Saturday, January 2, 2010

Here It Comes

She'll be back,she will be back from China tomorrow. Missed her alot,I wonder how does her hair look like.^^ School is reopen very soon,2 days of holidays left,I wonder who will be our next new principal. Forgot to upload something in my blog last night. Hahah. :P We were in Nicchi. When we were choosing,trying on,walking around,chatting laughing around in the shop,suddenly...We saw something. O.O It was a real Ah gua. 'She' was wearing a very deep V dress which shows 'her' real least B cup. Her face is still kinda man-like,and 'her' voice ( I don't know what word can I use for 'him','her'? ) is still a man's voice. She is tall,slim,have a pair of nice pretty legs. ( Prettier than mine! Xo ) 'She',keep on looking into the mirror,playing aroung with 'her' long long hair,having make up on her face... She walks in a very lady-like style,the way she move and talk,impressive. She even tried on some clothes in front of everybody,without taking off her dress lah. :O Ouch,stomachache. >.< We keep on looking at her without 'her' noticing us. We were acting like we were not looking at her but chatting around only. My dad is so bad,when they passed by each other,I was impressed cuz dad was not having any expressions on his face,he was quite neutral. However,when he came infront of us - my bro and I,he burst into laugh immediately,a very loud one,then we were all laughing together,I was telling him not to be so bad but we were still laughing together like crazy people. XD I am sorry,Miss. :S After shopping until 2pm ++,all of us were tired and hungry so we went to 'Xian Ding Wei Taiwanese Tea Room' to have our lunch. I ordered 'Pork noodle in swt sauce' -- Zha jiang mian in Chinese plus a nbig cup of vanilla + chocolate + caramel ice blender. I loveee the dessert,the 'Mango ice' ( forgotten what's the name ad ) XD. I even 'drank' the ice. Wakaka! XD I still cannot manage to get myself a pair of flats. Sad. :( I saw a pair of flats,it's very nice with plain bright dark blue skin,it looks like pair of ballet shoes. However,the bottom of the shoe has no 'stripes' so I scared that I will fell down when I am walking. It's really nice,I swear. I went to many shops selling flats but,neh,OUT! But when I saw something I like,oh owh,I have to say byebye. I am going home tonight,skpiied my art class so have to attend it tomorrow at 10am. I am so gonna miss this holiday,although it's short,for me. Pics taken everywhere we had been through. On the way to Genting. Eating time~ My bear and I. Beautiful scene. Old London style telephone booth. Spiderman flying coaster. Scary. London too too bus! XD Me before playing Slycrone. FUN! Tee hee. :) Wee~ Done with our first game.^^ Mary go round. Mi-2,Xian Zong,Ying. Xian Cherng. ( Where am I? ) He's sitting on a cock. == I was dam scared... It's the 360 degree turning! The Corkscrew! After getting ourselves out from Corkscrew,FUN! ( dizzy ) It's cold~~~ Mist. Chocolate land! Beryls' Great shots here. The process of chocolate making. Pretty teapot. BIG chocolate bars. Tic tac tic tac. Choco clock. It's cute and pretty. X3 Me in the whale. My mother and I. Dinner time in the second night. My first dish -- nyonya dish. Western food the second. Starry~ Ipoh Hor Fun the third. The Coffee Terrace. Sushi~! XD Dim sum. Dessert! XD Ouch...stomachache...>.< Ice-cream + chocolate fauntain. The last dish,fruits. Tee hee...makan makan! X3 We Girls! Me and my family. :) Mama's papa and mama. Mi-2,Ying,grandpa,grandma,fat wei,aunt Jenny White white face. All of us. :D Beautiful decorations in First World Hotel. Bear bear and Sheepy. Berry,sheepy,piggy and phantphant Happy 2010! XD Before After My lunch yesterday -- pork noodle with swt sauce. Enjoying our lunch. Mango dessert and I. *nice mango* Nice deco outside Sunway Pyramid. Cute Hello kitty~ ^^ Oh yea,I bought one bolster cover,a Hello Kitty bolster cover! X) Finally,the very last video of 2009.

Hopefully this new year will lead me to a better future.^^
Take care,goodbye.


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