Sunday, January 31, 2010




Oh yeah,went to 1U again today.
Actually,I wish to go to Sunway Pyramid and mum said that it is too far so... :'(
Ahh,yea,I did had a BIG BIG dinner last night. XD
I will upload the pics by tomorrow.^^
Thought that I could sapu many things today but...okay okay only.
What makes me happy was -- finally,I managed to get myself a pair of flats! XP
It was a pair of dark brown flats and uhh...
I don't know how to describe it. :P
Besides,I bought a top from G&H ( ma so + very favorite ❤ ) + 2 doll stands.^^
That's all from 1U.
I wanted to buy a very beautiful roses dress from Fashion Supermarket but it's to expensive! .><.
It's dam dam dam nice,I ❤ it sooo much but mum was like,'NO.'
Heart broken. T_____T
Will upload the photo I took in the changing room by tomorrow as well. :)
Dress,I love you! X'O
Recently,I fall in ❤ with a song by One Republic -- 'all the right moves'.
It's so nice and I ❤ the MV,it's so beautiful and mystery.
Btw,I haven't done any of Miss Tang's homework yet cuz I have been going out these days so...I am dead.
Better go get one of them done right now,the 'chocolate.'
So...good night and sleep well tonight and may have a nice dream.


all the right moves is ❤

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Gotta Live Like You're Dying

Hot hot hot~!!!
Look at the sky,it's burning hot! Xo
I am now in my grandma's house near Sunway Pyramid doing blogging.
Took a kinda heavy lunch -- milk + cereals + porridge = full.
Attended 10am's art class just now.
Guess what were we doin?
Yee yup,we were doin sketching. :)
This was my first time drawing sketching a human being -- my art teacher Mr.Chin.
First,he showed us the technique on how to sketch the face included the eyes,the nose,the mouth,the hair and bla bla bla.
After that,we started to sketch him.
I spent almost 100 minutes to finish it. doens't look alike with Mr.Chin. Hahah. :P
I was his model after that,cuz he wanna show the coming students the techniques to sketch a human being.
I was like...zzzzz...=.= I wanna sleep ad...
I sat on the chair on half and hour staring at the 福 word which was pasted on the door,keep on controlling myself not to fall asleep until he finish drawing 'me'.
I asked him to give it to me after he done and he agreed. XD
Anyway,I don't think that it does relly look like me.
Nevermind,thanks Mr.Chin. :]
Happy cuz goin to have a BIG BIG meal soon! XD
I will do wht I will do as usual.
My aim -- EAT!
Muahaha!!! I just lovee this weekend.^^
Okie,that's all for now I guess.
Gonna dugest the food in my tummy faster so that I can add more food inside it.
Gambadeh stomach. XD Go go go!
Miss Tang's homework...matilah aku. T_____T
So...I will eat behalf on you and bye bye peepoo! X3


Friday, January 29, 2010

Beautiful Dreamers

The moon was beautifully hung up in the dark starry sky.
It's a round one,and a bright one.
Love seeing a full moon at night cuz it makes me feel happy.^^
Alright,what had happened in school today?
Xueren did not came to school just now.
Hopefully she will be alrught in no time. :)
Best wishes from PiG! XD
Erm...Saeda Iman and Nur Sarah were leaving school and today was their last day in school.
Saw them hanging around and chit chatting with their friends.
It's sad leaving your good friends who you know for years.
Good luck in your future and hope you'll like me and Brandy's card.
Had an interview with all teh form 3 juniors just now.
Guess what,it took us more than an hour to finish it.
It's sooooo LONG! XO
Many 'suprises' came out from them too. XD
Marching starts today.
Many newbies were trained by Maykei included my bro.
Bro yo! Go go go PPS~ Teamwork + spirit! X3
We can do it! XP
Btw,I am finally the 'special person' -- orang istimewa for PPS this year.
Hahah,happy! >w<
Guess Ting is now arrived Phuket,have a nice trip yea.^^
Yay~ Tommrow's the buffet dinner day,delighted.
I just LOVEE this weekend.
They will be great cuz -- tomorrow = buffet dinner,Sunday = 1U and finally,next Monday = attending a wedding dinner with ...
I feel great. :D
Had a small tiny little test on Chemistry at tuition class just now and...
It was okay,I think so. :s
Hopefully your computer will be fixed asap. Please don't be sad. :)
Btw,there're many of MISS TANG'S~ 'assignment' to be completed.
I wish I could spend my delighting weekend + Monday freely without any homework but that's impossible.
Homework like Gunung Everest. :s
Conducted an experiment during Chemistry period.
And Xinyan broke a white tile! XD
Don't worry honey,it's alright,chill. XP
Skipped more than a period during Physics time cuz have to get all signatures from all the AJK's for the farewell card with MiiXiao.
Feel fun. X]
Hmm...I think that's all for now.
So...Have a nice sleep and sweet dreams! :]
Ciaoz Tata.



Thursday, January 28, 2010


When 4A and B were having PJ just now,some incidents happened suddenly.
Xueren's right tight was having a cramp or muscle thorn thingy.
And she looked very painful! X(
Hopefully she feels better now. Take care ah! Xo
The other one was Karyee's case.
She was nearly fainted and her face and lips were so pale. O.O
Argh,must take good care of yourselves yea.^^
Today was a super duper hot day again.
Saw Emily's mum on 'The Star'. Beautiful! XD
Did not take my lunch today cuz wasn't feeling hungry.
It wasn't look like me,normally I will eat no matter what.
Good,it is a good sign. :D
Attended violin class just now. Quite peace.^^
Btw,teacher skipped 2 new songs and want me to continue playing the third one cuz both of the past songs aren't nice.
'Not nice at all!' That's what she said. :P
Hahah,she praised that I am pretty. XD
Hahah!!!!! She also wanna introduce me 2 handsome guys who are leaning piano from her too! XD
Hahah,I was so delighted but...
Sorry guys. O U T !
I am satisfied with what I have now.^^
Miss Tang gave us many essays today,3 of them!! XO
1 DW,1 CW and 1 erm...a printing of Califirnia's Baja thingy.
ARGH...Hopefully tomorrow will a better day,I wanna concentrate on my studies!
I just can't control my mind these days.
Hard to study + lazy to complete my homework.
I am dying... T________T
Delighted cuz having a buffet dinner this Saturday!!! It's coming! XD
Sorry honey,be guaiguai and stay at home. XP
Daddy's listening to Chinese New Year's songs.
It's still 2 - 3 weeks to go on and he's listening them now??
'Daddy,why are you listening them so early? You won't sien listening now until the Chinese New Year arrives meh??'
'No la,where got?'
=.= As he like. :p
I couldn't find a white abit high heels...Hopefully I managed to get one for myself before next Monday.
Pet society is having a problem again. GRRR... >.<
Okay,I think that's all for now.
Best wishes to my friends -- snowgirl + CarE.
Will & DO miss you.
I want Fillet-o-fish! X3
Buoibuoi and good night.^^



Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Top Fan

Well,I guess I am the biggest fan of hairbands.
I just ❤ Hairbands.
I just ❤ wearing them.
I will not tired of buying new hairbands.
Err...Or I should say,'I am collecting hairbands'.
Say yeah to hairbands.


Wakaka :D

Hot day is today. HOT! XO
School was peace,however,I could not really concentrate on what the teachers were talking about.
Besides,I couldn't really see the white board clearly.
The relfection of light made the words on the white board become so blur.
Happy happy happy~ I am going to Sunway Hotel to have my buffet dinner on this Saturday~!!! XD
Oh yeah,long time didn't go ad,I can't wait to eat those yumyum there! X3
Btw,I was kinda happy cuz dad was thinking of buying more new clothes for me as mine is still not enough yet.
Yes,they are not satisfying me,not now.
Grrr...Stupig pet society again. =o=
Went back home with a friend's mother.
She said that I am thinner ad,hahah! I was so happy! XXD
Was rushing to complete Puan Haris's work before attending her class.
Err hem! I wrote an essay entitled 'Obesity' but what she want isn't an essay!
She wants the contents only!
I should have done my shower if I knew it earlier.
Nevermind. Hahah.^^
Gonna rush doing Sejarah notes and exercises later.
Have to hand them in by tomorrow.
Dinner's done but I am still full,so...later bah.^^
Oh yeah,pet society is on! XP
Hmm...I guess that's all for now.
Take care peepoo,drink more water cuz it's hot. :)



Err...Haven't done yet! XD Hahah!!!
Forgot to upload soemthing.
Hahah! I did something funny and crazy. XXD

I ♥ this the most. XD

Looks like my dad is addicted to paint my house. :s
Poor kakak. :D
Okay,that's all for now. Enjoy.^^
Tata~ Tootoo~ Teetee~ Toto~ Byebye~



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My 200th Post

Wakaka,congratz Steph! You have achieved the 200th post in your life! XD
Muahaha,I was kinda shocked cuz...How did I managed to achieve this number within months?
Err...5 months? I don't know. :s
Today is been a kinda not bad day in school.
I had my duty today and it is obviously better than Thursday.
At least I have Mii Xiao,Sweet Yee,Yen Ping here.
Besides,we have some special guests here -- Xinyan,Cat,Pearly and Ziying.^^
We had our lunch all together at the canteen and almost all of us taken 'Maggi goreng'. XD
Anyway,the maggi goreng was dam salty.
I ordered maggi goreng kurang masin but it is still very masin. =.=
I don't wanna eat you ad,so expensive. =o=
Oh my,finally,I can reopen Pet society ad! XD
However,the things this week aren't nice. The beach theme. :(
Had fun during Chemistry period.
We were conducting an experiment and some of us even made 'Water festival'. XD
Err...It was like this.
We need to fill in the water into the pippette until we get the reading of 50.
So,when I was ( P.S. I was the first water festival creater ) filling the water into the pippette,suddenly the water 'fly' out ( splash lah =.='' ) and it was like raining! XD
It was so FUN! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!! XXD
Look,if the speed of the pippette to be filled fully with water is very fast ( means if the water is coming out from the pipe at a high speed ),the water will fly out cuz the pippete is under a high pressure as the head of the pipe was enclosed with the opening of the pippete.
Get it?? :D
Wakaka,after that,Shanhoe,Shahrul and Xinyan made water festival too! XD
I was so happy,hahah! XP
I wanna play it again this Friday. C:
Shahrul was acting like Mr.Yap again today.
He even went out from the class and see Miss Tang with his pants high up.
=.= No eye see.
Okay,I am being the AJK Sivik suddenly.
I had never been any AJK subjects before,err...I did. Once as AJK PJ.
Searching for white shoe shoe,slightly high will do.
C'mon peepoo,tell me if you have one! X)
Had lotsa fun at school today,love it.
Hopefully tomorrow will be the same too.^^
That's all for now.
Happy 200th post.
So...TaTa peepoo,sleep well tonight.



Monday, January 25, 2010


Great,I am feeling sleepy.
Went to Kalye's house just now,to do some buisness. :D Thanks dear!❤
S L E E P Y ~ Feel like wanna sleep all the time,but my hair isn't dry. :(
I think I better get onto my bed earlier tonight.
Ate a plate of chicken rice + bavarian ( YUM~❤ ).
Alright,we are done with our first intervensi,moral.
Err...Okay...Puan Thillai should tell us that we have to memories bidang 5 also...
Anyway,hopefully my answers will be correct as I tembak the nilai 'menghormati hak pengguna' or actually 'melindungi hak pengguna'.
I think I wrote the wrong thing. :s
Stupig pet society again. :(
What games can I play?? Mngh mngh,who knows.
Violin? Lazy.
Tuition homework? Walao,not today.
Dinner? Not prepared.
Sleep? Hair isn't completely dried up.
Pc? Nothing to do except blogging.
Oh yea! Goody Books! XD I am going to finish the novel later.
The author is Low Kay Hua,a famous Singapore novelist. The book,'I believe'.
By the way,took an super duper ugly photo in class just now.
I should not act like Bruce Lee. =.= It's too lateee!!! XO
Mee,please kindly delete it,please~ X'( brother is bathing with his phone in the toilet.
I mean...he is listening to 'fireflies' when he is bathing in the toilet.
He is still inside the toilet. :P Hahah. XXD
I wish that...I am inside a shopping mall now,eating yumyum cheesy cake + any chocolate cocoa drinks + taking stupig and funny pics + buying clothes + SHOES! + Pet's world. :D I miss the Golden Retriever! X3
Talk about dogs...I said that I am going to raise BIG BIG dogs right?
Okay. I am going to pick BIG BIg one right now.

First choice -- Bernice Mountain Dog ( CUUTTTEEEE!!!!!❤ )

Second choice -- Labrador ( Handsome ❤ )

Third choice -- Golden Retriever ( one of my favorite ❤ )

Forth choice -- English Sheepdog ( Dam fluffy! ❤ )

Fifth choice -- Chowchow ( I'm ❤in it! XP )

Okay lah,enough lah. I am just dreaming only.
Dinner~~~ Where are you~~~
Okay,that's all for now.^^ Grrarr! Hahah!!! XD
Looking forward for the coming Monday. :)
Buoi buoi tata.


I heart my hair ❤

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Rush Rush Rush

Okay...I just been told that we -- PBSM need a banner for the exhibition next week.
Means tomorrow! Xo
What am I going to do within hours...?
Nevermind,I will try my best to finish it with my pals. :)
Attending my replacement art class at 10 later.
After that,I am going to buy some materials for the banners we are going to make later and...
They are coming around 1++.
Have to rush,rush,rush.
Summore...I haven't memories all the nilai yet...
Luckily there are only 3 bidangs coming out.
- 2 structures + 1 essay
GRRR...stupig pet society.
Hopefully today will be a great rushing day which I will enjoy it much.^^
Kaye,that's all for now.

P.S. I slept with my phone turned on last night and...
It was 'lying' beside my... T__________T
Hoprfully nothing will happen to me.

Gtg for my breakfast.



❤ ❤ ❤


❤ ❤ ❤

Saturday, January 23, 2010

ɝɣǭƚ ❤

..::`` SPREAD THE LOVE ``::..

Forgot to 'spread',sorry! XP
Spread the love Spread the love
Spread the love

A cat died in front of my house.
Err…It’s actually in the drain outside my house.
Granny said,
‘It might have been in a car accident.’
I feel sorry for the cat meow.
Rest in peace,cat.

Thanks for my maid.
She helped us to ‘clean’ the cat.
She even VOMIT in front of my house…
Cuz she cannot tahan the smell…
The meow died for 2 days ad.
Although she was wearing 2 layers of mask but still…
Sorry kakak.

Last night,
I was out of toothpaste.
So I went to mummy’s toitoi and…
I saw 2 Catties!!!
I was looking at them with a ‘going to scream’ BIG mouth &
They were looking at me with pairs of BIG eyes.
I went down and shouted at my mum.
‘Mummy! Cats in your toitoi!’
‘Huh! Cats again??!’
‘YEA!! I was so shocked you know!’
‘Your daddy lah!
He sure opened the window again!’

Dum dum dum
( footsteps )

When we were upstairs,
They were gone.
They do leave ‘something’ on my mum’s jeans.
Bad Cat!

Great,someone is scared of dogs.
I will burst into laugh when I think of it.

I don’t care.
I am going to raise BIG BIG dogs.
Shout lah,scream lah.

Gotta go.
Will pray for you meow.

Bye peepoo.
❤ You all


Buakaka Muahaha

Attended the earliest art class today at 10am.
There were only 5 of us including me plus -- a form 3 girl,a 11 years old girl and 2 little naughter fellas.
The 2 minkeys were very very dam noisy and they keep on laughing like they never laughed before.
I don't know what were they laughing for,but what's so funny?
Mr.Chin had warned them and scolded them for many times but they were still laughing like they never did before.
Anyway,they are cute! XD
There are some funny incidences I would like to share.
Muahaha,when Mr.Chin was doing something,he left his cupboard opened.
Then,they took some of his things and they even played with them. O.O
Walao,stupid question from Facebook.
Erm...Continue. :D
When teacher saw them touching and playing with his things,he was mad and scolded them.
He said,'How could you guys took my things without my permission?'
Then suddenly,one of the monkey said,'What is "PERMISSION"?'
How cute is he!!! XD
I was laughing and wanted to burst ad,so CUTEE! XDD
Then another monkey said,'"PERMISSION",is either he let you do or don't.'
Hahah!!!!!!!!! So funny! XD
Other incidences...Forgotten,buahaha. :P
Thristy lah...:s
After that,I went to school for some thingy after taking my shower.
The afternoon was HHOOOTTTT.
I was like...taking the second shower. =.=
I 'ran' to the school cuz...My mum was stucked in a BIG traffic jam.
And that's not fun,I had to walked + ran under the hot sun with a small thin umbrella.
Rihanna,please borrow me your umbrella next time. XD
Erm...Please try on tomatoes + Sunsweet prunes,not bad. :)
Okay,gtg,dinner's seducing me.
Buoi-buoi peopoo!!!



Moo~ I'm the dragon.

Friday, January 22, 2010


It's Friday and I ♥ it!!!!!!
I'm coming Tooth Fairy. :D
Have a nice day and err...
Buoi-buoi~ ^^


Thursday, January 21, 2010

I ♥ To Sleep

Muahaha,I can sleep well from today onwards! XD
Since I am not taking Chinese,so I am not going to school tomorrow.
Wishing all of you luck! Will pray hard for you guys! X3
So...I am free tomorrow.^^
No,I am not. I am booked. :)
Argh...I am FULL.
I was dam dam hungry just now so I ate a small bowl of rice,but a BIG HUGE LARGE XXXL plate of dee err....lauk-pauk. XD
My pig stomach is bloated ad. XP
Wakaka,I was very high when I was doing Maths paper just now.
I finishes it quite fast but I was worried cuz many people are still doing and looking at their papers but me...
I did it with a fast speed,my writings were...erm...not that tody and I am still wondering why...
Maybe I wanna get back home and have a nice sleep? :D
I did have a nice sleep,I slept at 2 after I ate my lunch after coming back from school.
I did not bath when I get onto my bed. XD
I slept after finish doing Maths.
When the bell rang,I woke up like...
My hair was messy and my fringe was covering my face and my eyesight and...
I could not open my eyes. =.=
I need to sleep. That's all. :D
Paiseh lah,when I woke up with my hair messy and my face like... =.=
'What's the time now? Exam over?'
Wakaka,muahaha,still quite high.
Hmm...Okay,that's all for now.

I wish all my taking Chinese friends GOOD LUCK and ALL THE BEST tomorrow! X3
I will miss you de,don't worry. - to my darling vege Yeowxin♥

Okaee,byebye. :)



Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Biology + Maths


P.S. can take a rest after tomorrow. :D

Hungry. :(



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Monday, January 18, 2010

First Day Exam

Good luck people. :)


Missing you.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Believe

Happiness and sadness are not caused by your surroundings. They’re caused by your thinking.

- Low Kay Hwa -


'I miss you'


Great,tomorrow's the exam and I am still playing blogging here.
I just done wirh the stuoid Physics! XD
Continue with the boring Sejarah later,take a rest first.^^
Tomorrow's exam,so...
Wishing everyone goodluck and all the best. :D
That's all.



Saturday, January 16, 2010

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain.
The sky is very sad so it cries to express itself.
Hopefully this rain will be stopped very soon,it makes me feel scared.
The wind is blowing and it produces sound when it meets obstacles such as trees and when it hits onto my window.
I am onlining.
Please don't dc.
Thank you.

P.S. I miss you.





Friday, January 15, 2010


Feeling dizzy but it's turning better now,after I ate my dinner.
Dizzy. ==
I slept with my hair 3/4 wet and after I got up,dizzy.
I won't do that to myself again,never.


Missing text

What I Need Is Time

Time time,I need you badly.
Please run slower so that I can catch you.
Okay,this is my plan.
I will start revising Physics today and hopefully I can finish 2 chapters.
Good luck Steph! X)
Hahah,something happened to me when I was bathing just now.
My specs dropped on the floor accidentally and one of the lens came out from the frame ad. Xo
I was trying to fix it but I can't.
Anyway,I did managed to SAVE it from it's death.
Walao eh,boring lah.
Today's Yenping's brithday,Happy sweet seventeen to her. :) *claps*
Okay,I think I better go for revision...
So...bye people,take care. :) :)
Erm...remember to study. XD


buoi buoi.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I Don't Know

I don't know. I don't know what am I doing right now.
I wonder.
I feel weird these days,about me myself? Yeah...myself.
I am always confusing on what I am doing and what I am thinking.
This is not good,cuz it makes me feel sad and moody.
I can't explain what had happened these days,I forget.
But sometimes,I do feel very lonely,cuz I can seldom talk to my loved ones,my friends...All of us are busy.
I don't know what happened to me,I am becoming very emo these days.
Stomachache everyday.
My friend said,if a person has stress,the person will get stomachache like mine.
I have stress? Hahah,stop kidding me.
Stress is a part of life.
We can't escape it but we can learn how to manage it.
That's very true.
Okay,that's all for now.
Good luck for the coming exam friends.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Get Off Crazy

It's been crazy days from yesterday night and a little bit of today.
It's alright,I know it will be.
Oh owh,someone is going to work tomorrow,all the best for the first day working darlin!
Moody may be the perfect word to describe me now.
Homework like mountains.
Anyway,I know that I sure can get through it. :)
Gambadeh dear! XD
Puan Haris's class was very packed just now.
All of us sat like we're having a picnic in a small room.
And then...something happened to me in Facebook just now...
Stupid JERK,get out from my sight!!!!!!
Don't you ever come and find me again,I will chop off your tut! XO
I dare you!
Trust me,he,is a wolf.
Hopefully my lisan tomorrow will be fine,hopefully everything is fine tomorrow.
Hahah,I spoiled my lisan just now...Luckily the bell rang and it saved me!
Thanks bell bell! X3
Actually,I dod prepared the lisan,but I was too nervous until I forgot what is the first word in the first paragraph.
Hah,embarrased. -=.=-
Okay,that's all for now.
Take care people.
I love you.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

According To Him

But according to him,
I am beautiful,incredible,
He can't get me out of his head.
According to him,
I am funny,irresistible,
Everything he ever wanted.
Everything is eversence.
I don't feel like stopping it,
So baby tell me what I got to lose,
He's into me for everything I'm not,
According to you.


Love ya babe


Yes. She dreamt a scary dream.
She dreams that she had been stung by something odd and her eyes turned red.
The whole story was long but I don;t wanna repeat saying it.
I was inside the dream too. Scary. :s
Don't be scared Yeowxin,it will be alright.
Get into your bed tonight earlier! Xo
My pc is lag,and I am wondering why,
Opps! I forget that I am still having my diner just now,hahah,be right back.
Stay tuned.


Hi~ I am back. XD
Pak,pak (my tummy),ahh,full.^^
Wakaka,I am satisfied cuz I had 'done' my tuition homework! XD
Having 2 and a half hour tuition class later,lazieeeeeeeee.=o=
Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. Yes it will. :)
Listento these songs,love them much.
- Orianthi's according to you
- Owl city's fireflies
Haven't started my revision yet,not even one.
I better do something before it is too late.
Okay,that's all for now.
Good luck people,smile more.


For U

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hahah,I don't know why,I am being very high today. XD
The way I talk,the way I walk,the way I do things,wahaha,I do them happily.
I had Dierrhea this morning before I went to school.
My stomach was very pain until I 'rolled' on my bed and on the kitchen's chair.
I woke my mum up and she gave me some pills to eat.
She helped me to put on some oilment too.
Thanks mum.
I do feel much more better after that. :)
I thought I will have the chance to see our new principal today during the assembly.
But no. :s
Homework + homework + homework.
How am I going to start my revision?
I am scared. Although the exam will only last for 8 days,and all the questions will be asked within 1 and a half hours.
But I am still nervous and scared.
Hopefully I can do better this time.
Goodluck Steph! X3


Muackss! X)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hahah,sore throat -> running nose -> running nose + running throat = cough. ==
My brothers overnight at Aunty Winnie's house last night so...
Muahaha,this is the best time for me to play! XD
Okay...I think I have flamp in my throat...T_______T
I hate coughing...T_______T
Hmm...what to blog...
Mum's at office now,don't know what training.
Good luck in your undang test Darling! XD
I am waiting for you to fetch me de! Hahah!!! XP
My breakfast was...2 pieces of pandan cakes (yumyum) plus a plate of porridge.
Okay,I can hardly breathe well cuz the mucus is blocking my nose + throat.
ARGH...suffering. :s
Don't be sad cuz you did not made it,almost.
I am sorry to hear about that but you sure can do it next time. :)
I have faith in you.
ARGH...stupid mucus!!! Stay away from my nose! XO
Okay,that's all for now.
Bye bye.^^


Gambadeh dear!

Saturday, January 9, 2010


A lot of homework. Bio,Chem,Phys,MM,Sej...Bla bla bla.
I am doing my best and try to finish them by today but...I think I still need more time to finish all of them.
Just came back from art class. I did not do it well. :(
I was rushing to make it done,it's my problem,my speed problem.
I have to make it right,I will change and be better. :)
Went to school in the morning for PBSM stuffs,after that,me,Yeowxin and Kalye went to Wenting's house to eat something,it was my second breakfast. XD
We were having fun eating and chatting~ and stuffs. :D
What will I going to do later...I wonder.
I wish to watch Diamond clob in Astro or any movies,they will do.
No no no,I wish to watch 'Did you heard about the Morgans?'.
I think it's funny and romantic. I don't know.^^
Lalala,exam's coming very soon,too sudden!
I was shocked like...a hard rock when I know that it is on next next MONDAY!!!
ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I wanna scream!!!!! I did not prepare anything,nothing,totally zero.
Finally! I get that purple doll in Pet Society!!! XD
Muahaha!! I am so so happy! X3Mum's going back to office again tomorrow...
Actually,I wish to go to the market and have our breakfast together tomorrow morning and maybe a little bit of shopping will do but...I don't think so.
Nevermind,I will stay at home and relax myself,my body my brain and my bones.
Today has been a very positive day of mine,quite happy.^^
Anyway,I really hope that I am going out later.
I don't wanna stay at home...
Okay,that's all for now.
Choochoo!!! Gambedeh and Hwaiting! I will always support you til the end! XD
Jiayou jiayou! X]
Bye people,toodles.


smile :)

Friday, January 8, 2010


I am having a kinda serious running nose now,and I wonder why.
My nose was great yesterday but today,definitely not.
Having sore throat yesterday,cured today and another thing pooped out.
Tissues everywhere,on the table and on the floor.
My God...Have to go to school tomorrow,PBSM thingy.
I wanna sleep. T__________T
Going tuition soon,gonna stay there til 10 later.
Okay...I am bringing a roll of tissues so I can use it whenever I want.
Homeworks...I will finish all of you by tomorrow!
I hope I can make it,I hope so.
Help me,my nose...Throat a little bit.
I guess my inner body is hot.
Thanks for the vitamin C.
Okay,bye people.


Shoe! Running nose.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fart King Part II

I will find your book! At least one! For sure!
Okay,back to the show.
He farted again,in the class when we were having Sejarah class. DAM smelly.
Even YewJoe & Suren ran away from their seats. =o=
YeowXin & I were covering our nose like...Oh my,can he stop polluting the air?
If I am one the government,I will fine him one million US dollar for sure.
HMPH!!! Air polluter! >M<
By the way...Puan Jayanthi teaches very fast,dam FAST.
I cannot follow what she was teaching cuz I can't find where she was.
I hope that I can catch up with her one day. :)
Okay,that's all for now.
Zhuzhu,gambadeh! XD
Go gogo! X3



Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Fart King

Hr farted many times today in the classroom. =.=
He's making air pollution.
Alright...He did funny and silly things just now,ewww!
Hopefully he will recover from his Diarrhea soon,stop polluting the air for our sake.
Ali so much gato.
I woke up late this morning,half an hour late.
I just can't wake myself up until my kakak shouted and screamed at me.
I will sleep early tonight,I was yawning the whole day. T______T
Okay...add maths is tough. I don't know how to do.
Anyway,I will try my best to understand them.
Maybe still not good but at least,I did my best to pay attention and try to solve the questions.
The day is hot,HOT like siew g!!!
Okay,that's all for now.
Bye. :)


Hopefully tomorrow will be another great day of mine.^^

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


We get our new books today,the second day after school reopened.
Everything is back to normal,except the classroom,the teachers,and form 5's tougher lessons.
Hopefully I will still be alive...
I am kinda hungry,did not ate much just now.
M&N + a piece of cake = lunch.
It's almost seven now,and it's still raining out there.
Having tuition later,keep on yawning when I was in the classroom.
Wondering why.
Hopefully I will understand what Mr.Fong teach later,gambadeh!!! X3
Benzhu,jiayou!!! XD
Gotta go,bye people.


Sunday, January 3, 2010

I'm Comin Back

School is reopen tomorrow.
I haven't prepare anything yet,cuz I don't know what to prepare.
This so called 'long-term' holiday is so short,even my mum said so.
Hopefully this new year will be a great and lucky year for me. :)
A friend of grandpa came just now. It's a she.
She came from Shanghai and we talked a lot.
She loves to smile and her voice is very nice.^^
And now,she went back to grandpa's house after having our dinner together just now.
She's going back to Shanghai this coming Friday,I will miss her.^^
P.S. our names are quite alike. :D
She added me in Facebook and MSN also. We still can contact each other often.^^
Take care,sis.
Attended tofay's art class cuz I skipped the class yesterday.
I spent 3 hours to finish the paint,it's long enough.
I did not have the mood to paint today,I spent a lot of time on drawing and sketching.
The teacher is a new one,so I feel like...
He keep on looking at my paint so I feel pressure.
Usually,I will paint the people first,background last.
But this teacher's style is opposite with mine,so I feel kinda weird when I was painting it.
Anyway,I did finished it quite okay... :D
Okay,that's all for now.
Nothing special.
Duh...stupid bro. Shut up.
Gotta go,good night.
Have a nice school reopening tomorrow.


P.S. goodluck Steph! Have a great form 5! XD

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Opps...I uploaded the wrong video so...hahah! This is the one! X3

Bye people.^^


Here It Comes

She'll be back,she will be back from China tomorrow. Missed her alot,I wonder how does her hair look like.^^ School is reopen very soon,2 days of holidays left,I wonder who will be our next new principal. Forgot to upload something in my blog last night. Hahah. :P We were in Nicchi. When we were choosing,trying on,walking around,chatting laughing around in the shop,suddenly...We saw something. O.O It was a real Ah gua. 'She' was wearing a very deep V dress which shows 'her' real least B cup. Her face is still kinda man-like,and 'her' voice ( I don't know what word can I use for 'him','her'? ) is still a man's voice. She is tall,slim,have a pair of nice pretty legs. ( Prettier than mine! Xo ) 'She',keep on looking into the mirror,playing aroung with 'her' long long hair,having make up on her face... She walks in a very lady-like style,the way she move and talk,impressive. She even tried on some clothes in front of everybody,without taking off her dress lah. :O Ouch,stomachache. >.< We keep on looking at her without 'her' noticing us. We were acting like we were not looking at her but chatting around only. My dad is so bad,when they passed by each other,I was impressed cuz dad was not having any expressions on his face,he was quite neutral. However,when he came infront of us - my bro and I,he burst into laugh immediately,a very loud one,then we were all laughing together,I was telling him not to be so bad but we were still laughing together like crazy people. XD I am sorry,Miss. :S After shopping until 2pm ++,all of us were tired and hungry so we went to 'Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room' to have our lunch. I ordered 'Pork noodle in swt sauce' -- Zha jiang mian in Chinese plus a nbig cup of vanilla + chocolate + caramel ice blender. I loveee the dessert,the 'Mango ice' ( forgotten what's the name ad ) XD. I even 'drank' the ice. Wakaka! XD I still cannot manage to get myself a pair of flats. Sad. :( I saw a pair of flats,it's very nice with plain bright dark blue skin,it looks like pair of ballet shoes. However,the bottom of the shoe has no 'stripes' so I scared that I will fell down when I am walking. It's really nice,I swear. I went to many shops selling flats but,neh,OUT! But when I saw something I like,oh owh,I have to say byebye. I am going home tonight,skpiied my art class so have to attend it tomorrow at 10am. I am so gonna miss this holiday,although it's short,for me. Pics taken everywhere we had been through. On the way to Genting. Eating time~ My bear and I. Beautiful scene. Old London style telephone booth. Spiderman flying coaster. Scary. London too too bus! XD Me before playing Slycrone. FUN! Tee hee. :) Wee~ Done with our first game.^^ Mary go round. Mi-2,Xian Zong,Ying. Xian Cherng. ( Where am I? ) He's sitting on a cock. == I was dam scared... It's the 360 degree turning! The Corkscrew! After getting ourselves out from Corkscrew,FUN! ( dizzy ) It's cold~~~ Mist. Chocolate land! Beryls' Great shots here. The process of chocolate making. Pretty teapot. BIG chocolate bars. Tic tac tic tac. Choco clock. It's cute and pretty. X3 Me in the whale. My mother and I. Dinner time in the second night. My first dish -- nyonya dish. Western food the second. Starry~ Ipoh Hor Fun the third. The Coffee Terrace. Sushi~! XD Dim sum. Dessert! XD Ouch...stomachache...>.< Ice-cream + chocolate fauntain. The last dish,fruits. Tee hee...makan makan! X3 We Girls! Me and my family. :) Mama's papa and mama. Mi-2,Ying,grandpa,grandma,fat wei,aunt Jenny White white face. All of us. :D Beautiful decorations in First World Hotel. Bear bear and Sheepy. Berry,sheepy,piggy and phantphant Happy 2010! XD Before After My lunch yesterday -- pork noodle with swt sauce. Enjoying our lunch. Mango dessert and I. *nice mango* Nice deco outside Sunway Pyramid. Cute Hello kitty~ ^^ Oh yea,I bought one bolster cover,a Hello Kitty bolster cover! X) Finally,the very last video of 2009.

Hopefully this new year will lead me to a better future.^^
Take care,goodbye.