Friday, January 29, 2010

Beautiful Dreamers

The moon was beautifully hung up in the dark starry sky.
It's a round one,and a bright one.
Love seeing a full moon at night cuz it makes me feel happy.^^
Alright,what had happened in school today?
Xueren did not came to school just now.
Hopefully she will be alrught in no time. :)
Best wishes from PiG! XD
Erm...Saeda Iman and Nur Sarah were leaving school and today was their last day in school.
Saw them hanging around and chit chatting with their friends.
It's sad leaving your good friends who you know for years.
Good luck in your future and hope you'll like me and Brandy's card.
Had an interview with all teh form 3 juniors just now.
Guess what,it took us more than an hour to finish it.
It's sooooo LONG! XO
Many 'suprises' came out from them too. XD
Marching starts today.
Many newbies were trained by Maykei included my bro.
Bro yo! Go go go PPS~ Teamwork + spirit! X3
We can do it! XP
Btw,I am finally the 'special person' -- orang istimewa for PPS this year.
Hahah,happy! >w<
Guess Ting is now arrived Phuket,have a nice trip yea.^^
Yay~ Tommrow's the buffet dinner day,delighted.
I just LOVEE this weekend.
They will be great cuz -- tomorrow = buffet dinner,Sunday = 1U and finally,next Monday = attending a wedding dinner with ...
I feel great. :D
Had a small tiny little test on Chemistry at tuition class just now and...
It was okay,I think so. :s
Hopefully your computer will be fixed asap. Please don't be sad. :)
Btw,there're many of MISS TANG'S~ 'assignment' to be completed.
I wish I could spend my delighting weekend + Monday freely without any homework but that's impossible.
Homework like Gunung Everest. :s
Conducted an experiment during Chemistry period.
And Xinyan broke a white tile! XD
Don't worry honey,it's alright,chill. XP
Skipped more than a period during Physics time cuz have to get all signatures from all the AJK's for the farewell card with MiiXiao.
Feel fun. X]
Hmm...I think that's all for now.
So...Have a nice sleep and sweet dreams! :]
Ciaoz Tata.



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