin Huihui and Tongtong.
They are sisters :D


Jelly mooncakes!
They tasted just nice,not too sweet and boing boing enough :)

Love this mooncake from Dynasty Hotel,it's lotus paste + yolk.
My fav mooncake ^^

My aunts.
I wonder why aged 40 plus women like to cut their hair short =.=

Besides mooncake day,today is my brother's birthday too! Happy birthday to you and stay good :o

Wishing all of you 中秋节快乐!!
Eat more mooncakes then start your diet! XD

au revoir,