Monday, February 14, 2011

Hello from UK

Hello from UK peeps!

It's been the third day I'm in London,hmm,everything has got well so far. I am just mad with myself,am I really that weak or what? You know what? The 14 hours flight from Malaysia to London was killin' me. For me,Air Asia is not a good choice. Unfortunately,I have to go back home by Air Asia again,I don't know what will happen to me next. As the plane started to fly,my head started spinning. Can you imagine how suffering it is when you feel nausea and dizzy all the way from Malaysia to London,I was dizzy for holly 14 hours! God! I can't sleep as well as the seats were so small and narrow,I can hardly breathe because the air conditioner wasn't working out well,I don't know why. Besides,it's my first flight in my lifetime,I had never leave home for that long,I mean,I will be here for a month. My first flight was a long distance flight,maybe it was the cause to my nauseaness in UK here. It is pitiful that I get dizzy whenever I got into a car,because it has the exactly same feel I had in the plane. I have bloated stomach too,oh God,I feel like vomit all the time. Mummy,I miss you.

Today is Valentines day. Another valentines day without you my dear :( Valentines day last year was the first day of new year so we didn't celebrate it together and this year,I am in London... I miss my boy loads,soooo much so much! He promised that he will email me every single day,thank you darling,I feel better when I am reading your mails,I feel like you're right beside me.

I wanna wish everyone here a happy valentines day. Enjoy your day with your loved ones,may all the couples stay long till forever.

Benjamin,dear,lou gong,whatever...I love you :)

Pictures time.

Me in the plane.
I thought it would be fun,but it is not.

The outside view,look,the tree has no leaves.

Floral wallpaper in my room.

My fluffy slipper which keeps my feet warm all the time.

Meet my pretty little cousin,Louise.

My aunt,Iris,grandma,and me.

We had dimsum yesterday.

It's Costa again,their famous coffee shop.

Alright,that's all for now. I have to get back to sleep again cuz I am feeling dizzy again,duh. Happl valentines day peeps,byebye :)

Dear,I miss you.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy bunny year ;)

I am still in CNY mood,lol. This CNY is too short,many people have to start schooling & working. My dad told me that next year will be even worse because CNy is on 23th January. How early! Anyway,the timing of next year's CNY isn't bad,we can get 9 days of holiday ;) 

Oh well,it's been quite a long time I hadn't update my bloggie. I am lazy. I enjoyed this CNY much. Aww it's so sad that I couldn't finish wearing all my new clothes,HAHAHA! XD I tried my best to wear all of'em but still...nevermind. 

As usual,all my uncles & aunties of paternal side came to my house on new year eve & first day of new year. My dad's the eldest son,that's why. Mum & grandma's busy cooking,pity them :( We only know how to eat,hahah. On the second day of new year,we start visiting friends & family. There's a custom that each family has to return to maternal side's home on 年初二,which is the second day of new year. ARGH I am just too lazy to write,I shall post all those pictures then ;) *wink*

I like this shot.
by daddy

My mischevious cousin sis LOL

New year eve.

Wishing you a prosperous & auspicious & happy new year ;)

New year dishes,yumyum~

The 'kids' lol XD

On the next day...
We went visiting friends & family.

Aunt Kang Hui,aunt Kang Ling,mummy,aunt Jenny

Mummy & I 
We are hawt! XD
& I  her.
*I think I looked like British flag,lol*

A group photo before leaving.

Visiting a friend...

Me,my brother Anthony,my friend Josephine.
We have bunny ears! 

Josephine & I.

Family picture.

My bag & my specs,my love 

On 年初三...

Outfit of the day.
Nice bo? :D

Daddy & mummy 

Hey boy.

Act cool =3=

Dad's shot.

I really like this XD

Lou sang with relatives.

Meet my cute & obedient cousins,Julian & Amelia! :D

Group pic.

My face turned >> O.O when I saw this.
How creative hahahahaha! XD

Buffet dinner in Palace of the Golden Horses,again =.=

Cousin Flora & I 

Group pic.

Family pic.

Act cool XD

Jade horse.

Gold VS jade.

Here comes the crazy people.

We had a lot of poses. 
This is the first one.

A normal one.

We have bunny ears for bunny year!

This is classic! XD

Cool huh? :P

Does he look like a mermaid? ^^

Mummy & daughter,LOL! :P

Steph in pyjamas.

Family pic.
I like this ^^

Outfit of the day,年初四.

We had dim sum for lunch,yumyum!

Visiting a friend.
Meet Jovi the dog. 
He's so fluffy & I'm gonna die! XD

My fb profile picture lol.

Had dinner with friends on 年初五 night.

They were just awesome!
Visit 靓汤一族 in Selayang,the food price are reasonable & the most important thing is --
The food tasted will feel like you're in heaven! XD

On 年初六.
An outing with friends to DPC.

Was he trying to scare me? 
lol =.=

Group pic.

Edited by miss Emily Liew.
I likey 

On 年初七.
A date with my boyfie @Sunway Giza mall.
Lunch in Fullhouse,my treat.

Soup of the day -- pumpkin cream soup.
Not my fav :X

Meet my boy Benjamin

Spot his top,'BEST BOYFRIEND' :P

My dori fish.

His kiddy meal,chicken burger.
*don't hit me dear* XD

I love your smile :)

Can't wait to eat! lol

My dear,my honey,my darling,my hubby,my salt,my man,my love,my berry ;)

Chubby face.

 Our precious moment together 

I am going to UK tomorrow,& I'll be there for a month. I am reluctant to leave here,to leave my friends,my family,& you. It's a lil bit tough for me,for not seeing you & not having you by my side for a month. I don't know whether I can make it through or not,but I still have to. I have to be tough,I am not a little girl anymore,it's time for me to stretch my wings out & fly,to see & explore the world. It's a routine for me to see you every week,I cannot stand without seeing your face for more than...days? London is a far far away city,13 hours of flight,my first flight in my life. I am a lil bit afraid here,I wonder what city London is. Remember what you've promised me,e-mail me each & everyday,promise,it's our promise. I admit that I am a crying baby,I believe that I will cry for sure tomorrow. Can't wait to taste your spaghetti tomorrow,& remember,you are letting me to drive your car tomorrow :) The time difference is 8 hours,UK is 8 hours slower than Malaysia. So...I think I'll be sleeping when you're waking up. Anyway,I'll facetime or webcam with you whenever I've got a chance. I will enjoy myself there,and dear,you must take care. Eat proper meals,less maggi mee,& drink more water,sleep early. Night without texting with you is like a straw without berry. But I will feel you in my heart,whenever I miss you.

I love you. 
I love you.
I love you.
We are the perfect two.