Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bye Mango Tree :'(

Went to Tesco last night.
That was the first time I've been there.
Smaller than I thought but bigger than what dad had described.

My house's mango tree has been chopped this morning.
Sadly to say,it's gone. :'(
When it was still healthy,it produced mangoes for us to eat.
After a few years,it started to become old & weak.
It did not produce anymore mangoes & it was dying.
Poor tree,I will miss you.

When I was still still a little girl,there used to be some big tall trees beside my house.
My house was windy & shady under the tall trees.
But they were being chopped too.
I loved the trees cuz they made my house cool.
Suddenly,I realised that trees are really important.
Mango tree,may you rest in peace.


Bye bye. :'(

It's beautiful isn't it?

Meet my dog -- Jackee Choo.

Poor little thing,sad to see the mango tree beside him being chopped.


Not forget to camwhore.

I felt sorry for the tree,seriously.
But I can do nothing to save it.
It has to be dead to escape itself from continue suffering.
Bye,mango tree.


Nightie night folks,xoxo♥

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