Tuesday, February 2, 2010

An Unforgettable Night

Yesterday was great,I enjoyed it. :)
First of all,there were 5 of us included Ben,his mum,Vivien and Hanyang,and me.
Ben's mum came and fetched me and they ( not included me and his mum ) were talking very 'highly' behind me. *I was sitting in the front sit*
He wore his working Hang Ten T-shirt. =.=
Look at Hanyang! He even wears a red colour tie!
Hahah,nevermind ma,casual wear ma. =o=
What made me 'fainted' was -- there was a guy wearing a same shirt but different colour with him!
Okay,the dinner was held in Tropicana Golf Club.
The place is very beautiful and all the rich people live there.
( You will know by looking at the BIG BIG HUGE houses )
After we parked the car car,we were searching for the ballroom.
Ah ha! We've found it finally.
Actually it is located right at the front door lah... :P
I saw the marrying couple,Emmanuel and Malin ( A Finland lady ).
A match couple.^^ Best wishes for their newly marriage.
Must love each other always oh!!! :D
The ballroom was dam dam cold,Vivien and I were wearing sleeveless dress so...
We were like freezing there sitting under the air-cond.
Table 16. :)
Helped Emmanuel to distributed the poppers too,as a welcoming ceremony when he and his wife enters the ball.^^
By the way,his small boy boy pictures are very cutee! XD
Before the dinner started,4 of us were walking around the shops and the gardens.
Many nice expensive cars there! Xo
There were speeches and prayings before the dinner starts.
Most of the guests there are Christians. :]
I was eating + shaking *cold ma* at the same time,hahah!
Felt like vomiting when eat until half way,alamak,don't know why. :s
Ben accompanied me to walk around and I felt better. C:
I ate very less after that! X'o
Hahah,an uncle was 'stealing' our chocolates as we were all standing up watching people dancing in the dance floor.
I was like,staring looking at him.
Suddenly,he saw us standing beside our table and he was like,oh owh...
Then he placed the chocolates back onto the table then he changed his mind.
He straight away placed them into our hands!
Hahah! So funny! XD
Before we left,we enjoyed our last 10 minutes dancing in the dance floor.
There were different kinds of songs with different kind of movements.
We don't care,we danced whatever we like. XXD
Malin's great,she's a great dancer.
Teressa's 'moon represent my heart' was the most unforgettable part.
Thanks dear. :)
We left earlier actually,when it was 11++.
I did not have the chance to taste the last dish,the dessert! X(
Nevermind,it's late and I am having school today.
Wanted to pon a day de teng but,haiz,why am I such a good girl?
Ben's mum sent Vivien and Hanyang and me back home and I was the last.
Miss the time we were being together.
I was waiting for 1st Februari for days and weeks and it ends like that last night.
My heart is heavy to say byebye to the dinner.
Can I rewind the time to 1st Februari?
I wish to have it all over again,I want to.
Took some pics last night,do have a look please.^^

Hahah! Zam tea for me lah! XD

His mouth... =.=


Chandeliar bling bling.

Vivien and I.^^

I was wearing them,One Day Acuvue lens.

Okay,that's all for today.
Erm...What I wanna say is...
Take care and byebye.^^


my darling

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