Saturday, February 27, 2010

OUCH Blondee!

Okay,I did mentioned that my body is pain right?
Yee yup,my right arm become worse today.
I realised that the lower part of my right arm feels kinda odd and abit pain when I try to lift it up or more obviously -- move to the back.
I am hungry again.
The third time today.
Okay,dad showed me Ling's ( aunt from London ) pics she took at Ken duno wat park.
It's not really a park with flowers,it's a theme park like Sunway lagoon but it's a mini one.
My little half blood princess is grown up!
Her hair now is more brownish and they're mixing with black.
Thick hair she has,just like Ling.
Looking forward for your returning on August guys!
Miss you.

I am hungry. =.=



peace love smile

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