Friday, July 30, 2010

I'm mentally prepared :)

I'm mentally prepared for the camp tomorrow.
Wahaha,I am bringing a lot of stuffs,my poor lugage. >.<
This time,we are lucky enough because we will sleeping in air-conditioned dorms.
I heard that the beds are all double decker.
EEE,nevermind,I will bring my own blanket. ^^
Hopefully all of us will have fun there.
And please,I hope that I will not get dark... :S
Dear,take care of what you eat oh,don't let the itch torture you. :(
Bought a new 'top' from Szeyan.
Actually it is a dress is short for me,heheh. :P
So,that's how it looks when I get onto my body.


It's a lil bit tight but it's alright,
I gotta keep fit hahah :D

That's what I had for lunch.
No wonder I am so hungry now :P

Pray hard for the absent of leeches tomorrow.

That's all for now,ciaoz



Thursday, July 29, 2010

I can't wait!

Can't wait for the camp!
Wakaka it's going to be fun,fun & FUN. O.O
Although I'm kinda scared of the leeches ( I wonder whether there are any ),night sence & flying fox.
Hopefully the rope or the string or whatever will not break when I am 'flying'. XD
Kinda scared of height,but that's not really neight phobia but still...
The camp shirt has been distributed & we are divided into groups of 8.
I was very shocked when I heard my name being called within one minute!
I'm in the very first group. =.=
But but but,YEOW XIN is with me!
Wahaha we are true friends! XP
Teachers said that we are going to sleep together with our group mates.
What?? Guys & girsl will be sleeping together in a dorm??
Eee,I wanna sleep with my crazy friends. :(
Had fun in school today.
Puan Jayanthi did not come again today,woohoo :D
Chatted a lot with Xinyan,Caca,Cat & Karyee.
Catherine was our birthday candle! XD
Will be having Add Maths tuition later,haven't done his homework yet cuz I don't know how to do :X
Sheath my Add Maths really sucks.

Okie,that's all for now.
Chow chow



Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Feel tired & sleepy these days,haiz.
Saw the board hanging outside APD this morning.
120 days left,SPM's getting nearer & nearer.
But I did nothing.
Gotta start doing what I should have done now.
Anyway,I won't abandon my bloggie as it has becoming my habit to blog everyday.
Well,wish to have my own pc.
I always get annoyed & bullied?
It shouldn't be but yes,it happens.
I am sick of them,the selfish people.
Who do they think they are?
King of the world or Barrack Obama?
They are not ruling me,never.
I am annoyed.

*not me,but them.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The very last night

This will be the very last night we have our class late & getting off on time from Mr.Fong's place.
It's sad,I know. :(
He will start the class early & end the class late next week onwards.
End at 11pm? 11.30pm?
Who knows.
I will enjoy tonight,the very last night,very much.
Well,Puan Vasantha was absent today.
Wakaka I was happy.
I am so bad. :P
He's having a test again tomorrow.
Wishing him all the bestgood luck.
I will support you fully oh.^^
That's all for today,chow


Monday, July 26, 2010

Seven eleven



Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bye Mango Tree :'(

Went to Tesco last night.
That was the first time I've been there.
Smaller than I thought but bigger than what dad had described.

My house's mango tree has been chopped this morning.
Sadly to say,it's gone. :'(
When it was still healthy,it produced mangoes for us to eat.
After a few years,it started to become old & weak.
It did not produce anymore mangoes & it was dying.
Poor tree,I will miss you.

When I was still still a little girl,there used to be some big tall trees beside my house.
My house was windy & shady under the tall trees.
But they were being chopped too.
I loved the trees cuz they made my house cool.
Suddenly,I realised that trees are really important.
Mango tree,may you rest in peace.


Bye bye. :'(

It's beautiful isn't it?

Meet my dog -- Jackee Choo.

Poor little thing,sad to see the mango tree beside him being chopped.


Not forget to camwhore.

I felt sorry for the tree,seriously.
But I can do nothing to save it.
It has to be dead to escape itself from continue suffering.
Bye,mango tree.


Nightie night folks,xoxo♥

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bella Swan & Edward Cullen

Watched Eclipse with him today.
Finally,I get to watch it after waiting until my neck got long.
 Aww Giraffe! XD
The movie wasn't bad.
Most of the storyline's talking about love.
Edward proposed to Bella,I mean romantically,for me.
The ring's beautiful & BIG,attitude.
Anyway,I think that she shouldn't have been falling in love with 2 men.
Love,more love?
Pity Edward for having a pain in his heart.
Bella,you have made a good choice.
Edward's the one.
Teehee :P

Went to DPC after the movie.
Spent more than one & a half hour there.
We saw many DOGS,guess what's the number of dogs we saw?
At least 21 or more!
The dogs are all very cuteeeeee~
There're 2 like which look very much like balls.
There's one who wore shoe shoes.
And there's 3 which follow their masters without being tied around the neck.
How cute they are!
I am going have my own dogs in the future.
No,it's ours. :)

Look,my dad's half naked lying on his big bed,
& his big tummy. =.=
I would not allow my future husband to have such BIG tummy.
Dear,cannot ah,you have to remain slim always ah.

Oh my dad just hugged me like he never hug anyone else before.
Go hug mummy =o=

That goes my lovely day,chow

Dear,I love you.

Friday, July 23, 2010

What an emotional day :)

The results for the juniors has been announced today.
It has been kinda emotional as WE were trying to scared the juniors.
We were telling them how hard & tough we were.
We were so hardworking until we did extra things for the library.
We were like telling that they have all failed.
I felt guilty after giving my short speech.
I can see their nervous faces.
Sorry people,heh.

22 of 37 of them passed.
Woohoo,we will have more greenies in no time.^^
Wakaka,2 juniors like me!
Ng Kheng Yik & Wong Yew Zane,
I will remember you.


Some of them cried because of happiness & sadness as well.
Should have comfort the failed juniors...
My word :
Guys,BE A MAN!
Stop crying & stand up straight.
Be tough,not being bean curdy.

Yeah,guess that's all for today.
Will be having Chemistry test later.

Good luck new badge,you guys can do it ;)




Thursday, July 22, 2010

McD Love

We have been to McD together many times.
And again,the same journey will be started very soon
Was chatting with Puan Wong during Sejarah class as Puan Jayanthi was absent.
Her stomach is now super BIG & round!
Just like a watermelon!
I thought that she's going to give birth but I was wrong. :X
She still have to wait for one month plus only can see her baby girl.
I felt sorry to see her walking & teaching in school.
It's suffering & tiring.

Puan Wong,gambadeh oh!

Mr.Christopher,a new teacher in our school came in during Sejarah period.
Hmm,tall & not bad looking.
Anyway,Sharon & Carmen's reaction were so funny!
Had a facial treatment before bed last night.
Not bad.


*sheath i'm still having porridge & milk*

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I wanna go to PROM.
Dear,I don't care,dear~~~
Do you want to see other guys hugging my waist?
Do you wanna see other guys holding my hands dancing on the dance floor?
I know you are not that cold blooded. XD
Thank you darling,I know your answer.



Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Moral GRRAR!

Currently using Kalye's laptop onlining.
My tummy's getting odd these days,sometimes full sometimes hungry.
How good if I have a never-get-fat stomach,then I can eat as much as I like AHAHA!!

Moral nota & latihan's killing me.
I did not received all the mails & I'm very 'lack' of the latihan.
Sheath what should I do?
Will be having Dr.Fong's class tonight,will have to be extra concentrate as I was absent last week.
Aww hopefully I am able to catch up his lesson tonight,without getting sleepy.
That's all for now,



Monday, July 19, 2010

Sorry :(

Sorry Rach,thanks for understanding my situation.
I really didn't mean it,I'm sorry.
Felt very bad in school,sorry Puan V,it's my fault.
I'm not being irresponsible,it's just that I didn't know it was that rushing.
Nobody has told me that as I was absent for 3 days due to my sickness.
Thanks for giving me more time & once again,


We met after school,teehee :D
He treated me in Secret Recipe.
We had ordered a Pecan don't know what,chicken bolognese,orange juice & oreo milk shake.
*my maid cooks better spaghetti

Thanks for the treat dear,muackss!
That goes my day,enjoyed the time being with him.
Oh yea,the dogs in DPC's pet shop had all gone.
All been sold I guess.
I miss them,especially the fluffy ones with pink ears :'(


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Grandpa's 80th birthday ♥

Celebrated grandpa's 80th birthday today at a restaurant in Puchong.
Uncle David had booked a mini room which had 3 tables inside.
Erm...The room was quite hot. :S
Anyway,I did enjoyed the food,10 different dishes oh.^^
My attitude became small these days,I guess it's the fever's fault.
Eat a little but my tummy will become very full,awww so bad!
I wanna eat more!

Took lotza pics wahaha. :D
Let's take a look.

*outfit of the day*


Hopefully grandpa enjoyed his day today.
Saw him smiled a lot just now owh.^^
Just took my shower.
AIKS,tomorrow's Monday.

Hate it :X

Alright,that's all for now.
Sleep early people,sweet dreams.