Monday, July 19, 2010

Sorry :(

Sorry Rach,thanks for understanding my situation.
I really didn't mean it,I'm sorry.
Felt very bad in school,sorry Puan V,it's my fault.
I'm not being irresponsible,it's just that I didn't know it was that rushing.
Nobody has told me that as I was absent for 3 days due to my sickness.
Thanks for giving me more time & once again,


We met after school,teehee :D
He treated me in Secret Recipe.
We had ordered a Pecan don't know what,chicken bolognese,orange juice & oreo milk shake.
*my maid cooks better spaghetti

Thanks for the treat dear,muackss!
That goes my day,enjoyed the time being with him.
Oh yea,the dogs in DPC's pet shop had all gone.
All been sold I guess.
I miss them,especially the fluffy ones with pink ears :'(


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