Monday, January 11, 2010


Hahah,I don't know why,I am being very high today. XD
The way I talk,the way I walk,the way I do things,wahaha,I do them happily.
I had Dierrhea this morning before I went to school.
My stomach was very pain until I 'rolled' on my bed and on the kitchen's chair.
I woke my mum up and she gave me some pills to eat.
She helped me to put on some oilment too.
Thanks mum.
I do feel much more better after that. :)
I thought I will have the chance to see our new principal today during the assembly.
But no. :s
Homework + homework + homework.
How am I going to start my revision?
I am scared. Although the exam will only last for 8 days,and all the questions will be asked within 1 and a half hours.
But I am still nervous and scared.
Hopefully I can do better this time.
Goodluck Steph! X3


Muackss! X)

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