Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hello Uncle Chai!

Went to vege's house after school.
It seems to be quite a long time I hadn't been to her house.
No no no,it's she who hadn't been to my house for a long time. :)
Must come visit me during CNY yea~~^^
Bought a pencil case from her,from PEAK.
Had lunch together with she and her family.
Long time didn't see his father ad, ( actually I saw him last Sunday when he and vege were going to the market ) Hah! XD
Love Fish Leong's songs these days,I wonder why.
Congratz! She is married! XD
Hopefully she will enjoy her new life with Tony and blessings towards your lovingly marriage! X3
Skip my RICE,I did not ate rice when I was eating my dinner just now,don't feel like eating. :s
God God,I am going to change my Blog skin again today to cope with Valentine's day.^^
Puan Vasantha brought something into our class during her lesson just now.
She brought 2 statoscopes and a mini blood pressure machine for us to 'play' with.
Err...my blood pressure is quite okie but my pulse is high.
And she mentioned about the 2 'blackout' cases and asked mt not to march anymore...ERGH... :s
Wakaka,I am going to bring my camera to school tomorrow! X3
I wanna snap more pics in school cuz there are many memorable things are going to happen and I wanna treasure all of them. :)
Okie,that's all for now.
Hopefully I will not be sleepy during tuition later,I fall asleep last night during tuition. =.=
Okay okay,time to change your clothes Bloggy.
Don't try to peek ya! XD


muackss piggy hug

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