Saturday, July 10, 2010

Crazy night at Daorae❤

Enjoyed our dinner at daorae a lot & the food was superb.
I miss Bim Bim Bap & kimchi soup!
Aww...Gonna get back to Daorae next time.
The tauke is a very nice person.
Although we had communicate problems as he's not speaking very well in English & I'm not a speaking korean person so we were like...
Erm,hard to express ourselves.
Hahah,we even took a pic! :D
They said that he looks like my father.
Hooi,my dad is a big fatty la. XD
There were 11 of us,yeah I think so.
Chai,Kalye,potato,KT,Cat,yanting,Meri,Emily,Wendy,Kokkuan & mey.
Took lotza crazy pics.
We even drank the Korean wine,烧酒.
The alcohol percent's 19++.
Was kinda dizzy after drinking it a little,tasted kinda odd. :I
Pics time!❤

OMG,upload until my hand crazy. =o=
We had a crazy night,& we had lotza fun!
Hopefully we will be having these kind of outing next time.^^
Up next,I went to listen the undang thingy with Emily,Xueren,Joey,Meri,Karyee,Chris & Songyuan today.
It was dam boring & I almost fell asleep for many times.
Xueren & I were sitting at the back row.
My head keep knocking on the wall behind. Pain pain. :'(
The lecturer is a Malay.
Sometimes,we don't understand what he was talking about but the other Malay people keep on laughing at them.
Yes he's quite humerous,but the Malay girls were laughing at every single thing the lecturer said.
Hahah,maybe they were very funny but we don;t understand them.
Had our lunch at Old Town.
Had to rush cuz the breaktime given was short.
Bubble gum saved my life!
I was about to ZZZ & it appeared.
Twing~ I stayed awake until the class ends.
Hahah,thank you Xueren! XD
Took pics too,crazy ones.

Were playing with the bubble gum.

Spot my teeth?

Sapos. XD

Attended my half-an-hour art class,aiks. :X
Oh yea,Chris's Saga!
Made fun with his future Saga just now,that was my grandma's era type of Saga.
Sorry Chris,we didn't mean it. Blek. XD
I stink,haven't take my shower yet cuz I can't wait to upload the pics.
Hahah,shower time~
Gonna enjoy the warm water & play with the water soon.
Ciaoz people❤
Oh yea,I am going to have a durian feast tomorrow at PD!


I promise to love you forever,every single day of forever.

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