Friday, January 8, 2010


I am having a kinda serious running nose now,and I wonder why.
My nose was great yesterday but today,definitely not.
Having sore throat yesterday,cured today and another thing pooped out.
Tissues everywhere,on the table and on the floor.
My God...Have to go to school tomorrow,PBSM thingy.
I wanna sleep. T__________T
Going tuition soon,gonna stay there til 10 later.
Okay...I am bringing a roll of tissues so I can use it whenever I want.
Homeworks...I will finish all of you by tomorrow!
I hope I can make it,I hope so.
Help me,my nose...Throat a little bit.
I guess my inner body is hot.
Thanks for the vitamin C.
Okay,bye people.


Shoe! Running nose.

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