Wednesday, December 26, 2012

A surprise from my awesome lovers

Hello lovely fellows. Having the feel to update my blog now! Wanna post something about this because I love my friends! We are lame people!

My birthday was 2 weeks plus ago and I didn't get to celebrate it. Last week, before my bestie BRANDY CHAI went to Korea to take a course for 3 months there, she, Ting, Kalye and me had steamboat in Ting's house as a celebration for all of us to finally get to reunion + one little farewell dinner for miss Brandy! And unexpectedly, my 3 lamies threw me a late birthday surprise! Ting baked a moist chocolate cake for me and it was delicious! Was never expecting it at all because it was like...10 ++ days after my birthday? No matter what, I am so happy to have all of them in my life!

Makan-makan time.
We finished a pot of tomyam soup and a pot of clear soup.
We can really eat man!

They surprised me from behind. Yes that is one ang moh sitting behind me.
He is Mr.Bush from Germany! He is Ting's mum's... Err I am not so sure hahaha :P
He is very humerous and funny! And he's single lol that's not my business hahaha *sampat*

Made my not so long wish. They said I had a long wish.
I have too many wishes! See that is the awesome cake, baked with love for me!
Was shocked but I managed to stay calm. I guess I am cool huh? *perasan*

Yay I am finally 19 *crying in heart*
I wish I can stay 18 forever.

Time for some sampat group photos!
Ting, Kalye and Brandy standing behind me.
Don't know what I was doing, neither do them hahaha.
Seriously, my face is like... as if I smell something bad, LOL.

Ladies I am so glad to have yall in my life.
Thanks for making my teenage life that awesome!
Last teen, rock it!!!

We are best friends forever!
As what Brandy said, 'Life of Pi  LAME' !!! XD
Missing my Brandy Chai already.
Can see from your photos that your doing fine there with family!
In a blink of an eye, you'll be back.
By that time, I would be done with my coming semester ( a short one ).
Shall see you by then! Have fun in Korea baby!


the blessed child

Thursday, December 20, 2012

A trip to Taiwan

Hey ho. Finally I am here to update my blog. Recently, my family and I went to Taiwan for a 7 days 6 nights trip. I wish it was a longer one because we didn't get to visit some indicative places there :(

We kinda spent 2 days on the plane ( going and coming back ) so we had limited time to visit around. Things were kinda rushed up. It was a enjoyable one anyway. Taiwan is beautiful, the people were great and I really admire the services there, very quick, neat, clean, well done.

The 10 of us including my family and my cousins and my uncle aunty reached Kaohsiung Airport at night. We went to 瑞芳夜市 straight because it's dinner time! Was expecting to see plenty of 'new' food like 猪血糕, 腊味, 野味, etc. Didn't dare to try hehe. It wasn't very cold that night so the 10 of us were jacket-less. The people around were looking at us as if we're aliens. Hahaha. We are Malaysians, hot hot babeh!

Had their style of steamboat for dinner.
Prefer Malaysian style hehehe.

Otw back to hotel.
Looking tired but excited for the next day.
OMG didn't realize I was sitting on the priority seat =_____=

We stayed in 恋恋高雄, a hotel with themed rooms. 
My room is pink-themed surrounded by soft toys, very girly.

Beautiful decorated light.

Look what we bought from the night market.
Piggy cakes! They come in flavours. Very cute aren't they?! :D

On the next day, after having breakfast ( in the room, it's room service, nice food they served, many choices ) we took bus to 佛光山, took an hour to reach there. 佛光山 is really big. People around claims that the place has been commercialized. Sorta I guess? Had lunch in 高雄车站 and did a little shopping in 新绝疆.

My family and I.

Me and my brothers. 

The 10 of us! We are always energetic! Hu ha!

The statue behind is super HUGE! 
Was wow-ed by the beautiful place in 佛光山. Spectacular I must say.

Momma and I. Love her.

The 10 of us again :) Momma's hair...HAHAHA.

After visiting 佛光山, we went to the most famous bread shop in Kaohsiung, '吴宝春x店' to get some bread ( don't know how to pronounce the x word ). Their bread aren't cheap!!! They have special flavours, tried their most famous bread and it costs...400 yuan for one?

Purposely went to see the second most beautiful train station in the world located in Kaohsiung. Formosa boulevard station, 美丽岛车站. Breath taking.

We headed to Taipei by bullet train on the next morning. Taipei is colder than Kaohsiung. We visited 中正纪念堂 and 国父纪念馆 after having our late lunch at 阿妹面店. 阿妹面店 is nearby our hotel 友友饭店 ( not bad, breakfast included ), where transport is convenient because the train station is right beside it.

We took bullet train to get to Taipei.
Around RM160 +- for ticket per person.

In the train looking childish haha.

Lunchie time in 阿妹面店!
Nice food they serve! 

Cousin sis's peace sign. They ordered some weird food like pig tongue?
EEEK! Their cooking style is different from ours. Still acceptable for us, we're Malaysians, we eat almost any food, err right? :P

Sweet potato 烤地瓜! Nice nice nice!
The skin can be eaten! It tasted very sweet and very very yummy especially when it's still hot! Yummy! The best food to eat during cold weather! Missing it already :'(

Us in 中正纪念堂.

BRRRR very cold and windy!!! Our hair proved it!

Jeng jeng jeng, yours truly.

Yes it's Taipei 101 tower! So sad because we didn't get to visit it.
Will definitely visit to the top next time!!

Brother Anthony with the tower. Ngam ngam fit hahaha!

Brother Andrew with my pose. Looking so shy eh? :P

Us in 国父纪念馆.
Behind us is the famous Mr.孙中山, the first president in Taiwan.

Before having our dinner, we went shopping in 五分埔商街. Guess what, I saw 3 very handsome guys there!! XD My brothers were picking their shoes and the 3 handsome people were serving/talking to/advising them. My eyes were like, extra shiny and bling when I saw them. 3 together, holy mama!! One of them is the boss, and he is the most handsome one among them! *fainted*. Should take a picture with them! HAIYO! .><. 五分埔商街 is a good place to shop for stuffs ( if its not raining ). 赞.

On the next day, we took an hour to reach a place called 九份 by train. Our main visit over there is 九份老街. The street is a very old street build since 1950. There is a lot of things to see and buy! A very feeling + CROWDED street! Saw a lot of Singaporeans there. It was a fine Friday and the crowd was already like... I can't imagine what it will be like on weekends. The walking, climbing ups and downs, and the stairs were making us super duper tiring! It was a fun experience thou, very nice place, definitely a must visit location!

Look at my dad. Always so cheerful, the 'cheer leader'.
My parents are cute! So glad to have them in my life :)

Got up here by a bus. That was a shaky journey man!

View from top. BRRR.

Here in 九份老街. Must visit must must must!
It's always crowded. Can't imagine if we went there on weekend, lagi teruk O.O

Big babies sucking their bottle nyahaha.
My cousin Flora and I :)



阿甘姨芋圆! Cold and hot version! Ho chiak! Jin ho liao!

Went to 基隆夜市 after that. Our legs were already very tired during that time /.\ The night market is holy big! The stalls... O.O!! Variety of food choices, food food food, omg! All of us were so lembik when we're otw back to hotel. Hahaha lembik.

Look at the stalls and people. STALLSSSSSSSSS.

Tried this. Hmm the name if this 'noodle' is kinda funky hahaha.
鐤边搓! ( the last word is wrong, couldn't find that word =_= )

冰糖葫芦! I ate 冰糖 strawberry hahaha. Sweet + sour = awesome!

Went to 地下街 for some shopping on the next day.
That 地下街 really is loooooooooong!!! So long we couldn't even see the end! 
A few kilometers I guess! Holy mama, the walking man, hoursss.
Oh yeah. 地下街 = nice place to shop ( too bad not much seats to sit if you are tired).

2 of my cousins are anime lovers. Those little things are not cheap! >.<

The very next morning, after having breakfast in the hotel, we went to 淡水, a beautiful outskirt of town. We walked by the street, enjoyed the cold wind, looked at the people there, yeah, second last day in Taipei, we felt reluctant already.

Mummy and I in front of a temple.

Andrew looking at pretty girl eh? Hahaha.

Beautiful sea view.

And that's the small size ice-cream.
The big one is double the size of the small one. Non of us tried because we scared we couldn't finish. Plus the weather was super colddd.

Me and my matcha strawberry ice-cream. The most tasteless flavour among all =_=

My cousin Matsuo Kinji, brother Andrew and Anthony, me and my cousin Flora.

Finally, we went shopping at 西门町! The crowd I tell you. Sardine tin babeh. We had limited time so we were rushing here and there. Stuffs there are more expensive than other places, I must say :-/ We celebrated my birthday in advance on that night. Ooh yeah we had nice dinner in 锅霸 steamboat in 西门町. It was awesome!

The people. Wootzz.

It was like, 5pm and the sky is already turning dark. 5pm = Malaysia 7pm.

Look at the big bubbles in the air!
Felt like being in wonderland that time, crowd, bubbles and the wind.
( I think too much haha )

I thought I would see a lot of Chatime outlets in Taiwan BUT NO!
I only saw ONE Xi Men Ding!
Got so excited when finally get to see Chatime.
I mean, I am not a big fan but the 'finally...' feeling, y'know? Haha.

锅霸 锅霸 锅霸!
Around RM50+ per person! But nevermind, it's for my birthday woohoo!
All of us shared one pot, they call it 鸳鸯锅 so cute.
They have plenty choices of meat and vege and stuff.
Besides, they serve Haagen Dazz ice-cream!! And something like Yakult! And other kind of desserts and drinks and chocolate fondue and seafood. A LOT D: !!!

My cousin Mi-2 with her mouth full of food cute hahaha.
Me looking fat in the pic =___________=
They serve 6 kind of soups, you can choose any one of it.
I chose collagen soup, tasted like normal 清汤 but it contained collagen inside?
So special, yummy and can get more beautiful at the same time ^^


Time to go home :'( Reluctant to leave. 5 days isn't enough! At least 玩个 7 days 吧?!

Looking tired in the plane. Oh that day was my birthday.
Spent whole day in the plane from Taipei to HK, from HK to KL.
What a birthday.

Taiwan is a pretty nice country. Love the convenience for public transport there, and the toilets including public ones are very clean!! Salute man! I did not see any litter or rubbish on the floor or along the road ( except in night markets ) , and their concept of 'priority seats are only for people in need' is strong. Yes I will go on top of Taipei 101 on my next visit to Taipei/Taiwan! And Shilin night market! And 北投温泉! 我要吃臭豆腐啦!! TmT

Missing you Taiwan. You are lovely.
*4th Dec 2012 - 10th Dec 2012*