Saturday, January 9, 2010


A lot of homework. Bio,Chem,Phys,MM,Sej...Bla bla bla.
I am doing my best and try to finish them by today but...I think I still need more time to finish all of them.
Just came back from art class. I did not do it well. :(
I was rushing to make it done,it's my problem,my speed problem.
I have to make it right,I will change and be better. :)
Went to school in the morning for PBSM stuffs,after that,me,Yeowxin and Kalye went to Wenting's house to eat something,it was my second breakfast. XD
We were having fun eating and chatting~ and stuffs. :D
What will I going to do later...I wonder.
I wish to watch Diamond clob in Astro or any movies,they will do.
No no no,I wish to watch 'Did you heard about the Morgans?'.
I think it's funny and romantic. I don't know.^^
Lalala,exam's coming very soon,too sudden!
I was shocked like...a hard rock when I know that it is on next next MONDAY!!!
ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! I wanna scream!!!!! I did not prepare anything,nothing,totally zero.
Finally! I get that purple doll in Pet Society!!! XD
Muahaha!! I am so so happy! X3Mum's going back to office again tomorrow...
Actually,I wish to go to the market and have our breakfast together tomorrow morning and maybe a little bit of shopping will do but...I don't think so.
Nevermind,I will stay at home and relax myself,my body my brain and my bones.
Today has been a very positive day of mine,quite happy.^^
Anyway,I really hope that I am going out later.
I don't wanna stay at home...
Okay,that's all for now.
Choochoo!!! Gambedeh and Hwaiting! I will always support you til the end! XD
Jiayou jiayou! X]
Bye people,toodles.


smile :)

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