Monday, February 1, 2010

Wedding Dinner

Wedding dinner tonight,I feel awsome. :D
I am so happy that today is a holiday,can skip many boring classes like add maths.
I miss fillet-o-fish so much! Wanna eat it right now.
I feel hungry cuz I haven't eat anything yet,although mum bought me wantan mee again.
It reminds me of the wanten mee sifu in the Sunway Hotel. XD
I will sure 'visit' him on the 'next trip' to Sunway Hotel. :P
Mum's very busy today although she is having a day off today.
Okie,let's do what I've promised. Pictures upload! X]

Our first Lou Sang.

Love this dress.

But it's expensive. :'(

Love it

Love it too

Okay,that's all for now.
Hope you guys will enjoy them.^^
Take care and ciaoz~


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