Monday, February 8, 2010

First Chinese Club Meeting

Attended the first Chinese Club meeting today in APD at 1.30pm sharp.
It srarts with the introduction of the AJKs' and next,the movie entitled 'I am sorry,teacher.'
It is a Singaporean movie which the main actress will die at the end of the movie,actually I watched it before 2 years ago,at Chinese new year.
Emily ( my cousin sis ) brought the DVD and we watched it together.
I cried on the first day new year! X'O
Yay~ I get one more shirt and one more 'dress like dress' dress yesterday.
I went there quite late,at 5 evening.
Before that,I went to The curve but we bought nothing.
3 bucks car park fee,stupid machine! XS
Enjoyed today,I miss him.
Lazy to complete my homework,have to attend tuition class later at 8pm.
By the way,ate a little bit of dinner,don't feel like eating.
Had a tiny tiny miny Sejarah test just now,wow,so scared.
Ouan Jayanthi came in and gave us exercises suddenly.
There were 4 questions and she suddenly told us that they were the test questions.
We need to complete them within that period and have to hand in in the particular period!
I simply filled in the blanks and 'chit chat',do some small business and done.^^
Stupig pet society!
Okie okay,that's all for now,enjoy your Monday peepoo.
Take care dear,I will miss you. :)


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