Sunday, February 21, 2010


I am going to homevisit soon. :)
Hopefully I am going to have fun on the last day of hols.
Teacher Cheah is now in my house.
Never seen her since I attended her wedding dinner last time,on last October yea,yes.^^
I am out of time,I have to blog very fast. XD
Went to Taipan to had our dinner together with my relatives.
This was the fifth time we saw each other during CNY.
Hahah! XD So fun!
Taipan is a very special food court.
It is beautiful and it's with themes.
There're different kinds of chairs,tables,food,there're even swings!
I wanted to eat on the swing swing but too bad,someone had attacked them. >o<
Yaiks,school is going to reopen tomorrow.
How...I am still in CNY mood,no mood to return to school at all.
I wanna sleep until 9am ++.
I feel so delight cuz I can sleep til very late everyday,every mornin.
I will be missing you,holiday.
Okie.that's all for now.
Gtg,enjoy the last day of hols~~!


I will be missing you :)

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