Wednesday, February 10, 2010


4 days left to CNY,feeling nothing.
I wish that CNY will not arrive so early,maybe 20th til 23th of Feb will do.
That will be perfect,for me.
It seems odd cuz CNY is coming soon,like that.
I don't know what am I talking about,hahah. :s
Anyway,I am looking forward for Valentine's day,that's true.
Today again,is a super hot day.
Look at Mr.Sun,he is so bright,enough liao la,we know that you are shiny and bright and handsome,no need to show off ad kay?
It's killing me everytime I walked back home.
I was like bathing or finishing 5km run after I reached home.
Hmm...I wonder what is he doing now...
Nothing much to talk about today.
Okay then,gotta say byebye lo.^^


Where are you? -^^-

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