Friday, February 5, 2010

OUCH!!! I knocked my knee on the stupid chair!!! On the edge summore! .>o<.
Pain ah...T________T
I don't wanna get bruise on my knee,it will be very painful,please...>.<
Okay,let's see what happened in school today.
We had a small presentation during Moral period and we were divided into 8 groups.
My group member are included -- Ju,Vege,Mandy,ChianYing,Joe and me.
Our 'kerjaya' was interior designer and we had talked about our hopes and our future dreams and life.
I think that ShanHoe talked the best.^^
Oh yeah~~ I have got the newest free give ( a pet doll ) in Pet Society! XD
It is a new doll and I get it the first time I see it! XXD
It is a free give on the lottery section.
You have to spin the wheels and see what's your luck cuz you can get different cash prizes or cash + doll.
After that,we played something during Chemistry period.
Mr.Tham let us to play with element models and we can use them to build dofferent kinds of compounds or stuffs.
Besides,Mr.Tham also talked about soemthing funny about 'grrenhouse affect'. XD
It's about the digestion of food in the stomach and fart.
A person farts cuz he or she cannot digest well so the food inside started to decompose and this will produce a gas -- the greenhouse gas. X3
Shahrul is the fart king,looks like he has digestion problems. Hahah!!
Just joking.^^
Today's the day to announce the results of PPS juniors.
I can see that all of them were very nervous especially Tan Hui Loon and Tan Xue Wern.
Anyway,congratulations to all the new PPS'es!^^
Must jiayou and work hard for PPS oh~ -^^-
After being crazy in the meeting together with Carmen + took some pics with juniors,we went to marched.
Err...actually I am not marching. Teehee. :D
The weather was very hot,everybody was standing under the hot sun.
I noticed that quite a number of PPS'es couldn't really march well.
Their movements and stiff and not that natural.
I remembered that when I first marched when I was form 1,Chong Yee Thing ( Ketua perpustakaan ) told me that I marched like a robot. XD
Now no more~ Hahah!!! XP
The rain was heavy.
After I have done my duty,SzeWei's mum sent me home.
We had faced a lot of problems going out from the school by using walkway.
Luckily I saw En.Thangadurai and we sat his Kelisa out from the school compound.
When I reached home,no one was openign the gate for me and I had to walked and opened the gate under that heavy rain myself.
My whole body was wet! XO
Ate until very FULL ah...
My lunch + dinner = FULL.
Having Chemistry class later,yay,skipping today's extra class.^^
Feels like ponteng tomorrow,I wanna stay at home and sleep!!!
Feel tired these days,I wonder why.
Valentine's day is coming,too bad it is on the same day with Chinese New Year. :'(
Our first valentine... .>o<.
Facebook had changed to a new skin and I dislike it.
It is more troublesome and I couldn't get used to it.
Okay,that's all for now.
I miss you dear...what are you doing now??
Wow,why am I writing so long?? :s
Okie okay lo,bye peepoo.
Take care.^^



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