Saturday, February 27, 2010

★☆ Stars Upon The Sky ☆★

Aiks...Feeling like watchin the stars sparkling in the dark sky,now.
Although I can't really differentiate whether they're real stars or satelites,but nevermind,as long as they are still sparkling in the sky. :)
Homework undone,scattered all over my darling desk.
Stupid keyboard feels sticky. I wonder why.
I am feelin lifeless!
Stupid rain,rain rain go away.
Wasting our precious lives on being lifeless or unhappy or moody or moodless shouldn't be done by us.
PRECIOUS. Life's precious,you know what I mean?
I am lazy to complete my homework.
It's been half a year dear,I heart you forever and always.-^^-
Saw pics of you and friends swimmin at Jones King's pool.
Swim more often ah,be muscular a bit. :O
Enjoy your 'suddenly popped out scout camp' bah.
Be careful. :)
I hate thunder!
Went to school this morning for something.
Attended art class at 11am,it's a sketch of fruits today.
Then,went to KaiJun's house for 2 hours with friends.
The weather is still hot although it's raining out there.
How can a camp be held in rain?
Maybe it's an indoor camp,perhaps.^^
Alright,thought that there will be firework tonight,hahah,it's the scary lion dance,rupa-rupanya.
Wow,looks like concrete stuffs can absorb much of heat.
The wall in mama's toilet's hot!
Feelin bored. :S
Will edit photos again I guess.
Okay,that's all for now.
Take care peepoo,bye. :)


I wanna wear Nyonya style!

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