Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy 30th Night

CNY is tomorrow,tomorrow is CNY! XD
I prepared my brand new red colour Fila T-shirt and I am going to wear that on later.^^
Busy decorating my house the whole morning.
Actually,my dad decorated most of them but still left a bit so my bro and I were helping to cut cut cut,paste paste paste.
The second bro,HPMH!
We were busy doing things but he was like...Holding his handphone and his pillow and walked here walked there.
Loading Pet society now,fast fast lah~~
Hahah,I feel CNY finally,at this morning.
Helped mama to clean 'nga gu' with small bro,cut and do operations to the angpaus and paste them or hang them on the trees,flowers and on the doors.
I feel good and satisfied after doing all these stuffs. :D
Duh...Pc is dc. >o<
Saw something in the kitchen just now.
Wahaha,I saw BIG BIG stuffs like -- BIG fish,BIG prawns,BIG veges,and BIG BIG stuffs. XD
I knew that I am going to have a bloated pig tummy tonight.
I don't care~ Eat first then only regret! Hahah! Wakaka! XD
Looking forward for tonight~~ XP
Hmm...What else to write...
Oh yea,happy CNY aunty,enjoy your trip to Egypt! -^^-
Happy be-earlied CNY to everyone,must enjoy your every moments with your close and loved ones oh~
Out of ideas...Okay lah,that's all for now,I wanna bath 'flower bath'! XD
Mmm~~ Prawnies smell so gooooooooood~
Buoibuoi lo~~


HappyCNY + angpau + love!!

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