Thursday, July 22, 2010

McD Love

We have been to McD together many times.
And again,the same journey will be started very soon
Was chatting with Puan Wong during Sejarah class as Puan Jayanthi was absent.
Her stomach is now super BIG & round!
Just like a watermelon!
I thought that she's going to give birth but I was wrong. :X
She still have to wait for one month plus only can see her baby girl.
I felt sorry to see her walking & teaching in school.
It's suffering & tiring.

Puan Wong,gambadeh oh!

Mr.Christopher,a new teacher in our school came in during Sejarah period.
Hmm,tall & not bad looking.
Anyway,Sharon & Carmen's reaction were so funny!
Had a facial treatment before bed last night.
Not bad.


*sheath i'm still having porridge & milk*

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