Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Editor


OUCH Blondee!

Okay,I did mentioned that my body is pain right?
Yee yup,my right arm become worse today.
I realised that the lower part of my right arm feels kinda odd and abit pain when I try to lift it up or more obviously -- move to the back.
I am hungry again.
The third time today.
Okay,dad showed me Ling's ( aunt from London ) pics she took at Ken duno wat park.
It's not really a park with flowers,it's a theme park like Sunway lagoon but it's a mini one.
My little half blood princess is grown up!
Her hair now is more brownish and they're mixing with black.
Thick hair she has,just like Ling.
Looking forward for your returning on August guys!
Miss you.

I am hungry. =.=



peace love smile

★☆ Stars Upon The Sky ☆★

Aiks...Feeling like watchin the stars sparkling in the dark sky,now.
Although I can't really differentiate whether they're real stars or satelites,but nevermind,as long as they are still sparkling in the sky. :)
Homework undone,scattered all over my darling desk.
Stupid keyboard feels sticky. I wonder why.
I am feelin lifeless!
Stupid rain,rain rain go away.
Wasting our precious lives on being lifeless or unhappy or moody or moodless shouldn't be done by us.
PRECIOUS. Life's precious,you know what I mean?
I am lazy to complete my homework.
It's been half a year dear,I heart you forever and always.-^^-
Saw pics of you and friends swimmin at Jones King's pool.
Swim more often ah,be muscular a bit. :O
Enjoy your 'suddenly popped out scout camp' bah.
Be careful. :)
I hate thunder!
Went to school this morning for something.
Attended art class at 11am,it's a sketch of fruits today.
Then,went to KaiJun's house for 2 hours with friends.
The weather is still hot although it's raining out there.
How can a camp be held in rain?
Maybe it's an indoor camp,perhaps.^^
Alright,thought that there will be firework tonight,hahah,it's the scary lion dance,rupa-rupanya.
Wow,looks like concrete stuffs can absorb much of heat.
The wall in mama's toilet's hot!
Feelin bored. :S
Will edit photos again I guess.
Okay,that's all for now.
Take care peepoo,bye. :)


I wanna wear Nyonya style!

Friday, February 26, 2010


Walao eh,here pain there pain everywhere pain. >.<
Stupig SEGAK,not segak at all! XO
I thougth that I will be just fine,zero ache after doing that.
Btw,actually I wasn't really wanted to do it on yesterday cuz I was totally unprepared...
Aiks,nevermind,do fast play fast. :D
Let's talk about the first test -- naik turun bangku.
Oh gosh,it's dam tiring and exhausting although it took only 3 minutes.
It's like I've just done a run. =.=
My heartbeat was 160,maybe more.
And because of it,I got only 1 mark for the first section. =o=
Next,argh...TEKAN TUBI.
I HATE it the most cuz I just couldn't cope myself and my body with it.
I was 'dying' on the red colour map,tryin very hard to push my arms and my back upwards.
ARGH~!!! C'mon girl,I know that you can do it! >o<
Guess what?
I just got 2. T_____T
1 mark for the second section. Again. ...T___________T...
Okayyy,the third one was sit up.
I was making myself up very hard and I finally achieved 20!
Which means that I can get a full 5 marks for achiving 20 times! XD
Happy~~~ ^^
Luckily I did not have a tummy-ache...Phew...
The last one,dang dang dang dang~~~
What's that call again??? ==
What lunjur thingy de...forget about it.
Guess what?
I got 37.5cm! XD
You know la,my legs are dam long,my body is very dam balance,and my arms are long also,haiz,37.5?
Sap Sap water la,hahah!

*Dia sudah high sendiri*

Okay,let's get back 'home'.
Errhem. Went to school this morning,for my dear snowwoman.
We,are,joining,Malu,rian,I! DOL!!!
We will be singing 'the show' by Lenka,yes,Lenka.
Eh eh,I had mentioned it on my blog yesterday right??
Aiks. >.<
After singing with her,went to Shell with mum and wanted to 'add wind' into the tyres.
2 cars do considered as a LONG queue. =.=
When it was our turn,the worker there helped us but he ended up added too much of wind into the tyres,he put 250cc!
It's dangerous for normal vehicles,250cc is normally for big trucks or lorries.
Luckily a good person ( he's a man! Not bad looking XD ) helped us to realeased them abit bit and taught mum about the dos and don'ts when we are 'adding wind'.
Thanks man! XD
Felt sleepy during tuition just now,oh yea,we got an angpau! XD
Planning to visit his house tomorrow,big gang,come let's visit Mr.Fong! X3
Okie,too long ad,gtg,bye~


kejamnya >.<

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Grrr...I got 2 for my tekan tubi!!!
2! I was pushing myself very hard on that stupig fattie red mat and my sweat was flowing out like an unclosed water pipe.
My Gosh! XO My arms were totally out of my control,I thought that I can do better this time,but NO.
And I got 1 mark for it,cuz it's in the 'under 8' category'.
That's why I H A T E T E K A N T U B I ! ! !
Never kind,this will the the very last year being in school...
Berat hatinya...>.<
Hahah,there's something magical which I whold ♥ to share witthu.
My neck was still in 'emergency room' last night,and THIS morning.
Wow,after doing Segak,my neck turned better maggically! O.O
Twing~!!! Hahah! I couldn't believe it!
It's like a miracle and it's like 'whoa~ apa ni? I feel good!' stuff.
I feel better,still notta good. :P
Anyway,it makes me feel good. :D
Stupig speaker,why you sot sot ad de??? I wanna listen to the songs in my pc! XO
Tomorrow's a holiday,happy~ ^^
Oh yea,there'll be a Malurian Idol competition and I! And Sharon!
Are going to 'Teck Goon' ( read them in Cantonese )! XD
We will be dinging 'The show' by Lenka which is the song we are going to perform in the coming The Pearl sketch.
Nevermind,we love that song,kinda.^^
I miss my hubby la...He's now working...23 minutes left,jiayou my dear! X3
Gonna attend violin class half an hour earlier later cuz she'll be attending a wedding dinner at night.
So semangat,got dinner still wanna teach,good teacher! X)
I keep on laughing when we were practising sketch in class,I don't know why.
And I feel odd cuz after I 'hit' Kishen,he was like a piece of wood,standing there doing nothing,no revenge!
Haiyo,do something ma,my acting is not that sucky de lo,I really can fight like Michelle Yeoh! Neh,the Datin ah.^^
Gotta go to school tomorrow morning,then 2 tuition classes will be waiting for me tomorrow,argh...=.=
Okie,gotta go,dinner's calling me.

♥ ♥ ♥


Wednesday, February 24, 2010




Teeth Check

Okay...We have done a small little tiny Bio test in class just now.
It's the factors affecting the rate of photosynthesis and!
The factor was -- Carbon Dioxide.
Oh my gosh,there're only light intensity which is the only esperiment in Success.
Hahah,luckily I remember about the Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate solution thingy,otherwise,kek!
Mati. XD
Bro's having a stomach problem,PAIN.
He problably ate the wrong food in the school just now after teachers' makan besar.
They could not finish them so they asked the students who were my bro and duno whoelse to finish them??
Okay,he's having a great stomachache now,how?
Aiks,never see him that suffer before,got la,but very seldom. :S
Hopefully he will get well soon. :)
Checked our teeth during Miss Tang's class at the fifth period.
I was about to laugh when it was my turn,I mean when I was lying on the 'chair-bed thingy' cuz the light was so bright until I could not tahan and almost burst into laugh.
I wonder why was I 'smilling',the nurse asked me to open my mouth wide and I wanted to laugh! XD
Registered for the Tesco fun Walk which is going to be held on 7 of March 2010.
It's a SUNDAE!!! XD
It's walk la man,WALK.
I thought it was the Dataran Merdeka Run and I wanted to join it so so much!
But it's over ad,on last Sundae.
Cheh,bro told me the wrong thing. :O
The weather is super duper HOT like a stove.
I am still sweating although I am in the air-conditioned room.'s killing me.
Okie,that's all for today.
Gotta duty tomorrow,lazy. =o=
Bye peepoo~


Gotta eat less from now onwards! XO


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I'be got an neckACHE!!!
It's killing me,sometimes dam pain but sometimes not really.
What are you trying to do with me huh??
Don't fool me I tell you,NECK.
Err...I am not sure whether it's my neck or my backbone...
No backbone no bankbone...Neck neck. >o<
I don't wanna go see Chinese 'tit da' sifu,so painful!
I scared that they will 'krack krack' my head and psin my neck...>.<...
Ouch...I can't really turn my neck,look down,look up.
DUH...It's getting worse day by day.
Hopefully it will get well soon!
Help MEY!!!
Okie,that's all for now.


Monday, February 22, 2010

I Hate Monday!

Grrr...Duh. =.=
Hard to woke up this morning.
The stupid clock RING~ and woke me up.
I hate you stupid clock! XO
Felt very very sleepy in the class just now,keep on yawning.
Yesterday's homevisiting was not bad.
We first gathered at Sharon's house,after that,we went to Emily then Kalye then mine then Joel then Michelle and finally Lingsze.
I miss my active little Jackee Choo! X3
I shall get you out of the tiny little cage more frequently.^^
Enjoyed Mich's mama's curry mee,nice! X)
She was a friendly woman,she even made us dessert which were black pulut + pandan and jelly. :D
Thanks aunty!
I will 'bong can' your curry mee next time! XP
Sang k at Lingling's house last night,very high. XD
Something happened to poor Joel,hahah!
I don't wanna mention about it.
Btw,he ate almond with the shell and said 'This is not tasty.'
Hahah! XXD
SomeTHING happened at her house again.
The guys were crazy and we had a 'fight'. =o=
Then a glass broke...
Then mata came when they were playing with the fire crackers,anyway,I was back home.
Oh yea yea,there was a blackout too. >.<
Things will be alright. :)
Okie,that's all for now.

Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ


Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am going to homevisit soon. :)
Hopefully I am going to have fun on the last day of hols.
Teacher Cheah is now in my house.
Never seen her since I attended her wedding dinner last time,on last October yea,yes.^^
I am out of time,I have to blog very fast. XD
Went to Taipan to had our dinner together with my relatives.
This was the fifth time we saw each other during CNY.
Hahah! XD So fun!
Taipan is a very special food court.
It is beautiful and it's with themes.
There're different kinds of chairs,tables,food,there're even swings!
I wanted to eat on the swing swing but too bad,someone had attacked them. >o<
Yaiks,school is going to reopen tomorrow.
How...I am still in CNY mood,no mood to return to school at all.
I wanna sleep until 9am ++.
I feel so delight cuz I can sleep til very late everyday,every mornin.
I will be missing you,holiday.
Okie.that's all for now.
Gtg,enjoy the last day of hols~~!


I will be missing you :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rockin' Percy Jackson!!

Watched 'Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief' for the second time today.
It was great! Awsome!
Actually,I decided to watch last night,with my parents and my uncle David and Aunt Jenny and Yin in Sunway Pyramid cuz my plan is canceled.
No regrets watchin it twice. :)
I sat in the cinema alone cuz they had bought their tickets yesterday and there' no way I can search for another nearer seats with them.
D11,I remember you.
Okie,gtg,lou sang time.



Friday, February 19, 2010

The Lightning Thief

Watched 'Percy Jackson and the The Lightning Thief' at 1U with him just now.
The movie was awsome! XD
Btw...Percy Jackson is dam dam handsome! X3
Someone said that he looks like Zac Efron but...I think that he looks much more better than him.
The movie is kinda long,2 and a half hour? Almost.
Saw some friends there too.^^
Treated him at Fish&co.
It was nice,but we felt full very fast. >.<
Spending time with him now.
I will be missing him very much! >o<
I wonder where will I be tomorrow.
Aiks! Confused.
Not feeling like eating,weird lah. :S
I wanted to drink 'kat zai sun mui' ah~~~
That's all. :D
Is it possible to lose weight during CNY??
I lost weight! I wonder how did that happened to me.
I thought I ate a lot,but actually I doesn't.
Hopefully I will be keeping this appetite after school reopens.
Try to control my BIG PIG appetite bah!
I don't wanna turn a round round PIGGIE. >w<
Okie okay,that's all for today.
Hope you guys will be enjoying the last 2 days of holidays.
Once again,wishing all my friends Happy CNY!



Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Days

Me and my family went to PD,Lukut yesterday to visit some friends.
We went off at 10am and we reached our destination at 11am ++.
First,we visited Aunty Cheok and his husband.
Actually,this is my third time going to Lukut.
Her house,as usual,there's a mini vege farm beside her big house.
I was dam dam hungry cuz I did ate anything before going off.
Walao eh,after that,we went to eat Bak Kut Teh at 'Ah Sui' bak kut teh restaurant.
The Bak Kut Teh there okay okay only lah. :S
But I likee the dry one. NICE. XD
After eating,we went back to her house and gues what we did.
We went to 'plucked' vege like sawi and bla at her vege farm.
Her vege is so BIG. O.O
Then then,we went to another Mr.Cheok's house.
Hah! I saw that little boy again.
He grew up so fast until I could not recognised him.
He is 7,he was 5 when I first saw him,and he was a shy little boy.
But now,hahah,he came and kissed me twice! XD
He was so active,keep on jump here jump there non-stop.
Aunty Cheok also treated us Mango cheese cake from Secret Recipe,okay okay only la,I prefer Miss Tang's favorite.^^
Ouch,it reminds me that I haven't finish even one homework.
After plucking little chillis behind her house,we went to her brother's house.
What made me feel super duper happy was -- We were going to the coconut farm AGAIN! XD
I remembered that when I first went there,I was kinda scared cuz I was worried whether there're snakes or bugs or momo...
I was really like a sha po,haiya,don't care la,being a 'san ba po' also very happy ma. :D
I wore somebody's slipper and ran and ran and ran and spinned in the coconut farm.
Aiks,I wasn't really helping but keep on capturing pictures and kacau the others. XD
After 'playing' around,finally,we collected all of them and put them into our car car.
Walao eh,after we putting all of them in,the back of the car sengek ad,the tyres...
I am sorry. :(
Our car was heavy! >.<
We went to a mini mixed farm beside her bro's house after that and we picked chillis,limau limau,guavas,forgotten.
Then,we headed to Miss Tan's house.
I 'tan cha' with the adults,hahah.
We headed back to KL when it was 6 in the evening.
I ate my dinner -- wantan mee at KB's night market.
THEN,we again went to Aunty Winnie's house and I watched 'Avatar' for the first time.
All the adults did not understand the story,they keep on telling me that it is boring la,made them wanna sleep la,anything la. =.=
I understand,I DO!!! XO
Okay,went to take angpau again today,so happy.^^
And now,me family and I are at potato's house,
Had dinner together. :)
I wanna hear Yumi say HI! XO
GOING OUT tomorrow,hopefully it will be a SAFE and a NICE 'day-trip'.
That's all for now,better sleep erly tonight. :P
So...byebye peepoo.^^
Sweet dreams~




Hahah,the Seremban trip was awsome.
Again,we went to the coconut farm and blabka farm yesterday.
I was playing like a 'san ba po'. XD
Will post more details tonight.


Angpau mari mari! XD

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Aiks,sleepy. >.<
I slept late every CNY night,from Saturday til now.
Look at my face,wuu wuu wuu~ .><.
Have to drink more H2O to save my darling face le. XO
GAMBADEH~!!! >o<
Wanted to visit an uncle today but he's not in.
BIG BIG angpau~~ T______T
Nevermind,I will visit,I mean we will visit you,aunt Lena,honey Amelia and dar dar Julian on this Thursday.
You guys better be at home. :D
Yaiks,bcuz of that,we had zero plan just now,we don't know where to go.
After visiting Aunt Low,opps,no peepoo to visit ad.
Macam mana ni??
We started to call peepoo,my little bro,my bro,my mum and I.

<< First case >>
Call~ Ring ring,halo?
Yo! Happy CNY! Goin out today?
Owh...wanted to visit you but nvm lah.^^

<< Second case >>
Call~ Ring ring,halo?
Yo! Happy CNY! Goin out today?
Oh,I wanna come take angpau mah,hahah! XD
Owh,sorry lo,my parents aren't at home.
Oh...then nvm lah.^^

POP! Look,angpau dream gone.
Heheh,looks like I lovee angpau very much.
Nola,hahah,a bit bit only. Heheh...XD
So,finally,Aunty Winnie -- our herion saved us.
Whoo hoo~!!! XXP
Mum called her cuz we finally decided to visit Aunty Winnie's mum at Cheras and she said YES and she and her family were on the way to the same place too!
Wah,a rose grew in our heart.
So,we went there immediately and we spent 2 hours there.
Although there's no girl girl to chat with me or play with me,but at least I can listen to the adults chatting.
Lovee listening them chatting. :P
Eeee~ someone sent me a LOVEY bear in Pet Society wor...O.O
Mr.C**** S**,thanks for the bear.^^
Wakaka,going out to have BIG BIG dinner again with uncle David.
Feel so hapeee~~~ >o<
Oh yeah~ Oh yeah~ My weight is not a problem eh~
Oh yeah~ Oh Yeah~ I don't care about my weight eh~
Sorry dear,let me eat gaogao first. XD
Aiyo,hungry ad. >.<
Fast fast come la,I wanna eat ah~~~
Goin to Seremban tomorrow to visit mum's friends at PD.
Have to go off very early.
I wish that we could go back to the coconut dusun again and pluck the coconuts.^^
They're so sweet and I lovee the flesh! XD
I still remebered that we brought back aLOT last time we went there.
There's a little cutie boyboy too.
Hehe,sista will play with you tomorrow yea? -^^-
Okie,that's all for now.
Really hungery lah,I wanna EAT! XO
Hahah,byebye~ ^^


I will be there for you always

Monday, February 15, 2010


Wakaka,angpau angpau mari mari,come to mama. XD
Food cookies drinks chocolates apa-apa pun mari mari.
I wanna makan until fhat fhat.
I wanna play like shot shot.
I wanna laugh like sha po!
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahaha! XXD
I am crazy.
Berat hatilah...The first day of CNY gone like that ad. :'(
School is going to reopen after 6 days,so fast! X'O
T________T Plang plang,my heart is bleeding.
Yay,going to eat later,grandma >> my mama's mama cooked BIG BIG thing again.
Wahaha,I feel so energetic when talk about food. XP
Can ban leng leng for days,so happy.
Pet society load fast fast lah.
Many peepoo came to my house last night,there're 5 families.
My house was like,packed like sardin.
No place to sit,no place to place to stand,no place to walk.
Hmph,they were bullying me last night.
I had my dinner earlier so I had nothing to do.
And they asked mt to be the waitress! XO
Duh,when I ngam ngam become the waitress,my stupig bro asked me to zham water for him.
Okay,ngo yan~
Then he asked me to put back the glass for him after he drank it straight away.
Hey~! I am your sister lah! Where is your respect??!
Hahah,nevermind la,play play oni ma. :P
Wah,my tummy really hungry ah.
Woke up late this morning,very GOOD~
I slept late every night,hahah.
CNY mah,of coz have to sleep late de lah! Wakaka! XD
Will be uploading photos when I am free after CNY.
Gtg,buoi buoi peepoo.
Happy CNY.^^



Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Tiger Year a.k.a Happy Valentines

Happy New Year + Happy Valentines peepoo! XD
Ouch,stomach pain after drinking PoP.
HMPH! I don't wanna drink you ad! XO
Pain ah...T_____T
Woke up late this morning.
When I got down to the kitchen,everybody had their morning breakfast excluded me.
Slept at 2.30am this 'morning',hahah...
Went to temple to baibai last night and the ceremony begun late so it's ad 1++ when we got back home.
Yesterday night was the reunion dinner,I saw the BIg BIG thing ad. XD
As what I said,yee yup,I fat ad.
Hahah! So fast! XP
Valentines day...our first valentines = CNY. T_______T
Happy valentines oh,my dear.^^
You're the best thing I never knew I needed.
Celebrate CNY with the 2 little devils bah,hahah! -^^-
Yeah~ Can wear lengleng tomorrow. :D
Hahah,I am going to wear the Nichii yellowish-green little dress tomorrow.^^
Okie,that's all for now.
Wishing all of you a BIG happy CNY & a SWEET valentines.

My heart is wherever you are.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy 30th Night

CNY is tomorrow,tomorrow is CNY! XD
I prepared my brand new red colour Fila T-shirt and I am going to wear that on later.^^
Busy decorating my house the whole morning.
Actually,my dad decorated most of them but still left a bit so my bro and I were helping to cut cut cut,paste paste paste.
The second bro,HPMH!
We were busy doing things but he was like...Holding his handphone and his pillow and walked here walked there.
Loading Pet society now,fast fast lah~~
Hahah,I feel CNY finally,at this morning.
Helped mama to clean 'nga gu' with small bro,cut and do operations to the angpaus and paste them or hang them on the trees,flowers and on the doors.
I feel good and satisfied after doing all these stuffs. :D
Duh...Pc is dc. >o<
Saw something in the kitchen just now.
Wahaha,I saw BIG BIG stuffs like -- BIG fish,BIG prawns,BIG veges,and BIG BIG stuffs. XD
I knew that I am going to have a bloated pig tummy tonight.
I don't care~ Eat first then only regret! Hahah! Wakaka! XD
Looking forward for tonight~~ XP
Hmm...What else to write...
Oh yea,happy CNY aunty,enjoy your trip to Egypt! -^^-
Happy be-earlied CNY to everyone,must enjoy your every moments with your close and loved ones oh~
Out of ideas...Okay lah,that's all for now,I wanna bath 'flower bath'! XD
Mmm~~ Prawnies smell so gooooooooood~
Buoibuoi lo~~


HappyCNY + angpau + love!!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Friday

Performed as 'Miss Dragon' at school today,hahah! XD
My 'dad' was performing too.^^ ( dragon dance XP )
Ouch,lips are dry.
Chinese Club's performances were not bad,many peepoo did laughed when we were acting the first sketch.
Anyway,I did not feel like CNY,a bit lah...
Cuz everyone in school were discussing about roses,lovers,boy boy and girl girl,presents,datings and stuffs,but CNY?
Yes,the performances today make me feel better.
Yay! Dad bought a new memory card for my camera today,2GB.^^
His red colour camera sucks lah,cannot capture vlear and good coloured pics one.
Anyway,thanks for the little suprise.-^^-
Went to a friend's house after school,yay2,did not stay back,good for me. :D
After that,went to McD with my friend's mum and had our lunch together.
Many Bestari's guys owh~ Hahah! XD
Saw one lengzai summore,wakaka!!! XP
Ate and starwberry ice-cream too.
Lovee the strawberry. :)
Just ate a packet of Munchys oat krunch as my dinner.
Thristy after eating them. :S
Erm...Thanks for the present,❤ it.^^
Hope you will ❤ the so called 'folio' too. -^^- hair smells good. XD
Something happened during the second last period in school just now.
Everything will be alright,don't worry Ling dear. :)
I support you! Have faith and be optimistic,it's not your fault,not at all.
Everybody must enjoy your CNY oh,must eat banyak banyak,okie? XP
Don't waste the very last of the most relaxing holiday before SPM!
Play like hell and crazay~!!! WEEEEYY!
Angpau Angpau come come.
Food food come come.
Gamble gamble don't don't.
Eat eat yes yes.
Yeah~ Can wear nice nice soon,in brand neeeeww clothes! XD
Wanted to have more dresses but,haiz... :(
Mummey! XO
Okie okay,that's all for now,lazy to type ad. :P
So...Happy 'be-earlied' CNY peepoo,celebrate the festive season with all your loved and closed ones.^^
Ya! Byebye!



Thursday, February 11, 2010

Red Valentines

Distributed roses in school today,I was not distributing,hah. :D
Received a rose,thanks.
Brought my blur blur camera to school today,the images taken were so blur! XO
I am not bringing you to school tomorrow,not anymore.
Took class photos today,happy.^^
Anyway,my stupig camera gave me blurry images. DUH~
I am going to edit them,I will do my best to rescue them. Gambadeh~!!!
Measured my weight and height today too.
The weighing machine is sot sot de,I can increase 4 kg after 5 minutes??
Stupiggggg weighing machine!
What makes me sad was,I am shrunk! X'O
I thought I am 164cm tall,at least,but?
What??! I suk sui ad??!!! X'OOOOO
I don't care,I still wrote 164cm into the small book,blek! XP
We marched today after school.
The day was dam hot,superb hot like we were standing on the stove waiting to be burned!
Imagine I was walking home alone under the hot sun.
Luckily LingLing borrowed me her umbrella,otherwise,I think I might have turned into a burned pig now. :D
Thank you Ling dear~
Guess what? I am editting the pics 5A took right now,eddited 2.
I am sorry cuz I can't fix the colours,but I did make the images clearer.
I added something too,hope you guys will like it.^^
Okie then,attending violin class soon,didn't practice too much cuz lazy. :P
Tomorrow is the CNY performances,I,will be acting as ...
Hahah,suspence,just a small role.^^
Let's see what I have done to 5A.

Hope you guys will like them. :)
Sorry cuz I really can't make the images clear.
Okie,have to go now,see ya.^^


sweet dreams

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


4 days left to CNY,feeling nothing.
I wish that CNY will not arrive so early,maybe 20th til 23th of Feb will do.
That will be perfect,for me.
It seems odd cuz CNY is coming soon,like that.
I don't know what am I talking about,hahah. :s
Anyway,I am looking forward for Valentine's day,that's true.
Today again,is a super hot day.
Look at Mr.Sun,he is so bright,enough liao la,we know that you are shiny and bright and handsome,no need to show off ad kay?
It's killing me everytime I walked back home.
I was like bathing or finishing 5km run after I reached home.
Hmm...I wonder what is he doing now...
Nothing much to talk about today.
Okay then,gotta say byebye lo.^^


Where are you? -^^-

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Uncle Chai!

Went to vege's house after school.
It seems to be quite a long time I hadn't been to her house.
No no no,it's she who hadn't been to my house for a long time. :)
Must come visit me during CNY yea~~^^
Bought a pencil case from her,from PEAK.
Had lunch together with she and her family.
Long time didn't see his father ad, ( actually I saw him last Sunday when he and vege were going to the market ) Hah! XD
Love Fish Leong's songs these days,I wonder why.
Congratz! She is married! XD
Hopefully she will enjoy her new life with Tony and blessings towards your lovingly marriage! X3
Skip my RICE,I did not ate rice when I was eating my dinner just now,don't feel like eating. :s
God God,I am going to change my Blog skin again today to cope with Valentine's day.^^
Puan Vasantha brought something into our class during her lesson just now.
She brought 2 statoscopes and a mini blood pressure machine for us to 'play' with. blood pressure is quite okie but my pulse is high.
And she mentioned about the 2 'blackout' cases and asked mt not to march anymore...ERGH... :s
Wakaka,I am going to bring my camera to school tomorrow! X3
I wanna snap more pics in school cuz there are many memorable things are going to happen and I wanna treasure all of them. :)
Okie,that's all for now.
Hopefully I will not be sleepy during tuition later,I fall asleep last night during tuition. =.=
Okay okay,time to change your clothes Bloggy.
Don't try to peek ya! XD


muackss piggy hug

Monday, February 8, 2010

First Chinese Club Meeting

Attended the first Chinese Club meeting today in APD at 1.30pm sharp.
It srarts with the introduction of the AJKs' and next,the movie entitled 'I am sorry,teacher.'
It is a Singaporean movie which the main actress will die at the end of the movie,actually I watched it before 2 years ago,at Chinese new year.
Emily ( my cousin sis ) brought the DVD and we watched it together.
I cried on the first day new year! X'O
Yay~ I get one more shirt and one more 'dress like dress' dress yesterday.
I went there quite late,at 5 evening.
Before that,I went to The curve but we bought nothing.
3 bucks car park fee,stupid machine! XS
Enjoyed today,I miss him.
Lazy to complete my homework,have to attend tuition class later at 8pm.
By the way,ate a little bit of dinner,don't feel like eating.
Had a tiny tiny miny Sejarah test just now,wow,so scared.
Ouan Jayanthi came in and gave us exercises suddenly.
There were 4 questions and she suddenly told us that they were the test questions.
We need to complete them within that period and have to hand in in the particular period!
I simply filled in the blanks and 'chit chat',do some small business and done.^^
Stupig pet society!
Okie okay,that's all for now,enjoy your Monday peepoo.
Take care dear,I will miss you. :)


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Love Matters

Homework left -- MM1,English 4 and Sejarah exercises.
DUH,I hate homework on weekends!
Going off to Sunway Pyramid later in the afternoon,Yay! ^^
I will complete my 'kingdom' right by today. :)
Woke up quite late today,I am not sure.
Feels a little bit of umcomfort in my pig tummy. AIKS!
Ramdom mood today,watched cartoons before I turned on the pc.
Mum's asking me why am I turning on the pc again instead of doing my homework?
I knew she would say that again to me,but she's not angry. XD
Daddy mummy's busying today,they have lotza stuffs to be done.
That's why we're going off late.
Have to go back to school again tomorrow,boring...>.<
Feeling lifeless.
Hmm...I think that's all for now,nothing special about today.
By the way,Valentines day is a week to go from now,valentines,happy! X]
Okie dokie,byebye and enjoy your weekend.^^

Take care dear.



Saturday, February 6, 2010

Schooling On Saturday

I hate schooling on weekends.
But too bad,I am good guai lui ad,I did went to school. =.=
I wanted to play truant for a day de,but I did once ad 2 weeks ago so...NO. :(
As usual,very less peepoo went to school today,the tapak was not crowded.
As usual,En.Kumar asked us to give ourselves a clap again.
As usual,most of the teachers were not teaching.
As usual,my brother told me that he was really boring in school and blamed on me cuz I asked him to go to school.
DUH. Not my fault!
ARGH...stupig pet society. >O<
I have a cup of milk right beside me now,I ❤ milk.
I noticed that I am becoming a 'chocolate milk lover' these days.
Before that,I ❤ plain white low fat or full cream milk.
I am ❤ing them still,but I starting to ❤ chocolate milk like what my bro did.
Hahah,he has got an enemy again. XD
Good,pet society is on. :)
I am going to Sunway Pyramid again tomorrow.^^
I knew why my friends said that 1U is boring ad...
I went there twice and I realised that I have nothing to buy ad.
Hahah,I need a skirt,a top or a pant and a dress more.
Thanks daddy and mummy~ X3
Ate til very full ah...After I finished my art class just now,I felt very very hungry.
However,mummy wanted to go to a place so she brought me along with her.
Aiks,felt my hunger longer. Xo
Did some hand art in art center today.
Err...something happened when I was doing my work...
Bcuz I am the eldest there and I did thingy quite well,and I helped the kids,so they started to 'admire' me. =.=
Mr.chin siad,'Stephanie,you have become the star and idol for primary students.'
I was like 'O.O',what??
What happened?? Oh my,I feel old.
Anyway,thank you children.^^
There's a seminar thingy for AJK for Prefects,PRS and PPS just now.
We were divided into 6 groups and I was the presenter of group 5.
I was kinda nervous so my English was very 'cake'. .>o<.
I forgotten whether steal or stole is past tense or present tense ad.
Embarassing! X'O
I also did practised the New Year sketch just now.( Skipped my moral class! XD )
Hate homeworks on weekends. HATE.
Hopefully I can finish all of them by tomorrow morning cuz I will be going out tomorrow afternoon! XD
Okie okay,it's time to say bye.
Gotta go,bye bye~
P.S. Happy sweet seventeen Chung❤



Friday, February 5, 2010

OUCH!!! I knocked my knee on the stupid chair!!! On the edge summore! .>o<.
Pain ah...T________T
I don't wanna get bruise on my knee,it will be very painful,please...>.<
Okay,let's see what happened in school today.
We had a small presentation during Moral period and we were divided into 8 groups.
My group member are included -- Ju,Vege,Mandy,ChianYing,Joe and me.
Our 'kerjaya' was interior designer and we had talked about our hopes and our future dreams and life.
I think that ShanHoe talked the best.^^
Oh yeah~~ I have got the newest free give ( a pet doll ) in Pet Society! XD
It is a new doll and I get it the first time I see it! XXD
It is a free give on the lottery section.
You have to spin the wheels and see what's your luck cuz you can get different cash prizes or cash + doll.
After that,we played something during Chemistry period.
Mr.Tham let us to play with element models and we can use them to build dofferent kinds of compounds or stuffs.
Besides,Mr.Tham also talked about soemthing funny about 'grrenhouse affect'. XD
It's about the digestion of food in the stomach and fart.
A person farts cuz he or she cannot digest well so the food inside started to decompose and this will produce a gas -- the greenhouse gas. X3
Shahrul is the fart king,looks like he has digestion problems. Hahah!!
Just joking.^^
Today's the day to announce the results of PPS juniors.
I can see that all of them were very nervous especially Tan Hui Loon and Tan Xue Wern.
Anyway,congratulations to all the new PPS'es!^^
Must jiayou and work hard for PPS oh~ -^^-
After being crazy in the meeting together with Carmen + took some pics with juniors,we went to marched.
Err...actually I am not marching. Teehee. :D
The weather was very hot,everybody was standing under the hot sun.
I noticed that quite a number of PPS'es couldn't really march well.
Their movements and stiff and not that natural.
I remembered that when I first marched when I was form 1,Chong Yee Thing ( Ketua perpustakaan ) told me that I marched like a robot. XD
Now no more~ Hahah!!! XP
The rain was heavy.
After I have done my duty,SzeWei's mum sent me home.
We had faced a lot of problems going out from the school by using walkway.
Luckily I saw En.Thangadurai and we sat his Kelisa out from the school compound.
When I reached home,no one was openign the gate for me and I had to walked and opened the gate under that heavy rain myself.
My whole body was wet! XO
Ate until very FULL ah...
My lunch + dinner = FULL.
Having Chemistry class later,yay,skipping today's extra class.^^
Feels like ponteng tomorrow,I wanna stay at home and sleep!!!
Feel tired these days,I wonder why.
Valentine's day is coming,too bad it is on the same day with Chinese New Year. :'(
Our first valentine... .>o<.
Facebook had changed to a new skin and I dislike it.
It is more troublesome and I couldn't get used to it.
Okay,that's all for now.
I miss you dear...what are you doing now??
Wow,why am I writing so long?? :s
Okie okay lo,bye peepoo.
Take care.^^



Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Need You

Who has a printer??!
Hey doggs,stop barking! Let me concentrate to continue blogging!
Jackee!!! Doggies!!! >o<
Please~ Let me meet the owner of the colour printer,I promised I will treat you makan banyak banyak! XO
It's raining again now,GOOD.
The weather was so HOT again,I mean everyday is also the same. :s
Guess what we did for PJ class today?
We played netball! XD
Puan Amu seperated us into 2 groups of 10 peepoo,10 5A team peepoo + 10 5B team peepoo.
My name started with 'C' so I was in the first match.
Gosh...something 'GOOD' happened at the moment the game started. =.=
The ball hitted ngam ngam on my head when the game just started whthin 5 seconds!
I was like...laughing like mad peepoo and feel very paiseh. Hahah!!!
Hit me head in 5 seconds the game started! ARGH!
Btw,I feel like useless when I was in the 'ball war'.
I couldn't play and even catch the netball nicely.
What I did was...I hitted the ball away from me when it reaches me.=o=
What the horse was I doing??! HUH?
The second match was very cute because of JingYing and Carmen.
JingYing's movements was so cute and she can get the ball for many times when the peepoo passed the ball to her.
However,she couldn't make any score...>.<
Hahah,Carmen was the star today.
She managed to catch many many times of the netball because of her height and her long arms. XD
When the ball was being passed,she can catch it very easily.
That was just so great,incredible. XXD
I did my English oral test with my partner Vege today with Miss Tang.
The title of our oral was 'The importance of food'.
We did memorised but...We were too nervous...>.<
She forgot the last sentence of her dialogue and I?
I keep on adding words into my sentences which weren't necessary. =.=
I have tried many times to cope with her and we did them successfully but when I was facing Miss Tang,pop,everything gone crazy and I felt nervous.
I can even feel my heartbeat!
Anyway,I am relieved,my BM and BI oral were done. :)
Wow,thunder! >.<
Dear,where are you... :(
Homework...I hate you!!!
Have to duty tomorrow,hopefully tomorrow will be fun!^^
Okie okay,that's all for now.
Thunder,shoe shoe!
Go away!!!
Buoi buoi~ ^^


you're the best thing I never knew I needed

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It is a darn hot day again,anyway,I am glad that it's raining out there.
Although it's raining,but I don't think it cools me down.
I am sweating in the rain.
Walked back home alone after PBSM meeting.
That was the forst time we had our ikrar,PBSM ikrar.
What? We have an ikrar?? O.O
I was like,whoa,it feels odd.
We also did dissection of chicken's heart in school today,the first 2 periods were Bio.
I felt so stupid cuz I think that I should bring more chicken heart from the chicken stall,it cost zero oni!
Guess what,I bring only one. ==
When Puan Vasantha asked me whether how many hearts did I bring.
'What? One??' O.O
Embarrasing! >.<
Let me tell you something.
JingYing is a great 'cutter'.
She was the one who dissected the heart and she did it very nicely.
Her cutting and dissecting skills are so good that PikYin and I even praised her that she could become a famous surgery doctor or a good house wife.
Besides,she is so brave that...=.=
Stop eating orange first.
She was so brave until she 'smashed' the clotted blood into blood. ==
The clotted blood was like black red and it's disgusting! XO
I remember that I dissected a froggy before,I though that the experiment was fun.^^
We - me and my group members were playing it's organs too.
Poor frog was awake when we dissected it until half way and it suddenly jumped!
Walao!! All of us were like...screaming and shouting. XD Hahah!!
I felt sorry to the froggy but...
Sorry,your sacrification will not be wasted.
Rest in peace,dear frog.
Yay,I finished my mandarin orange. :P
Kishen's birthday today,Happy sweet seventeen.^^
I think I need one more shopping.
I am still lack of skirt and pants...
This Sunday can?? Sunway Pyramid?? :D
Oh yea,I heard snowgirl said that Puan Amu will be doing SEGA tomorrow,sei lo...
Have to start streching later...but my muscle is still abit pain!
My leg muscles were very painful especially last Friday and Saturday.
Saturday was the worst one.
Why?? Becauzse of the 100 metre run. ==
100 metre run oni ma??! XO
Haiyoyo! I have to run more next time,acha acha acha! Xo
Hopefully everything will be alright tomorrow...>w<
Puan Vasantha gave us to sing a song called 'Blood flow song'.
It's very funny,hahah! And it's a fast song. XD
Teacher asked someone to sing by using the mike and the best one was ShanHoe.
Claps! X3
Try and listen to it,hahah,dam creative.
Okay,that's all for today.
Hope you guys enjoy your weekdays.
Byebye peepoo~



Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Unforgettable Night

Yesterday was great,I enjoyed it. :)
First of all,there were 5 of us included Ben,his mum,Vivien and Hanyang,and me.
Ben's mum came and fetched me and they ( not included me and his mum ) were talking very 'highly' behind me. *I was sitting in the front sit*
He wore his working Hang Ten T-shirt. =.=
Look at Hanyang! He even wears a red colour tie!
Hahah,nevermind ma,casual wear ma. =o=
What made me 'fainted' was -- there was a guy wearing a same shirt but different colour with him!
Okay,the dinner was held in Tropicana Golf Club.
The place is very beautiful and all the rich people live there.
( You will know by looking at the BIG BIG HUGE houses )
After we parked the car car,we were searching for the ballroom.
Ah ha! We've found it finally.
Actually it is located right at the front door lah... :P
I saw the marrying couple,Emmanuel and Malin ( A Finland lady ).
A match couple.^^ Best wishes for their newly marriage.
Must love each other always oh!!! :D
The ballroom was dam dam cold,Vivien and I were wearing sleeveless dress so...
We were like freezing there sitting under the air-cond.
Table 16. :)
Helped Emmanuel to distributed the poppers too,as a welcoming ceremony when he and his wife enters the ball.^^
By the way,his small boy boy pictures are very cutee! XD
Before the dinner started,4 of us were walking around the shops and the gardens.
Many nice expensive cars there! Xo
There were speeches and prayings before the dinner starts.
Most of the guests there are Christians. :]
I was eating + shaking *cold ma* at the same time,hahah!
Felt like vomiting when eat until half way,alamak,don't know why. :s
Ben accompanied me to walk around and I felt better. C:
I ate very less after that! X'o
Hahah,an uncle was 'stealing' our chocolates as we were all standing up watching people dancing in the dance floor.
I was like,staring looking at him.
Suddenly,he saw us standing beside our table and he was like,oh owh...
Then he placed the chocolates back onto the table then he changed his mind.
He straight away placed them into our hands!
Hahah! So funny! XD
Before we left,we enjoyed our last 10 minutes dancing in the dance floor.
There were different kinds of songs with different kind of movements.
We don't care,we danced whatever we like. XXD
Malin's great,she's a great dancer.
Teressa's 'moon represent my heart' was the most unforgettable part.
Thanks dear. :)
We left earlier actually,when it was 11++.
I did not have the chance to taste the last dish,the dessert! X(
Nevermind,it's late and I am having school today.
Wanted to pon a day de teng but,haiz,why am I such a good girl?
Ben's mum sent Vivien and Hanyang and me back home and I was the last.
Miss the time we were being together.
I was waiting for 1st Februari for days and weeks and it ends like that last night.
My heart is heavy to say byebye to the dinner.
Can I rewind the time to 1st Februari?
I wish to have it all over again,I want to.
Took some pics last night,do have a look please.^^

Hahah! Zam tea for me lah! XD

His mouth... =.=


Chandeliar bling bling.

Vivien and I.^^

I was wearing them,One Day Acuvue lens.

Okay,that's all for today.
Erm...What I wanna say is...
Take care and byebye.^^


my darling

Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding Dinner

Wedding dinner tonight,I feel awsome. :D
I am so happy that today is a holiday,can skip many boring classes like add maths.
I miss fillet-o-fish so much! Wanna eat it right now.
I feel hungry cuz I haven't eat anything yet,although mum bought me wantan mee again.
It reminds me of the wanten mee sifu in the Sunway Hotel. XD
I will sure 'visit' him on the 'next trip' to Sunway Hotel. :P
Mum's very busy today although she is having a day off today.
Okie,let's do what I've promised. Pictures upload! X]

Our first Lou Sang.

Love this dress.

But it's expensive. :'(

Love it

Love it too

Okay,that's all for now.
Hope you guys will enjoy them.^^
Take care and ciaoz~