Saturday, July 3, 2010

Back up plan's awsome! :D

Had my day busy today.
Attended BM class at 9am then continued with art class at 10.30am.
After that,we went to 1U for a date.^^
'The back up plan' was awsome,but there's something quite disgusting...
There's a single mother who shouts & screams like a whale when she's giving birth in the water?
Yes,whale,that's my thought.
Really,it was creepy!
At one moment,I really couldn't stand it & I went hugging my head.
Oh my God,that was terrifying. =.=
Anyway,it's still a very nice & sweet movie,meaningful.

The back up plan

Had Pizza for our lunch.
Guess what,each of us took 5 pieces of pizza! XD
He keep on adding cheese powder like a mad person.
Hahah! We both love cheese! X)

Outfit of the day.

Wai sek pig~

Meet Steph's Mr.right.

Naughty boy =.=

Us against the world.

Kiss kiss.^^

A little gift from me to him,our thing. :)
He holds my hands when I was shivering in the cinema,I miss his temperature & breathe.
Had great moments with him,I am very happy today.
Hopefully both of us will feel the same way too.^^

Argentina VS Germany!
I support Argentine!! Go goal!!!

Fall in love with this little thingy,heh :D

Isn't it cute?

Nites folks,enjoy Sunday.


You're the best damn thing which my eyes had ever seen

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