Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hahah,sore throat -> running nose -> running nose + running throat = cough. ==
My brothers overnight at Aunty Winnie's house last night so...
Muahaha,this is the best time for me to play! XD
Okay...I think I have flamp in my throat...T_______T
I hate coughing...T_______T
Hmm...what to blog...
Mum's at office now,don't know what training.
Good luck in your undang test Darling! XD
I am waiting for you to fetch me de! Hahah!!! XP
My breakfast was...2 pieces of pandan cakes (yumyum) plus a plate of porridge.
Okay,I can hardly breathe well cuz the mucus is blocking my nose + throat.
ARGH...suffering. :s
Don't be sad cuz you did not made it,almost.
I am sorry to hear about that but you sure can do it next time. :)
I have faith in you.
ARGH...stupid mucus!!! Stay away from my nose! XO
Okay,that's all for now.
Bye bye.^^


Gambadeh dear!

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