Friday, February 26, 2010


Walao eh,here pain there pain everywhere pain. >.<
Stupig SEGAK,not segak at all! XO
I thougth that I will be just fine,zero ache after doing that.
Btw,actually I wasn't really wanted to do it on yesterday cuz I was totally unprepared...
Aiks,nevermind,do fast play fast. :D
Let's talk about the first test -- naik turun bangku.
Oh gosh,it's dam tiring and exhausting although it took only 3 minutes.
It's like I've just done a run. =.=
My heartbeat was 160,maybe more.
And because of it,I got only 1 mark for the first section. =o=
Next,argh...TEKAN TUBI.
I HATE it the most cuz I just couldn't cope myself and my body with it.
I was 'dying' on the red colour map,tryin very hard to push my arms and my back upwards.
ARGH~!!! C'mon girl,I know that you can do it! >o<
Guess what?
I just got 2. T_____T
1 mark for the second section. Again. ...T___________T...
Okayyy,the third one was sit up.
I was making myself up very hard and I finally achieved 20!
Which means that I can get a full 5 marks for achiving 20 times! XD
Happy~~~ ^^
Luckily I did not have a tummy-ache...Phew...
The last one,dang dang dang dang~~~
What's that call again??? ==
What lunjur thingy de...forget about it.
Guess what?
I got 37.5cm! XD
You know la,my legs are dam long,my body is very dam balance,and my arms are long also,haiz,37.5?
Sap Sap water la,hahah!

*Dia sudah high sendiri*

Okay,let's get back 'home'.
Errhem. Went to school this morning,for my dear snowwoman.
We,are,joining,Malu,rian,I! DOL!!!
We will be singing 'the show' by Lenka,yes,Lenka.
Eh eh,I had mentioned it on my blog yesterday right??
Aiks. >.<
After singing with her,went to Shell with mum and wanted to 'add wind' into the tyres.
2 cars do considered as a LONG queue. =.=
When it was our turn,the worker there helped us but he ended up added too much of wind into the tyres,he put 250cc!
It's dangerous for normal vehicles,250cc is normally for big trucks or lorries.
Luckily a good person ( he's a man! Not bad looking XD ) helped us to realeased them abit bit and taught mum about the dos and don'ts when we are 'adding wind'.
Thanks man! XD
Felt sleepy during tuition just now,oh yea,we got an angpau! XD
Planning to visit his house tomorrow,big gang,come let's visit Mr.Fong! X3
Okie,too long ad,gtg,bye~


kejamnya >.<

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