Thursday, February 25, 2010


Grrr...I got 2 for my tekan tubi!!!
2! I was pushing myself very hard on that stupig fattie red mat and my sweat was flowing out like an unclosed water pipe.
My Gosh! XO My arms were totally out of my control,I thought that I can do better this time,but NO.
And I got 1 mark for it,cuz it's in the 'under 8' category'.
That's why I H A T E T E K A N T U B I ! ! !
Never kind,this will the the very last year being in school...
Berat hatinya...>.<
Hahah,there's something magical which I whold ♥ to share witthu.
My neck was still in 'emergency room' last night,and THIS morning.
Wow,after doing Segak,my neck turned better maggically! O.O
Twing~!!! Hahah! I couldn't believe it!
It's like a miracle and it's like 'whoa~ apa ni? I feel good!' stuff.
I feel better,still notta good. :P
Anyway,it makes me feel good. :D
Stupig speaker,why you sot sot ad de??? I wanna listen to the songs in my pc! XO
Tomorrow's a holiday,happy~ ^^
Oh yea,there'll be a Malurian Idol competition and I! And Sharon!
Are going to 'Teck Goon' ( read them in Cantonese )! XD
We will be dinging 'The show' by Lenka which is the song we are going to perform in the coming The Pearl sketch.
Nevermind,we love that song,kinda.^^
I miss my hubby la...He's now working...23 minutes left,jiayou my dear! X3
Gonna attend violin class half an hour earlier later cuz she'll be attending a wedding dinner at night.
So semangat,got dinner still wanna teach,good teacher! X)
I keep on laughing when we were practising sketch in class,I don't know why.
And I feel odd cuz after I 'hit' Kishen,he was like a piece of wood,standing there doing nothing,no revenge!
Haiyo,do something ma,my acting is not that sucky de lo,I really can fight like Michelle Yeoh! Neh,the Datin ah.^^
Gotta go to school tomorrow morning,then 2 tuition classes will be waiting for me tomorrow,argh...=.=
Okie,gotta go,dinner's calling me.

♥ ♥ ♥


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